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  1. So here's my suggestion. I suggest that when you go offline. Your character turns into an NPC with the only motivation being guard the safe house. That way, when you log on your base isn't raided cause no one was there to stop it. And if it is you'll be dead so it doesn't feel like it was raided in your sleep. At the very least this should definitely be at least an option at some point, please?
  2. So I was reading the developer's list of ideas that are "Yes" and "No", and I noticed that pre-infection starting times are a no. But when I heard that NPCs are coming soon, I thought that maybe someone could make a mod where the introduction text is changed to something like "You were at home watching TV when an emergency broadcast came on, informing you that the zombie infection has reached Kentucky, it will be days until it hits your town, and that it is advised that you don't panic and stay in your homes." or something like that. With the latest dev notes about NPCs being (planned to be) able to survive after 8 months, i thought that maybe with that level of intelligence, they would most likely riot and raid houses in the first couple days. So if someone could make a mod that removes zombies for the first 3/7 days, it would greatly resemble the chaos of when the outbreak first hits. 'cause waking up with the whole world overrun with no warning whatsoever makes no sense. Do you guys think that would be possible?
  3. I'm new here but I've played the game for awile and I've read disscussions on the thread. Nobody seems to have thought about this and I'd love to see it in game. Burials/Burnings When NPC's are out, I'd love to see something about how the group(and your charater) will feel. What if... When an NPC survivor dies, and you have the body, you can bury them. In the game, we will be able to burn corpses of zombies so when survivors are added we should be able to do that to their body's too. For a burial, we can dig a hole in the ground (like with farming) and if we have the body in our inventory, we can put the body in the hole as a sort of grave. Then, for a headstone, you could get a plank or something to put by the grave. If it's wood, you could carve in a few words for your fellow survivor. Example, "R.I.P. Billy Bob You were a jerk" or whatever you want really. For burnings, you will hold a ceromony and burn the body there. I'll talk about ceromonies in a bit. These can help other survivors move on depending on personality.Ceromonies If you are in a group, you can hold a ceromony for the dead survivor. You and your group would go and say some kind words about the dead victim at a the grave or before you burn the corpse. At the ceromony, survivors can talk about the fallen, depending on their relationship with them and events that took place even (That's a stretch) they will say different things. Example, Survivor 1 hated Billy Bob so he says "Can't say I'll miss him." or something while Survivor 2 loved Billy Bob and says stuff like "He saved my life, he will be missed"Wishes Another interesting feature would be that some charaters will want to be buried or burned in death. You could come across this in conversations and stuff or a survivor might be in a graveyard and say "I'd hate to be buried in a cold dark coffin." And you may remeber that if you want to bury them and decide to burn them instead. This would depend on personality and maybe if the survivor has a certain religion.Wrap Up Overall, I think this would be a great feature for role playing in a group. You could have a small (or large) graveyard at your base of fallen survivors. This would add some depth to charaters and I think it would be great. This could be added after survivors have been released too. Note: All these options to do with the dead would all be optional (You may just want to leave the bodies where they are or you might not even have recovered the body... Who knows?)
  4. Ok, so first of, this is more of an idea that went through my head as I was playing, more so than a suggestion, anyway, the core of the idea is pretty simple. Adding a craftable radio, or simply snatching one around from a house, a garage, a car(once and if they are in the game) the list could go on where you could get your hands on one. Essentially, after some time in the apocalypse, the only reasonable means of communication pretty much would be your old radio and the idea is once you would acquire one, your world would once in a while transmit some kind of conversation or just a message and spawn the "event" somewhere in your world. It could literally be anything i.e.: Other survivors calling out to the world giving a bit of information about their status and location(once NPC are in the game) Warnings about zombie hordes movement(the horde would spawn, once you'd hear the message) Zombie attacks and call-outs for help, being limited by time Maybe even some military convoys running through the area being attacked/killed off leaving some weaponry behind to scavenge(assuming they are not all dead knowing we still hear the helicopters every now and again) That's just to mention some of the ideas, the events could literally happen anywhere in the world i.e., you could be in West point and the event would be in the Mall or Muldraugh, they could be both positive or negative and not always reachable. It would add a bit to the late-game, provide resources for people who don't enjoy having their loot (unrealistically) respawn, spice up the difficulty a little bit as well probably and would support forcing people out of their comfort zone to explore a bit.
