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  1. Hey just though I would let you know that these two things were in the "new stuff" list twice You now have an option to craft all the stacks of something (having 7 logs? Right click, "Saw Logs" -> "All" )Added a key binding (default F8) to hide/show the ping (top left corner)And thanks for another great update
  2. Hey Zim. Please can you post this in the multiplayer help section? This thread's specifically about Build 29.3/.4, rather than general help queries. No problem, It was a question regarding this particular version, hence the post here but I can certainly mosey on over to the multiplayer section
  3. I totally agree, the logical expansion of this beautiful mod is to be able to lock doors again.
  4. Hey guys, anyone else notice that zombies don't seem to re-spawn in multiplayer or at least it seems very slow, can I tweak this somehow?
  5. Theres a download link in here if you like Also I am just waiting for build 30 to update the mod with some new additions too I had to take a break lately because of exams but there almost over woo!
  6. Thanks, much better
  7. Thanks guys, I have spent almost 24 hours fighting with the tools grinding out my own map and now can see the answer to my own question and in turn am just going with making my own, my first attempt was a map 100*100 cells but it seems the editor runs into memory problems and I have managed to get it all going with a 50*50 maps. The question I come to now is that I have begun making my building iterations and saving them as .TBX and there used worldEd to place them inworld but when I load up ingame they are nothing but a shadow where the building should be, and all the long grass goes black and I find patches of appliances all over the place, example below
  8. is there a tutorial anywhere on how to edit the existing map, personally I don't want to make a whole new map I am not that artistic but I can certainly make the current map better for my friends and I. Thanks
  9. Hi, I was wondering if the zombie re-spawn for multiplayer is working it this build as it either stops working after a while or doesn't work at all in build 28, also some for of an accurate meaning and usage for the configuration of the serverconfig.ini as most of whats on the forums seems to be speculation, in particular relating to HoursForZombiesRespawn and IncreaseZombieRespawnBy. thank you
  10. Hey guys, I have been running a server in build 28 and occasionally I have members die in what I would consider means out of their control like dying at the top after climbing a sheet rope. I believe this is a bug and even if its an intended feature I would like to be able to grant some form of character recovery for them as I think it was unfair, especially when they had accrued a large amount of skills across the board. I know the characters used to have a folder but I cant seem to find it anymore, is there some way I can back them up periodically or edit a database to recover some version of them even if not the original. thank you in advance.
  11. anyone know how to put a spoiler in the post?
  12. Hi there thanks for trying out my mod, you might want to download the new version I just posted, It has a few bug fixes and some new features
  13. Not Sure if its been mentioned but I seem to be able to pull infinite batteries out of the "Nathan's LED Flashlight" without any effect to the torch
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