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  1. I am sorry you had that experience. Teamspeak hasn't been used in quite a while. In fact, I hadn't been on it for months either until only last week when it started picking up again. There's also been quite a few changes, including in the admin team. I encourage you to come join us for a bit. I mean, shit talking is going to be in any community where there are loads of people, but if you feel the need to address something, you can always hit me up with a private message on the AGN forums, or elsewhere. We had a support ticket system specifically for complaints towards staffmembers too and this still needs to be implemented again, I will make sure to get on that asap. - Nara EDIT: Made a department for Staff Complaints.
  2. [CLOSED UPON REQUEST. NEW THREAD HERE:] [...] [...] [...] [...] [...] New Dawn - Powered by AGN New Dawn is the longest running role play server here for Project Zomboid. We aim to bring an atmosphere of quality role play and push heavily for in depth character creation as well as heavy immersion in the server. With the admins, players of Project Zomboid, and our development team we have created tons of features that you will be taken care of as a player on our server. Server info: Server status: ONLINE Server location: North America (Works globally) Player slots: 64 New Dawn Team Admins: Pann, Scriblerias, GrayFox, MindGate, ModdedTibby Developers - jianmingyong We'll see you at: http://newdawn.aggressivegaming.org/ ^ Apply your character for whitelisting on the website - Don't forget to read the rules ^ ____________________________________________________________________________________ Server Lore As an addition to our server, we've got a server lore to enhance the role play experience. Ever want to know what it would feel like to experience the apocalypse before and after it started? Here's a run down of how it works. We will start this lore in Cloverport, Kentucky; 2010. Players will live their lives as normal people do, there is no apocalypse when we start. The story line will slowly guide us in the outbreak stages eventually. This means players can apply for any occupation the real world has too. This ranges from teachers, carpenters, veterinarians, call center employees and others. Applications are open! At this time we have opened up our application process for the new lore and admins will be prepping them and getting people to the point of a new standard of approval on the server. The applications have gotten tougher. We are also changing the whole group application system a bit, there is now a separate application form for this. There will be no purely evil people accepted. More on that is on the New Dawn website. Stay Tuned for a Launch Date and more information! Link to the "New Lore" forum post - http://newdawn.aggressivegaming.org/threads/new-lore-details.6163/ Link to New Rules - http://newdawn.aggressivegaming.org/forums/rules.217/ Link to Applications - http://newdawn.aggressivegaming.org/applicationform/types
  3. Applications have re-opened early!!
  4. Well, we have been in this current lore for 5 months now, when we finish it will be 6 months in total. Not really "another fucking reset" We're all very excited to bring a new story to tell and new people to bring in!
  5. New Dawn is finishing up the current lore and opening up applications for a new lore August 19th! Join up again for a new phase, starting early September! http://newdawn.aggressivegaming.org/threads/new-dawn-moving-to-a-new-phase.6144/
  6. We're working very hard and we plan to re-open up the server Wednesday/Today somewhere US time. Zombie time! We hope to see you then! (Yay I am excited! Can't wait!)
  7. I put in my application on Saturday, got accepted late that evening (around 5 hours later) and have been on the server since. It's great for heavy roleplaying, something I am still getting used to myself, it's pretty intense at times. The teamspeak always has some people on it ready for a chat towards the afternoon. I would love for more Europeans to apply to this server, as I am pretty much alone my morning, but it gives me a chance to just fuck about and run around I suppose. (in case you're worried about ping; it's about 100 for me unless there's 30 people on, it can spike to about 130, but it's doable) It may seem a bit much at first (application is quite long), but it will definitely be worth it, I can already tell. The pre-stage is exciting already and I am curious to see what Z-day is going to bring.
  8. Put me down Tibby. Naramoix in game.
  9. Put me down Luda, been trying to find an online server again. My username will be Naramoix in game.
  10. https://www.gameservers.com/ hosts Project Zomboid as well.
  11. Just a quick one: Someone managed to claim the warehouse North in Muldraugh. I thought this wasn't possible? And if 3 people claim a house next to each other, they can all be added to the houses after that.
  12. We've (me and one other person) set up base in Muldraugh... unfortunately 300+ ping at the moment (I am located in Europe) so it's a bit dangerous going out and fighting teleporting zombies xD Food has run low, we'll see how long we'll last. EDIT: Is the server down now? I can't connect.
  13. Would you like to join the Eerie team? We need more creative builders to join. Pm me if interested to add you to the creator list.

  14. I have the same issue... first verified my game cache, didn't work. Then I reinstalled the entire game through steam, haven't installed any maps etc yet, but can't join any public server because it gives this error.
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