  5. Okay, so I know the NPCs are currently being worked on and I know they will be buggy as hell at the moment but I'd like a box on Sandbox mode which I can tick to use the NPCs in there current form. People may agree and disagree with this but I'm sure it would help a lot on the progress and then we can also see the current state of the NPCs, just a thought!
  6. My suggestion is on how to deal with player death, "reincarnation" and interaction with NPCs. So I have been pondering this, Having died many times in the Sandbox mode and loading up the same map to go find my stuff lying around; the concept of NPCs as part of this seems like it might become an issue. If the player dies and he has a large posse hanging around his base, if he comes back as a new character, the NPCs would have no idea who he is. He would have to develop all new relations probably be kept out of the base "he built" (in another life). My suggestion would be instead of starting out a new character every time you die, if you have a group of NPCs, could there be an option to take control of one of them instead? That way it makes a more contiuous story of your group survival. This could lead to awesome situations where you lead a team into an infested area, get swarmed by zombies but only one of the NPCs manages to get out before the horde turns everyone into horderves. I realize this may qualify under the "ending other than death category" but I would argue it does not. Your character still dies, you just get to choose whether to continue on with the story of your group or start a whole new character. Let me know what you think on this... and sorry if someone else already suggested this. EDIT: Also, there could be an "ironman" check box option at game startup that prevents you from being able to respawn on a map at all. This way, everyone can be happy. EDIT EDIT: It should also be noted that this would only be a Sandbox setting as the other modes would be more hardcore and you can not change settings in Survival anyway.
  7. So, again for post-NPC era, what about instead of creating just one character, you could make a whole group to start with? And there will be a tactics system like in many games, to give out orders or let them do what they want if they need to eat, rest or whatever. Also, an ability to switch player controls between your group members, so that while one sleeps, other stays on watch... Or goes on a raid. That'd make sense in multiplayer with the sleep implementation, but the problem is, you can't roleplay a loner, unless you need to sleep for not more than only 5 minutes (game hours), and have contraptions so players or bandits won't get you. Also, I'd like a feedback on my idea about offline AI characters - you log off a server, your avatar goes AI and does whatever you assign for it (just an option, I don't mean it to be everywhere, I know it's probably hard and quite a bold idea which would cause some more random or butthurt for some players)
  8. I had an idea where there is an npc who is just absolutley obsessed with collecting as many spiffo dolls as he can, and will stop at nothing (I fixed it ) to get them. So what i am suggesting is an npc easter egg where he will just go bat shit crazy if he does not get his spiffo dolls. So it will kinda be like Tallahasse from zombie land except with spiffo dolls
  9. Every now and then, you will be in a chat with an NPC, whether it will be abput the weather, or a strategy to take over a grocery store, and while in previous versions you could respond with a reaction (happy face, neutral, angry face), having to click them takes too much time, and, there will be questions where you have to answer with words, and the reaction faces won't help. So my suggestion is to have a little pop up in the left of the screen, where you could answer with a hotkey, here's an example (Let's pretend the 1, 2 and 3 keys aren't used to switch between weapons): -------------------------------| 1. We have to move | Situation stealthfully, we can't be | afford to be detected. | You and Jack are trying to move across -------------------------------| a street, but it is filled with zombies, 2. We take em out, | Jack whispers to you: without making too | ''Dammit man, there's to many of them, noise. | what the hell are we going to do?'' -------------------------------| You make out 3 possible options: 3. We have no choice | <------- but to go in guns blazin',| Take em by surprise | ------------------------------| Now, say you picked 1 or 2, is it going to work? that's up to the sadistic AI dire... *COUGH* *Ahem*, I mean, erm, The Governor, yeah..., anyway Anyway, as you are the player, you are in charge of yourself, so if you screw up, it's your own fault, but the NPC is owned by The Governor, so he decides whether the NPC gets caught, or even worse, dies, so even if you manage to stay undetected, the NPC's chance is influenced by his sneaking skill, and The Governor's atitude. Except if you pick 3, it will probably be influenced by luck and The Governor's atitude more than anything, and we both know how The Governor is... Also, this could be uses to answer questions after you killed an NPC, and you are talking to their friend, who you found in the next building, you could say: Yeah, i killed em Or No, i didnt see him.
