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  1. Well I downloaded paint.net and I keep running into the same issue. I made sure to disable anti-aliasing. I have no clue what to do!
  2. The unkown colors you most likely have to find and replace individually. They're probably just changed by 1 or 2 color points (or whatever they are) and that causes the error. GIMP does that quite a lot also and I've found no other solution than to double check every tile the error gives you. In my experience, it's the brush tool that somewhat fucks things up. The grass works so that the grass color in the veg map is dependant on the bmp/png map. ie. if you have green grass in the png map and you put the grass in the veg map, you get green tall grass. Or if you have light grass in png and grass in veg you get light tall grass. But, if you use for example the "lot of grass and trees", the tall grass will always be green and not be dependant on the ground beneath it. In other words, png map defines the ground tile's color and the veg defines which kind of grass/trees you want to put on top of it. This way you don't have to match the light tall grass with the light grass tiles every time you make a lighter patch and want fitting grass. EDIT: Ooh, and welcome to the forums! We're always glad to see new people around here!! (clyde) Thanks for the help. I think my Photoshop is screwed up. I'm going to download paint.net and see if that fixes the issue. As for the converted grass types, the landscape.bmp sets the ground color while the blah_veg.bmp places the actual grass type. I think I understand it now.
  3. This guide is great so far. Its really helpful. I have run into an issue however. When I insert my vegetation map I get "unknown colors" and nothing happens. I made my maps in Photoshop. I made sure to turn off anti-aliasing before I started. I don't know what the problem is. I used the pencil and brush tool to draw the maps. I also made sure to use the colors listed in this guide. I added them all to a custom swatch set. Another question I have is about the converted grass types. I'm unsure how's those work. Would you mind clearing that up? Thanks!
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