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  1. After going in "Creative Mode", i can`t drop any items. Even after disabling it again. Only a relog fixes this. If you build that lamp in creative mode, you can`t turn it on / no use function available Trying random stuff now, will edit this post when i find more
  2. http://www.mediafire.com/download/xbh2u26g26v5ffn/AlicesKeyV1.7z Download that, join so we can test /nothisisntatrojanlol.
  3. Still stuff left to do but i will start the server in 3-4 hours no matter what. Not sure if we should go 100% public or invite some people to play first.
  4. Just trying to make it a little bit harder, automate some map cleanup processes. Call it learning / fooling around with LUA until TIS releases their stuff, which won`t take long
  5. We must move forward!

  6. I remember! Allot of people made me change my mind, really appreciate the support. Anyway, (re)starting the server this afternoon. We got some basic stuff now and we can build on that until the DEVs release their own magic, "soonish" Big thanks to Jon for drinking helping me out in these troubled times
  7. Restart (NOT A RESET YA NOOBS ) around 2200 hours, GMT+1. (re)Adding Bedford Fall / South Muldraugh (test - 93 new buildings) / suprise spawn. /beer!
  8. Working on this one, got a new server for HC but i want to run it with mods..might take another 48h.
  9. Yeah, theres something wrong with those lines lol. I made test crates everywhere, all good. Been testing with a mate for the last 20 minutes. Full server (SS made 5 minutes ago), no lag, no weird zeds, nothing.. Server is like sleeping atm, didnt even wake up...
  10. I have seen those message since day 1, it either saves or it doesnt..stuff doesn`t just disappear... Server is working fine. Like i said, not going to change a single thing anymore.
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