  10. So I have another topic in the PZ suggestions called "Neat Little Ideas". (Found here: http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/10095-neat-little-ideas/ ) Here is one of the ideas I suggested to be implemented into the game, and more, in case anyone would like to make it a mod. For reference, humanoid characters or characters are NPCs, Players, and Zombies. Is sorta shorter for me to write. When a zombie, NPC, or player dies, a blood puddle slowly forms around the body, suggesting they are bleeding on the ground. The size of the blood puddle and how fast it forms would depend on the type of weapon used to kill them and/or the severity of injuries on the body at the time of death. Which one is added, should depend on the games limits. (List of blood puddle size to weapon killed with: Fists: None/Very Small. Fork: Very small. Bat: Medium. Kitchen Knife: Large. Axe: Large, and so on.) Maybe a humanoid character stepping on the blood puddles or other blood textures would give that character bloody footprints for a short time, resulting in interesting player, zombie, and npc tracking. Another cool idea, is that the blood textures should look different, depending how much damage is done. Ex: The blood textures should look gorier if hit with an axe five times, than hit with a fork or bat. Characters should show better blood particles when being hit instead of chunks of meat flying out and blood magically appearing on the ground when hit. Blood particles look somewhat like this: (But it should look more... Realistic, than this example. ) Well, that's my mod request. Get your brilliant coding minds working, and I hope at least one of these suggestions become a mod! I appreciate feedback. Thanks for reading!
  11. It has already been confirmed that there will be NPCs in the next update of PZ, but the devs have said nothing about NPCs that don't want to co-operate with the player. These possible groups of NPCs include: 1. bandits and looters, groups and single NPCs that might, on meeting the player, would attack the player and/or loot the player's safehouse(s). 2. NPC groups, groups of up to 8 NPCs that hold out in their own safe-houses and don't want to meet the player. Equally there might be groups that function similar to "the Governor's" or "Carver's" groups from the walking dead where they would kill or enslave any other survivors. In both cases, these NPCs would attempt to shoot the player and some of the larger groups might live in sealed off communities of buildings.
  12. Hello everyone!, So i wanted to know if there will be an option to spawn with NPC (when they will get implemented) family (brother,sister,wife...) or close friends in the same house so you can actually have someone you can trust in the begining. what do you think guys? leave all your thoughts in the comments and thank you for replying
  13. I didn't see this anywhere else, so I decided to make a topic about what people think about NPCs, just to natter about it, see what you are most excited of about them, and so on. I personally am so excited about them, and the only way to calm myself down is talking about my hype in the forums So please, have a seat, grab a beer, and shoot that zomboid's brains out, while chatting with other survivors about the other less important bastards that you will probably throw down a cliff, just for the heck of it. Update Note: I've been searching around, and apparently the 2.0R 2.5 version of the game has ( Not very good) NPCs, here's the link: https://www.dropbox....Zomboid_RC2.exe The version was found here: http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/2064-older-versions/ Note that you might need to have the desura version for this to work.
  14. I've been thinking,when the Kate and Baldspot tutorial first came out i wondered,"Where did they come from, and how did they get in that predicament? Did they get stuck in Muldraugh during a vacation, or did they get stuck there because Louisville was the first to go?" So i was thinking, how about a world that gets persistently worse as the infection spreads? Like everything is normal, then police get called in, then riots in the streets, then the CDC and the National Guard gets called in, then they quarantine the area, then they start bombing runs, then the quarantine fails and it spreads even farther. Please write your criticism and your thoughts in the comments!
  15. After reading through the latest Mondoid, I became very excited about the teased ability to give orders to NPC survivors. Judging by the types of orders the player can give, having a group of the super-smart NPCs will help a single player run a massive base operation that otherwise would be impossible or at least very inefficient if attempted alone. But since NPC are smart and designed to mimic player actions... what stops them from completely ignoring your orders and doing something else they see more important, like taking YOU out and taking power for themselves? Will the NPCs come with a system of trust/obedience? Will you have to earn the NPCs' obedience before you can order them around? Example: An NPC that trusts you more will be more inclined to listen to your commands. Conversely, another NPC that barely trusts you will have a low chance of following your orders and may have a higher chance of committing mutiny and trying to kill you or other NPCs in the group.
