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  1. What?! And what about your fresh looted magazines?
  2. At first: You aren't the only one with a depression so you are not alone with this "illness"! There is no 100% cure for a depression but many ways to handle it. At second: Here in Germany: Find a psychiatrist! He have to diagnose the depression. After then find a professional psychotherapist for yourself. Not every psychotherapist is the right one for you. So you have to try out various peoples to find out if they suits to you and you feel comfortable. As for me there are some simple (not so simple if under a heavy attack of a depression ) strategies: -accept the depression. -structur
  3. Sounds like RL-TV to me same here. If you are watching tv long enough for a boredom moodle to pop up in the 90s, you are bored. Maybe it should add some stress as well, but once that subsides it should be boredom. Especially if the tv-shows were like Beverly Hills 90210 or Melrose Place... . Of course there were also really good shows back then but there must be a reason why there are so many zombies around the city!
  4. Also you have the option of: Knock against the door, hear zombie, make steps back, open it, yell and if it come out, kill it.
  5. Maybe the zombies have the ability of tripping too. Would be funny to see
  6. No Problem! Take as much time you need. Errors comes up with hastiness, or so they said
  7. Maybe the weight is not reduced because the half of the food is inside your body and you carry it all along But I think the question has its place
  8. Got a little problem, my charakter has a broken foot 1: The missing corner at the white fence. 2: The House with no interior doors and funiture 3: The blocked door 4: The shop with missing doors 5: The public toilets have no doors; you used the wrong door tiles. This problem is at all toilets where you used the "toiletwall" tiles (the blue furniture ones) 6: Not included but please check out the fire/ escape staircase at the building (red big block) in the picture in the north east, maybe the staircase-bug 1: The gas station pillars are open and accessable (should be 4 tiles). In
  9. Here is the right image https://www.dropbox.com/s/8u30pkl8ks428xn/screenshot_10-02-2015_10-53-25.png?dl=0 It's a missing stake at the south corner. Sorry, I don't marked it with paint, the next screens will be marked but I hope there won't be much more . If I got too close the fence will vanish. Like I said, the buildings are great and the map itself is flawless . I'll venture forth and visit the hospital and college. At the first time I had no clue where I was but with the supermark and the construction yard I've a guide. Sadly for testing the buildings I used the sandbox "beginn
  10. Or serveral houses begin burning because of electrical shortcuts .
  11. Playing a carpenter doesn't mean you'll instantly die if you leave your house , it takes only time and training to get better in other skills. If you find a baseball bat you can sure kill around 50+ zombies until it breaks, maybe you'll need 3-4 hits for a single zombie, but you won't be defensless. An allrounder survivor (or unemployment like Jatta mentioned) will maybe a better option for surviving, but I think that a survivor without any skills (all multiplicators at 0,25 like RJ corrected) won't die easily if playing correct. It'll be harder but not impossible. And even with the mytho
  12. Food: I think to take only one "food gaining"-skill would be wise than two or more. It will depend on your base location: At the river (or lake) it will be usefull to take fishing, in the woods foraging/hunting/trapping, in the open field farming. Fishing has a downside because you'll need cooking (fresh uncooking meat), but I think even with a mere multipicator (without books) of 0,33 you can maybe reach the first four stages (of ten). In RL I'm also no master chief and managed not to die from my cooking skills . Ingame you just have to watch your exp when cook something and it won't burn. M
  13. It's a great map so far but with minor bugs and missing stuff Missing Stuff: - Most kitchens have no sinks - No light switches - Some stores have no doors - Some houses have no doors (interior the rooms are not accessable) - this fence has no corner Bugs: - Stairs build above a stairs; it's a annoying feature that you can't go down if you place something above beneath a stair. (gladly I found a sledgehammer) - Vending machines have only two placing positions. - Some doors are blocked by funiture Some critic: Your buildings are really cool (especialy the construct
  14. Or a map request at the mapping/ modding area
  15. Maybe for transport. In german this is called "Hunt"
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