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  1. What types of vehicles do you plan to add? Will it be named like the guns are? (named after what category they fall into; truck, suv, 2-door, ect.) Do you have any plans to add RVs or Tow-Behinds?
  2. I can half see that happening... Apparently only eye found that funny...
  3. That would be awesome!! Server with pvp turned off, but where you could send NPCs to gank other players. Project Zomboid? a survival game where not only do you need to take care of all human needs (besides bladder), but now, you will have to manage an army, it will become the most awesome RTS EVAH If that interests you, you should try Kenshi. It's basically that, with swords. http://lofigames.com/
  4. I also have been watching these two skate videos mainly for the music they use.
  5. I have been obsessed with this band lately. They're a Finnish folk band that plays a lot of old school metal covers.
  6. Yeah I downloaded an older build with them in it and was pretty disappointed. You can tell from the last weeks mondoid that they are a lot better already. Although even being able to exist for more than two minutes is a major improvement. I started a game once, where an NPC spawned in the same building and I watched him instantly leave the house and instantly die lol.
  7. I can't remember where I saw it, But I'm pretty sure the devs said they would like to do that later on in development.
  8. My plan is to play online with a couple of friends. Each friend leading their own group of NPCs, waging an unholy nerd war against each other. *double post*
  9. I think the best way to handle servers being looted dry is just have like 6x more loot from the beginning. It honestly doesn't make sense that one person with a dufflebag can completely clear out a house, gun store, or tool shop in one visit.
  10. This just made me curious, I wonder if the medical system will become more complicated in the future. It would be awesome if you could preform back-ally surgery on NPCs in your group. Someone in your group gets shot, you return him to the safe house and hand him all of the whisky you had stashed, put a kitchen knife on the stove and a wooden salad fork in his mouth, and then dig the bullet out and burn the wound closed. Although part of me wishes it ever only went as far as band-aids.
  11. Fair enough about the time frame, I'm not sure exactly when the swap was made to full electrical systems. Still, it's not something that most people actually have a damn clue about doing and I'm highly opposed to it being a "skill" in a game that's about average people. It's another one of a long line of things Hollywood has blasphemed that every internet kid thinks they could totally do (see also guns, lock picking) and I admittedly have a bit of a crusade against these things. They could make a "Automobiles for dummies" book that gives the you a perk that allows you to hotwire cars. Or you could make being a mechanic in its entirety a skill and have hotwiring come with a higher level. Point is, there are ways around it. aaaand it's kentucky. You know there's 2-5 people in each house and they all have huge trucks.
  12. My vote/s are towards automobiles, bikes, and horseback. Skateboards rollerblades and segways are extremely unnecessary. Skateboards are loud as hell too, especially on ruff ground like what i'd imagine to find in kentucky's infrastructure. Wish I could go skate right now, but I came down with a bad case of broken ankle.
  13. I'm happy that the bleach is getting it's much needed balancing
  14. Depends which gun really, I fired a 30aut6 without earplugs and i can assure you it doesn't feel good afterwards. On the other hand i fired an entire mag with an AR15 without earplugs and was fine. I like this idea as long as it is balanced right.
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