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  1. Yes you can apply for the whitelisted server thrue the steam comunity page, or add me on steam "Flap" For now theres new items and zeds, so go get em !
  2. Welcome to the lawless borderlands, where anything can happen, and no rules are applied. server runs on a overkill machine for pz, 32gb ram,SSD's,8cores 3.4ghz. Have fun. feel free to join our Teamspeak, zomboid.ts.nfoservers.com pass "lacity" or apply for our whitelisted servers here (alsow join the steamgroup to get updates on soft resets.) At this moment were running 1 whitelisted servers and 2 public. http://steamcommunity.com/groups/zomboidrppvp/ blackblocgaming.com (under construction) server ip port 16461 bedford falls instalation; http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/6672-bedford-falls-test-v2/
  3. yeah, peopl alsow appear to lose their characters . but there is hope!
  4. Hi all, so here is my issue, i have made a clean instalation, different files for both servers . steam/...common/ProjectZomboid/ "server1" listens to 16261 pzserver2/steam/..common../ProjectZomboid/ "testserver" listents to 16361 the problem (i think) is that i can see the test server assigning players to the same range of ports that server 1 does, so for example theres players on server one and still the test server assigns port 16262 to a player. I am trying to run several servers on the same dedicated machine, what am i doing wrong ? Thanks in advance .- Marvin.
  5. great work , thanks. "Thunder Nah Nah NAh NAh NAh nah naaa aahhhah " nice ^^
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