  16. Disclaimer for the devs -- Indie Stone devs, your game is excellent. Please feel free to take these ideas on board as if they were your own for inspiration sake, These ideas are donated as fan service and compensation isn't necessary or expected. If you think this works for your game, take and keep any and/or all ideas to implement into the game. Thanks in advance for reading! Please leave your thoughts/feedback in comments section!!! Table of Contents------ 1A. Introduction 1B. Your involvement in this thread 2. NPC Content - [+Add your own, and you'll be credited in this post] 2A. Faction list - Different Factions/types of NPC survivors 2B. NPC Trust - An Important Mechanic 2C. Faction Ranks - Roles/Jobs [And what they do] 2D. Faction Inventions - New items you can make! 3. NPC Event(s)/Behaviours - Kidnappings, Raids, Zombie Herding, Faction interaction. 3A. Events NOT Involving YOU 3B. Events Involving YOU - 1A. Introduction: This is a community post brainstorm which means you can contribute ideas toward it (and you will be credited in this original post). This post is open to subject to change course and modification. In this post, it explains varying ideas that could help create interesting gameplay and basic objectives with NPC survivors which don't divert you from how you play, and may possibly offer new ways to play the game as well. You could (if you wanted to) interact with NPCs through trade or neutrality (3), or systematically wipe them out one by one, the choice would be up to you. If developers find this thread feasible, I'd like to hope that our ideas could be implemented so that interaction could lead to rewards (2D) in some way which could help benefit confirmed future content updates. 1B. Your involvement in this thread: First things first - Please don't expect or feel entitled to compensation in any form if the developers take inspiration from this thread and use these ideas even if they're identical upon implementation, I'd like to make that very clear. How you view this threads idea comes down to personal interpretation, so that means if your interpretation of this sort of idea and/or opinion on it is different to anyone elses e.g it being good enough to implement in the game or not is appreciated and respected if you choose to have your say (Even if you hate the idea so much it makes you miserable) it's still fair enough to have your say, however it'd be nice to see some constructive criticism toward this sort of thing instead of abuse! Please feel free to join in the discussion and add your own thoughts and ideas! Thank you very much. - 2. NPC Content - [+Add your own, and you'll be credited in this post] 2A. Faction list - Different Factions/types of NPC survivors Note: Faction/types of NPC survivors may/may not exist at all during a game or certain map, and may spawn at different times during a game depending on player movements. Certain factions may or may not work together. Factions should be enabled/disabled by player choice in custom options prior to a game. For the most part, each faction won't trust you at all unless you prove to them you can be trusted, and some may carry default moods/agendas set by their Faction Leader toward anyone that isn't part of their faction - Could result in kidnappings, killing on sight, or warning shots/calls. Type 1 - Civilian: Exist in urban areas. These are the last remaining shred of civilisation, and are mostly helpless and not used to being thrown out of their standard way of life. Civilians are usually armed with light firearms and various melee weapons, depending on rank. How well armed they are depends on rank, as their rank dictates what they usually do. May work alongside Military. Type 2 - Survivalists/Hillbillies: Can exist in both outer-urban and wilderness. How well armed they are depends on rank, raider rank is heaviest armed, utilizing long ranged weapons and heavy melee weapons. Usually works on own, without need of Civilians or Military. Type 3 - Military: Can exist anywhere, but mostly in large contained facilities such as prisons, and fenced guarded areas. Some may patrol in organized groups in the map on their own accord. Moderately to heavily armed depending on rank. May work alongside Civilians. Type 4 - ?? Type 5 - ?? - 2B. NPC Trust - An Important Mechanic Depending on what you do, you can impact factions depending on what action you make toward them. Trust is gained over time, and word can spread around to different ranks within factions about you. If you help defend individuals against zombie hordes, make trades with them, don't kill them on sight - Then you can gain trust with them. On the other hand, if you do all you can to let them die, raid them, steal their stuff, the opposite occurs and can carry consequences toward how they interact with you. That will result in increased hostility and nasty tactics toward you and your base (3). ---Factions may even choose to not trust you at all regardless of what you do, this