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  1. In my opinion this fix was overdue, because so many players got used to it. The wrong detecting range is luckily corrected now.
  2. You're right, it won't clean the water, it would disinfect the water and kills viruses, bacteria and fungi. And in my language is high percentage alcohol above 50%, so I'm not sure what the difference between "at least 50%" and "high percentage" is for you.
  3. I'm sure, that drinking rain water in real should not be a problem, if the collecting vessel is clean. This should be implemented. For the river water: I would heat the water up - this should make it drinkable. I'm not quite sure for what kind of water bleach could be used - water from mud puddles? Edit: It should also be possible to clean water by adding a little amount of high percentage alcohol.
  4. Several invisible cars from Wonder Woman! I'm nearly envious. 😀
  5. Better not make any effort, because after some browsing I am convinced that the map is lost. But don't worry, even when I'm at the beginning again, I have some nice ideas for something new. 😁
  6. I've added a download link to my dropbox, if you don't have Project Zomboid on Steam.
  7. https://www.dropbox.com/s/adkkhrgxots0gn1/Mapping Guide_v0.2.pdf?dl=0 The file exists still in my dropbox ... and the link ist also the same. 🤔
  8. Thuztor

    Tow rope

    Nice idea, but you need two drivers for this.
  9. Horizon Clock Mod version 0.6 for Build 41 Concept, Textures, Code & Overhaul: Thuztor oldCode: TurboTuTone Translations: English & German: Thuztor Russian: Nebula Surprise! I'm back and not dead yet! Not yet! I hope I can revive even more in the future. Update to Version 0.6 for Build 41 and probably lower: - complete overhaul ( see Features ) Features of this version: - You don't have found a watch, yet? ! Orient yourself at the level of the sun or the position of the stars! - You have a watch, but y
  10. Hello everyone, finally I've started creating my own game. It shall be a pixel-art point & click adventure for adults based on Ron Gilberts gamestyle. (I'm not quite sure, if the content will be really only for adults) There is no test version yet, but already a small very first footage of Bob in underpants. This is a little roadmap for a first testversion, for testing the menu, items and the enviroment. - Functional menu + inventory (finished) - Motion animations for Bob (finished) - Scenery 1 (Bob's Room) (in progress)
  11. The tileset has the old size and is and will not be updated to the new 2x2 tileset. With newer versions of the game, the map can cause problems with some textures, probably. Sorry, but I have no time to renew the tileset and build a whole island.
  12. v0.3.1d: - Nebula fixed the mistakes from me with some russian letters.
  13. The new version 0.3.1c is only interesting for russian people. Thanks to Nebula, who has translated the two sentence in russian language.
  14. Sorry, but the mentioned fix of the always visible clock wasn't fixed. But now! I'll promise, that it is now fixed. It was a problem with a query for more than 60 minutes.
  15. Patch to 0.3.1: - fixed a bug, where the digital clock is always visible - added a notice, where the character says, that he can still remember the time - added language support (english, german) Link in the OP
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