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  1. Erosion Rendering Issue

    changed status to: In Progress.
  2. [Build 38.3] Wall Vine (visual bug)

    changed status to: In Progress.
  3. Making electrical connectors breaks lights forever

    changed status to: In Progress.
  4. Unmoveable Stuff that Should be Moveable [?]

    changed status to: Fix Committed.
  5. Unmoveable Stuff that Should be Moveable [?]

    Thanks Svarog, added a bunch of the tiles you mentioned to the movables. Some of them werent added (yet) tho, currently the multitile movables support max 4x4 grid so any over 4 tiles were left out. Another reason for not having added some is multitile objects that can exist in variable sizes in the world as the system expects a fixed size. Might add some of them later on as individually obtainable pieces (as done with the evangelical banner for now)
  6. Makeshift Radio doesn't have placement sprites

    ive tried to reproduce this but it seemed to work ok so far, if you still have this issue could you add a console log?
  7. Makeshift Radio doesn't have placement sprites

    changed status to: In Progress.
  8. Making electrical connectors breaks lights forever

    Eya, ive tested this and crafting a light to work with batteries still works as intended, also with generators on the house. If you mean that once a lamp has been converted to a 'battery lamp' it no longer works with other power sources, that is intented they need a battery from then on (and possible a lightbulb if its broken). Otherwise if you meant something differently please let us know.
  9. CartoZed

    eya @ddraigcymraeg it looks like something went wrong while reading one of the filenames, ive updated 1.2 links with some better verification... you'd only need the 1.2 update files, if you could give it another go it should skip the files it cannot read properly and output those in the log. if you could pm me the debuglog.txt from the mapmap dir after running the update would be great regards, turbo
  10. CartoZed

    My bad, i overlooked another bug. Ive updated the 1.2 links with a rebuild package that works for RingoD. If the program still fails for anyone let me know, the MapMap process should now finish gracefully instead of crashing and outputs a debuglog.txt in the "mapmap" dir of CartoZed. Regards, Turbo
  11. CartoZed

    Added a new version 1.2 which should fix the issue with export to iso not working in some instances!
  12. CartoZed

    updated CartoZed to 1.1 and modified usage example. let me know if there are bugs or suggestions! regards, Turbo
  13. ItemZed (updated 1.1b)

    Updated the OP with 1.2 version, which should fix the issue with no mods/no distribution. Many thanks to @GHawkins for helping out track the issue! note: If you use the update package you might want to delete "config/options.txt", this will erase any stored directory setting causing the program to do a clean setup routine again once started.
  14. ItemZed (updated 1.1b)

    @GHawkins and @Rari gonna look into the issue asap
  15. ItemZed (updated 1.1b)

    @Void, @Crowborn and others having the issue of not seeing anything in the distribution tab, make sure youve got a updated IWBMS on steam like @russafiii mentioned and then it should be working properly. Ill update OP to include a little note concerning this. @thiosk Indeed the distribution panel isnt well suited for bulk insertion operations like that atm. Ideally id like to fix up the entire distibution panel a bit at some point in the near future so the points youve raised work better allong with some more drag and drop improvements. However when doing amounts 250 items this may still result in quite some dragging, depending on how they need to be distributed in the list lua might be a valid option as well. Ive played around with creating a little helper script for that purpose and came up with the following which may be helpful to you: DistributionInsertion The top part has some settings you can modify, the way it works would be to have all the items that you wanna add in bulk to the distribution in a seperate module wich will act as a category. You can set a default spawn chance and add target containers, the nested containers need to be seperated with dots as per example and be aware that the container names are case sensitive. When running the script it will add all the items from the defined module to the targetcontainers, afterwards you can optionally use the right side item filter box to filter on the module name (see img) instead of item name incase you need to override some default spawn chances of some of the items. Additionally ive also created helper script to remove items from the distributions in bulk, it has somewhat similar settings in the top part: DeleteItemsFromDistribution Hope this is usefull, both scripts adjust to the mode youre running the program in (mod or dev), in mod mode the remove script for example will not touch and base game entries. Also, if there might be need for other similar scripts feel free to post a request in this thread! Regards, Turbo