comes into equation based on the Faction Leaders agenda--- - 2C. Faction Ranks - Roles/Jobs [And what they do] Civilian and Survivalists/Hillbillies NPC survivors can share some same 'ranks' and behaviours depending on trust toward you, or their purposeful demeanour. Traits listed are as a guide to explain their purposes. Traits listed in each rank are varying possibilities and may/may not all occur. The following ranks shared between Civilians, Survivalists/Hillbillies/Military which should usually stay within their base are: Faction Leader - Have a purposeful goal/agenda set for their faction. This can vary depending on how you interact with each faction. Some leaders may choose to enforce friendly or hostile actions toward you and other active faction(s) at the start of the session, and they can also enforce what types of ranks spawn depending on where they are located. Their demeanour in their agenda also applies to what faction they are in. Killing a leader can topple the entire faction which can be a useful game mechanic/purpose. <Don't expect that to be easy though!> | Traits- Lucky, Strong, Brave, Hearty Eater, Resilient, Athletic Workers - Produce food, build, create/combine items, repair items (vehicles in future), treat heavy/major injuries etc. | Traits- Handy, Feeble, Cowardly, Light Eater, Clumsy, Agoraphobic The following ranks shared between Civilians and Survivalists/Hillbillies are: Scouts - Usually spots and locates and reports back to their factions. You can kill them if you don't want to be seen&known at all providing you witness them near you/your base-. Scouts can offer remote bag trades (bag containing notes of Trade for Trade items), orienteering, locating, can mark environment with messages/diagrams, treats their own basic/light injuries. | Traits- Athletic, Eagle Eyed, Graceful, Feeble, Night Owl, Outdoorsman, Patient Raiders - Dispatched usually if scouts/workers don't sustain to loot surrounding areas to replenish faction supplies, can kidnap you, can also raid houses you don't own, can mark environment with messages/diagrams, treats their own minor/light injuries. | Traits- Stout, Axe Man, Short Tempered, Brave, Hearty Appetite, Thick Skinned Loners - For the most part they're just like you. They can be anti-social. May not be part of a faction, may be aggressive, may be highly threatening if surviving mid-late game. If part of a faction, they're usually a Sniper/Self sustaining Hunter type, and some may resort to Cannibalism. They like to hoard so if you locate their base/stashes you're in for a good time. | Traits- Eagle Eyed, Athletic, Cowardly, Marksman, Outdoorsman, Patient, Light Eater, Resilient Ranks which only occur in the military are: Soldier - Protects their base at all costs, only grant access to players that have gained trust, conduct rescue missions for their faction and in some rare cases based on trust -you-. Can treat light/minor injuries. | Traits- Athletic, Marksman, Light Drinker, Stout, Brave, Keen Hearing, Night Owl, Eagle Eyed. Field Medic - When Soldiers leave their base on a rescue mission, a Field Medic can accompany them to treat major wounds. | Traits- Athletic, Graceful, Hard of Hearing, Handy, Short Tempered, Stout, Light Drinker Elite Soldier - Protects Military Leader, heavily armed, calls in Helicopter reinforcements if possible (This includes emergency supplies, or Soldiers). | Traits- Strong, Thick Skinned, Athletic, Marksman, Night Owl, Eagle Eyed, Keen Hearing. - 2D. Faction Inventions - Each faction has a small number of inventions that they use to their advantage in some way, which you could learn to craft if you gain enough trust. Here are some examples (along with items needed if not pre-made), if you can think extras or better then please add: Civilians: -Two Way Radio: Battery + Baby Monitor/Walkie Talkie -RC Racecar Noise Distractor: RC Racecar + Battery + Walkie Talkie + Use of 'Taunt' Button -Breakable Lockpick: Paperclips, Nail/Tent Peg, Tape [Makes 3] Survivalist/Hillbillies: -Bear Trap -Crossbow: Planks, PVC pipe, String/Wire, Nails -Basic Compass: Needle, Paper Clip, Fridge Magnet, Bowl of Water, Razor Blade Military: -Scope -Makeshift Protective Armour -Claymore 3. NPC Event(s)/Behaviours -writing in progress- Depending on what NPC factions are present, how they interact with one another and also your trust gained/lost with NPC factions, certain events/behaviours may trigger. 