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  1. From changelist 41.51: - Added hair gel. Mohawk will now be flatten if you wear a hat. Now need hair gel to fix it. Maybe this is your answer
  2. This is a bushy variant of Psychotria Viridis:
  3. yes, at the beginning. some are loose, some of them you can tear out easily
  4. Only if you get the drain watertight.
  5. First version of Psychotria Viridis:
  6. The first version of Lepidocaryum tenue - commonly used for making thatches.
  7. Today I've drawn a rubber tree. In addition, there is a rubber collecting container empty and full.
  8. I've decided, that Gutrot (Vacation Islands) will become a challange map like "Kingsmouth" (like the size I've filt with houses, just a bit bigger), but after I can realy begin on working on the map, I have to draw some tropical/subtropical plants and trees. Last time, I've shown you my first coconut palm. Here is the jumbo tree of it. (It will be in my map, if it's possible like the original trees - for now, I can't see a solution for bring it in the game as the other jumbo trees) The second picture shows my newest tree. A mangrove, which is known to hold off flood
  9. Coconut palms in early stages are done, so far. Some little improvements here and there, then I can start with jumbo coconut trees. Let's hope, that I can insert them in my map.
  10. Dear Atoxwarrior, am I damned now or is there an escape?
  11. Is it not a little too much of honor, if a successful master calls me master? - In the meantime, I've created just a little construction site. - Re-drawing some old beds to new one (not quite finished) - Begin of drawing coconut palm (first stage, shadow missing yet)
  12. I've decided, that everybody, who wants to test the map can do it now. I would be pleased, if you could give a feedback (if it doesn't works; Oddities in buildings, which I've overlook and so on) NOTICE: There are a lot of features, which doesn't work in this map with my own textures, for now. for example: - dig / farm / everything what is related to the grass-/dirt-textures - a right item distribution of the rooms - Change of season / correct weather - A proper tropical vegetation / no erosion / no vegetation growth - taking / placing of my objec
  13. Picture of progress. Vegetation is not tropical, I know. But that will be the case later.
  14. 1. Is not a problem anymore. Except the blends, which doesn't work correctly. If you have similar problems with a grid between your own created tiles, give attetion to the transparent pixel around the tile in the 128x256 field, which needs the same RBG colors as its non-transparent tile/object. 2. After I redesigned the corresponding tilesheet, the error is gone, I believe. I don't know why. 3. There is no tile-definition for setting a tile to "grass / dirt" or so... so maybe it's possible with lua.
  15. After nearly a week, I tried to revise my map "Vacation Islands" and it works well so far. But there are some annoying problems, which came up. 1. On the two pictures you see the same place inGame and in WorldZed. I can't figure out, why my floor tiles get this grid border on each. Also, some corner blends haven't the right position / or they aren't also shown correct. Notice: You can see the grid of sand tiles in WorldZed too, but not of the other tiles. (like grass, street) 2. The next problem caused a game error. I have this problem j
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