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    Zombie Survival Games ! (They now make a lot of games just for me <3 )
  1. Found a Parka now. It's not very warm but it keeps you dry. Really good mod. Like it !
  2. I seriously thought this was about cracking PZ ... but it's just about changing some config stuff to make more damage or to make doors indestructible, right ?
  3. What about Warhammer 40k Tabletop ? Can this be added please ? Just kidding. I really don't know to much about coding and programming and stuff but I doubt that making a playable chessboard in PZ would be anywhere near easy.
  4. Of course, survival goes first and before you die of hunger you will gladly eat dog food. (I heard food tastes alot better after 1 week of hunger.) This would be more focused on your characters happiness.
  5. I thought they already do get a bit "nervous" when its raining. But I might be wrong, since I rarely leave the house when it's raining.
  6. Hi Guys, I was wondering if it wouldn't make sense to also choose a favorite dish / food on character creation. Some food your character will be more happy to eat and which won't bore him as fast. I like the idea because i really like to make my character as human as possible but i can also see some problems with this. Bad would be probably to have to choose your favorite dish from 300 different foodstuffs in a dropdown menu on character selection ... (also people might make references to the sims, and we don't want that to be said about our favorite game right. ) What do you guys think
  7. That's a good idea. I downloaded the mod and going to test it now. Gonna take a while to get a rain coat tho, since I looted pretty much everything surrounding my base.
  8. That's what I thought, too. I thought this stuff (Listerine) was purely for festering piercings in your mouth. They could maybe add cold medicine, but thats 90% sleeping pill and 10% some herbs to clear your throat.
  9. "And there we go for Zombie #500 !" Zombie #501 bit me from behind in the meantime. True story.
  10. As I heard the start of PZ was pretty tough. I wish these guys best luck but I also saw alot of good projects going belly up before being finished.
  11. Aaaaaaand another Zombie Survival Game. Seriously its becoming a trend lately. Watched the video and another video on the developers site and I have to admit the grahpics and atmosphere look really good. Darkness, snow the flashlight effect all look nice. Thats the pro side. On the other side their team seams to consist only of 3 people and that probably (and sadly) means that they most likely will eiter not finish this project or it will have a rather tiny map.
  12. Don't know about static vehicles. But there will be driveable ones in the 1.0 version. Here is a picture:
  13. I really don't get this. That would be solely cosmetic in my opinion. Why don't you just make a guy and give him a girls name, or the other way around ?
  14. Hey, intressting posts here. I think it would be kinda cool to make the genders different from one another. Here are some results from a scientific study. The text is in german so i try to translate the important parts (poorly) Physique: Women in general are smaller and have a lighter frame than men. Their bones are 25 % lighter and and due to that their bones are more prone to breaking under extreme situations. Women have thinner shoulders, shorter arms and legs and and a broader hip, which (compared to men) lowers their mass center. That means they will be not as good in running and jump
  15. Hi there, I wondered if it wouldn't make sense to make panic somehow influenced by the weapons you carry. I read things like that in books very often. Something like: "blah blah ... he felt reassured feeling the weight of his weapon" or "he tightend the grip around his weapon and already felt a bit safer" I can relate to that feeling from playing horror games too. In some horror games like resident evil you have weapons and you are able to defend yourself which makes those sort of games much more bearable unlike other games like Amnesia or Slenderman, where you are scared by your utter help
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