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  1. ... he's making a DLC?? Why would you make a DLC for a game that consists of you keeping a watch on animatronics? I guess it's better than a game coming out every 4-6 months then?
  2. I did find the FIRST game scary at times, not exaggerated screaming but more like startled because I didn't see a jumpscare coming while shrugging it off say "Oh boy! Didn't see that one coming!". The others? Eh... I disliked the series at first, but when they announced Silent Hills was cancelled and FNAF4 was announced an hour later(or so it seems by alleged sources, and by alleged sources, I mean the comments.), I pretty much loathed the series for adding salt to the wounds. >:/ I was anticipating Silent Hills(P.T.) damn it. But to sum it all up: Yes, I do hate the series after the re
  3. Ban Asparagus for having a Spiffo avatar that's animated... BUT IS BASIC ANIMATION. (spiffo is just an image with the illusion that he's hopping!) pls animate the spiffo as well. :c (hint: definitely not eternally absent)
  4. Haha! It's pretty much the first question in the Q&A! I was trying to open the Q&A the first time I saw this thread, but for some reason it didn't work so I gave up. Oh! It works for me, possibly a connection error since I couldn't update my thread about a new section and building! SPEAKING OF UPDATES. Here's what I got! Restaurant Building portion has been added to thread, empty for now. Updates and Plans section added to thread. New building in Commercial Building portion! The Auto Shop! (Called Louie's Auto Shop for Greenwich map) Just a heads up; things'll be added in a
  5. Glad you like it! I plan to make some chapels(private churches, iirc) and an auto shop later on! Now that I think of it, I'll probably be adding a "Planned/Updates" section on the post to keep you all informed! Hopefully doesn't make everything cluttered. I like to keep things well-organized. ^u^ Haha! It's pretty much the first question in the Q&A! But I'll keep it short for you! Had to deal with some personal issues in life and was busy with schoolwork, plus anxiety is a bitch when I try to socialize with new people in person; this is pretty much a major problem for me in person as
  6. Good question! I will be uploading on there as well! But I'll mainly focus my building priorities on the forums since this is the official forums of PZ and is where everything started but I won't overlook the Workshop and will be uploading on there when I have the time. However I believe the upload schedule'll be different and the forums'll be getting it first. First come, first serve.
  7. DL LINKS FOR THE RESIDENTIAL AND COMMUNITY BUILDINGS PORTION ARE NOW UP! Question time! Asking for your opinions on how the thread is laid out, what do you think? Is it too cramped? Too much big words? Needs more color?... Or is it fine the way it is? I tried making it as well organized as possible and different categories and I do think the final product is great but what do you guys think? Opinions, opinions! We've all got our personal tastes and preferences. ^-^ Also, be sure to let me know if there are any bugs or missing essential tiles in the building and I'll be sure to fix it ASAP!
  8. WELL, IT'S BEEN A WHILE FOLKS! UPDATES AND PLANS: Yes! I am back from my... ETERNAL ABSENCE. And now, we have renovated and refurbished our thread. It is no longer a small stand that gives out buildings to the public eye! It is now a MUSEUM that showcases some of the finest buildings made by yours truly! I have gotten used to the Building Program now, still trying to get used with TileZed HOWEVER; we are not here to talk about my struggles with the program itself... We're here to see the buildings showcased in this FINE ESTABLISHMENT! Are you ready for the tour, ladies and gentlemen? LET'S G
  9. Sorry for the huge wall of text. Ah! Exactly what I was looking for! Thanks for the definitions, Jela.
  10. Been a while since I worked on my buildings and maps so I haven't been up-to-date on things 'round here. I just came in this now, possibly, out-of-date and, possibly, abandoned topic to ask if there have been any new Room Definitions created during the Builds? Say, for example; hospitals, police stations, and malls? Since there have been new sprites(furnishings and decor) made for them in BuildingEd so I decided the best place to ask my inconspicuously innocent question and definitely not a bait to lure an unsuspecting victim to their imminent death! Anything recent added in the defs by any
  11. How about the H&K SL8? It's an semi-automatic rifle which is the civilian version of the G36 made by H&K. They use 5.56/.223 rounds. Not sure if they're common but I'm sure they're available in gun stores around the US. Photo: (I believe this is the variant with a G36 rail)
  12. If it happens, I can't wait; it's going to be the BEST feature added in the game! Better than NPC's Think about the features, hand-cuffing a player then forcing them to eat a rotten banana and force drink Mountain Dew all the time!
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