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  1. You need for every item you convert in something else, even if it's an open can, a recipe for it.
  2. Changelog to 2.41a - 3D WorldModels of Spraycans and Chalk - A lot of new symbols to spray (alphabet, numbers, special characters, special symbols) - Every symbol is now drawn in 2x tile size - Replacing of the menu button - Resizing of symbol menu buttons KNOWN ISSUES: - Existing colours of e.g. blue will change after spraying the same symbol in e.g. red (after loading save game the colour is back to wanted colour) - Because of redesigning the menu I had to remove the ability to draw with chalk (it will back in the next version)
  3. For a proper baseball bat you also need a lathe, otherwise it will take forever to carve it as it should.
  4. Tropical Breakfast with the new 3D coconut items. And some guests, who have made themselves comfortable on the floor.
  5. If someone wants to play with the mod, the new update and before the mod is updated, you can. Just replace the lua code in the file which is in /MODFOLDER(ID: 499153179)/media/lua/server/Items with the follow code and you will find Spray cans and chalk in the listed container: --******************************************************** --** THUZTOR ** --******************************************************** require "Conf/sprayCanConf" require "Items/ProceduralDistributions" -- Distributions for ProceduralDistributions.lua local sprayPaintTable = { "SchoolLockers", 1, "ClassroomDesk", 0.5, "CratePaint", 4, "CrateTools", 6, "GarageTools", 4, "MechanicShelfTools", 8, } local chalkPaintTable = { "SchoolLockers", 2, "ClassroomDesk", 1, "ClassroomMisc", 8, "CratePaint", 4, "CrateTools", 4, "GarageTools", 3, "GigamartSchool", 15, "CrateOfficeSupplies", 2, } local chalkWHITESchoolTable = { "SchoolLockers", 3, "ClassroomDesk", 2, "ClassroomMisc", 15, "GigamartSchool", 15, "CrateOfficeSupplies", 3, } for i = 1, #sprayPaintTable, 2 do for _,v in ipairs(sprayCanConf.list) do table.insert(ProceduralDistributions.list[sprayPaintTable[i]].items, "spraypaint."..v.name) table.insert(ProceduralDistributions.list[sprayPaintTable[i]].items, sprayPaintTable[i+1]) end end for i = 1, #chalkPaintTable, 2 do for _,v in ipairs(sprayCanConf.listChalk) do table.insert(ProceduralDistributions.list[chalkPaintTable[i]].items, "spraypaint."..v.name) table.insert(ProceduralDistributions.list[chalkPaintTable[i]].items, chalkPaintTable[i+1]) end end for i = 1, #chalkWHITESchoolTable, 2 do table.insert(ProceduralDistributions.list[chalkWHITESchoolTable[i]].items, "spraypaint.ChalkWhite") table.insert(ProceduralDistributions.list[chalkWHITESchoolTable[i]].items, chalkWHITESchoolTable[i+1]) end
  6. for sure in the next update: 3D Objects of Spray Cans and Chalk From 17 to 11 special symbols, 26 alphabetic symbols, 0-9 and 28 special character symbols (75) Same new symbols on walls Three different spraying speeds (Fine, Normal, Fast)
  7. 3D Objects are also planned.
  8. After the game changed the distribution of the items, which is important for this mod, I've decided, that it will get an update in that. But in addition, I will change the textures and add something new. Here is a preview of some new symbols, which the player can spray or draw.
  9. From changelist 41.51: - Added hair gel. Mohawk will now be flatten if you wear a hat. Now need hair gel to fix it. Maybe this is your answer
  10. This is a bushy variant of Psychotria Viridis:
  11. yes, at the beginning. some are loose, some of them you can tear out easily
  12. Only if you get the drain watertight.
  13. First version of Psychotria Viridis:
  14. The first version of Lepidocaryum tenue - commonly used for making thatches.
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