3A. Events NOT Involving YOU Factions would be able to have interactions between each other: -These include territorial disputes, trade altercations, and caravans. -Contributed by forum user 'Ryfar' -If a Faction member comes back to their base wounded by a Zombie which could make them turn, they may be ordered to be killed by their Faction so they don't turn on them. 3B. Events Involving YOU Any of the following may occur if YOU have no trust, or are hostile to a faction and i) Your base discovered by that faction: -You may have Scouts shepherd zombies/hordes to your base (Small chance it could backfire on Scout). -Raiders may ransack your base of valuables, and your base wrecked/disassembled. -You may have a chance of being kidnapped as a hostage when you sleep in an unfortified/unsecure base. This will mean your base looted and disassembled. Items removed from you and possibly distributed between faction members, or stored somewhere. -Military may surround your building, and order to imprison you if you commit crimes (Theft/Murder) against them. Or they may choose to just try and kill you. ii) You are located in a temporary location: -You may have a small chance of being kidnapped as a hostage when you sleep in an unsecure/unfortified location. Items removed from you and possibly distributed between faction members, or stored somewhere. Any of the following may occur depending on the level of good trust YOU have with a faction and the Faction Leaders agenda: -You may be offered the opportunity to capture or kill an opposing Faction Leader if they're causing issues for the faction you're supporting. -You are allowed sanctuary within a factions territory but you must perform duties/jobs to assist the faction in order to keep that benefit. -You are offered a job of your choosing within the faction, much like a worker. You get food in your belly and a roof over your head so long as you meet daily/weekly quotas for the job. I'm planning on updating this when I've got more time to over the next few days. Thanks for reading! Please leave your thoughts/feedback in comments section!!!
  17. Read the latest blog post. I saw that they are adding fishing, and also getting to work on NPCs! Yay! A lot of people will be satisfied. I guess AI will be improved, and all these things that are improved from the old NPCs. But again... We may have the NPCs soon!
  18. Hello survivors! I propose a new system/skill to be created - Teamwork I feel the ability to accomplish tasks as a team is vital in any zombie survival scenario. What better way to reward such actions than with new abilities and skill-sets. How i imagined this working is having an option upon right clicking another player / NPC thereafter would display a list of options for said player to choose from. Examples: Ask for a boost - Used to boost another player/NPC into a otherwise unreachable height. Fairly simple but possibly cause falling damage if failed. Help walk/ carry- One day i imagine someone might lose a leg from an emergency amputation, or a person might pass out from drinking too much whiskey. However the scenario plays that person will need a shoulder to lean on and this will be the way to do it. Push object - The bigger the object the more strength needed to push it, two is always better than one. The ability to move larger objects than one could themselves. These abilities would require a confirmation from the receiving player to assure both parties are game. Various difficulty levels would be assigned to the new abilities and unlocked by gaining experience similar to other skills. I feel this request is one that would clearly take much time and effort to implement but also could be one that changes the dynamic of the game to push players towards a more team oriented play style. Thus creating more dynamic player interactions and game depth. Please share you opinions/ ideas
  19. Gunsman


    Hey Guys, I was thinking of an idea for NPC's such as a trader.... Where you would find a trader... The way it would work is you would find a base fenced off with thugs with rifles outside that would stop you to search you before you enter, When you enter there would be a man standing behind a fenced off counter (Like the pawn stores in Dead Rising). How to trade... When you enter the man would welcome you, to talk to him you would press Q which would bring up a small screen that would have 2 different inventory pages, 1 being yours and the other being what the trader would sell. The way you would trade is by highlighting certain things in your inventory and when you do the trader would highlight things in his inventory that he will think would make a fair trade. The more things you highlight the more things the trader will also highlight some things. What he would sell... What he would sell is obvious it would rage from seeds and ammo to salmon and shotguns. Extra ideas... Some extra things i thought of is that before you start a new game there would be some new thing to select, like your past job there could be Salesman, Lawyers, etc. And for extra traits there could be something like stubborn for negative and fast talker for positive. All these things would affect your way around traders on getting better deals or worst deals. Also every trader would be different some would be very fair about there deals like trading some ammo for fish, and some would be complete thugs that if you gave them a shotgun they would trade you a box of nails Thank you everyone for reading please post a comment on what you think about my idea..Thanks!
