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    Sorry to hear about all the difficulties with the original Dreadwood. The project ran into difficulties in the past which is the reason I've been making a better one. As it stands I'm not going to put the original on the Steam workshop as it's out of date. Maybe it'd be for the best if I just removed it but I'd rather just take the time to add more to the new map.
  2. Pridelost


    Hello survivors, wanted to reassure everyone I'm back at work on the new version of Dreadwood. I know I've posted many progress updates in the past but this project is much bigger in comparison. To be constantly posting screens of the map isn't very productive as everything is constantly changing for the better. On top of that the maps size is now up to 64 cells (8x8 square) and I've plans for every last one of them to ensure each location is interesting and varied. As for now my focus has been on flushing out all of the many roads and building the larger buildings I have planned. I've done my best to stay up to date on creative mode but I'm still not sure how much of an aid it will be creating all the residential homes I'm hoping it can. By far furnishing buildings is the most time consuming which is why I'd like to get my hands on creative before wasting any more time. Otherwise I hope to get this map done and on the steam workshop this summer. Here's a small mall I've been working on. I've only worked with the vanilla tiles so any advice I give is just speculation. Anyways you'll have to arrange them on sprite sheets, make sure they're in the directories the editors look for the sprites in. Than in BuildingEd enter the Building Tiles screen (double click anything in Tiles and Furniture tab) to add your sprites into the game. I'm positive there's more to it as I've never done it. Best advice I can give you though it to stay away from attempting any type of elevation. As the engine is for Zomboid it'll only be clunky and awkward. If I remember correctly elevation has been being discussed lately, weather or not it's to be added I cant confirm, but I'd suggest waiting if it is to be.
  3. Pridelost


    Hello fellow survivors. Sorry to bump this without really anything to show for the time I've been absent but I just wanted to say I'm still here. Got a great heap of adult stuff to deal with that's been weighing pretty heavy on me. It's been awhile since I've worked on the updated Dreadwood but I still have all the work waiting for my return. I hope to get back into a good groove and continue working on this project, but yeah things kind of suck right now. Until than thanks everyone, i'll give an update when I figure it out more.
  4. Servers still doing well and is on Build 32 now. If anyone's looking for a challenging survival experience and realistic role play this is a good server to check out. The forums are being moved and it's a little messy but all you have to do is register on the site. Hope to see more players soon!
  5. they look like parts to a metro or subway train.
  6. Pridelost


    I was worried about the same thing but a quick play-test let me go right up them. Added more railings so it don't look so treacherous even though you cannot fall off stairs. Thanks for the feedback! The platform is a little bland right now but maybe a little table or box could fix it. Been trying to test my buildings so as to not forget about them in the process, the less bugs the better!
  7. I was did diagonals as buildings too but also made straight buildings spanning 100pixels each. I think I'll use them ass place holders and repaint them in tiled if I run into any problems. Thank you!
  8. Maybe when the the cell is filled in with more rooms instead of one giant one the lagg will not be so bad, not sure if the roof would cause lagg if it's just one big flat-top. I was thinking of something similar, except using the hedges to make a huge 1-cell hedge maze for last stand. Get to the exit, have wall-less rooms for loot along the way and some small shacks for sleeping if in SP.
  9. Spent awhile looking around the forums, I know I've seen someone else ask about this, but couldn't find it. Is there any chance we'll be getting the tile sets for the places in Valley Point? I see store-brand signs in the mall, the Gun's a Blazin inn, a fireplace in the hunting lodge. It really isn't a big deal, just looking for an answer. Otherwise I feel like I missed them somewhere :\
  10. Pridelost


    Hello everyone, hope you're all well. Going to be taking the weekend off for my birthday so I uploaded images of the map where it is right now. You can check them out in the original post on the first page. Whats new? Improving the grass texture to make it more realistic Added more trailers Added more suburban homes Added some shops and a train station. Added the highway asphalt (train station) A lot on my plate for Dreadwood but man it feels good to be back into mapping. I may try and add more cells around the map for just vegitation. I get the feeling having the city on the edge of the map might be a pain
  11. Not empty enough! Maybe the occasional dead mouse or rat. Or so much dust its an item. I'll check out that definition, thanks for finding it.
  12. Maybe you could request them to add a null room definition that does what your looking for? I've tried finding a way but yeah the "all" definition makes it impossible.
  13. Thanks for the replies, BuildingEd seems like the way to go for this.
  14. Is it best to create railroad track sets in BuildingEd then place them as .lots in the world or to paint them in tediously with the stamp tool in TileZed? Is there much of a difference between the two tasking wise?
  15. Never give up! Good luck in your mapping endeavors.
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