  20. Since due to a bug in which I had to delete hours of progress instead of being unfairly pissed off at an video game in alpha stage I decided to do something productive and SUGGEST S~~T. 1 RIVAL NPC GANGS Ok I'd say by now we all know that Npcs are on their way even if it takes a year. Since its humans and no matter what there will always be human activity in a zombie infected world some of these people are going to have different ideas on how to run this world. For instance. A group of conservative Christians hole up in West Point's large church (After all it is the South)* while a group of Liberals attending an Amnesty international talk in West Point High School. Only a fool would believe these two very different group of people would get along. If its land claims, Human rights or Gun debates soon these two groups will be at each other like hawks. Maybe your character could join one side or scream F@+K YOU ALL! Maybe other survivors are caught in the middle, alone in an unsafe apartment above an infested street because they match neither of the groups agenda/ criteria. Maybe the playable character could kill the main people of both forts and claim both bases as their own? 2. SIGNS OF PAST RIOTS, MILITARY/POLICE STRUGGLES AND CHAOS If there is one thing at the begining of a z-apocalypse is that the main street of every town in the world would be rioted. Windows smashed, Cars Crashed.
  21. I've been playing the build 23 for a few minutes now and something just gave me the chills big time. I had established a small base in the tavern in south Muldraugh, when I decided I'd go for a longer loot run to mid-Muldraugh. I hadn't left the vicinity of the tavern except to near the police station for a small fight and shouting competition and to the trailers nearby. So I started wandering to the suburbs when I saw an open door. I thought to myself that I must have left it open when I've been looting. But then there was this voice inside my head saying: "I never leave doors open after looting..." I disregarded the door at first, but when I went closer I noticed that the window next to the door was open too. Now I thought that somethings amiss. I NEVER leave windows open after I climb through. It's really a reflex that I turn around and close the window. Then I started looking through the house. The fridge was empty. Ok. I could have been here 'coz it's the first thing I do always. Then I checked the cupboards and found 20 rounds for a pistol and some nails. Now there's no way I could have missed all of them since they were all in different containers. I decided to ignore the whole thing, because it was giving me the creeps to be honest, and pressed on to an area I hadn't been to before. Then I saw this: Spoiler Look at the window. Why?!?! What have I done to deserve such a freakin' scare? I circled around the house a bit until I deared to climb inside through a different window. There was an open door inside the house too. *Scared shitless* The questions are: Am I going insane?, Do I just have a shitty memory? or is this a similar meta-thingy as the gunshots, but a new one? Most importantly: Has somebody been here? I give it to you Dear Watsons: 'When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth'?
  22. When NPC's make their return, I'm imagining there would need to be quite a few in the early days of the game so that a few months in there are at least a few left given the high expected mortality rate. Personally I found the game much more enjoyable when they were taken out and while I am awed at what I've read about the meta game and potential for interactions, I hope I'm not overwhelmed with NPC's because the lonely atmosphere of the game as it stands is one of its best features IMO. My question, how many survivors do you think should be in the beginning of an unmodified Survival game? Edit: If you want an idea on how NPC's are planned to be implemented, and you do, because it's cool as hell, you need to read Tales from the Metaverse, I have and I keep re-reading it because I'm sure I've read it wrong, but every time I come to the conclusion that it will be insane.
  23. I think that is good to implement Safes to the game that the devs can implement to random houses in the map.You need to find notes that its random spawn in that house where you are , that if you found the note you can open the safe and check what it have inside. The safes can have Guns,ammo,Baseball Bats,etc...... When is multiplayer implemented you can use it to protect yours items of other Players and from Raiders (Npc) that enter to your house to steal a lot of your supplies , The safes can only guard a determined Quantity of objects , If the safe is big can have more Supplies but is more hard to find the note. Optional: You can put that you can Picklock the Safe or something like that, That if you have the trait of Luck you have more possibility for open it and not to fail. Raiders can force the lock too.... Thanks to Joel172 For the idea
  24. Hi there! Is there possible to mod survivor behavior? I haven't seen references to NPC. I'm familiar with Java code, and lua scripts does look understandably to me.
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