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  1. Taytos, the real reason we Irish don't rule the world. So Damn delicious.
  2. I actually liked the first Dead Island and thought it had a good story :S Riptide was total crap But the New Dead Island look very good, they have redone most aspects of the thing Seems like Dead Island 2 takes place in Los Angeles judging by the trailer. Not to mention that sign at the end mentioned California. San Francisco to L.A
  3. I actually liked the first Dead Island and thought it had a good story :S Riptide was total crap But the New Dead Island look very good, they have redone most aspects of the thing
  4. What makes you think it's specifically in Canada? There's plenty of similar woodland in northern Europe and Russia. don't forget Alaska, Romania, Japan, just a few of the countries + regions with boreal forests like the one in the game
  5. tenpenny tower is a skyscraper, its around 20 stories high, that's like the same as the tallest building in ireland
  6. The current DC skyline is irreverent the timeline split from 1950-1961 and then over 127 years of building and technological advancement . http://img1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20131126185424/fallout/images/thumb/4/4e/Fo3_Tenpenny_Tower.jpg/240px-Fo3_Tenpenny_Tower.jpg http://img3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20081202175134/fallout/images/thumb/d/d4/Statesman_Hotel.jpg/240px-Statesman_Hotel.jpg http://img3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20120323003247/fallout/images/thumb/8/86/Washington_streets_CA5.jpg/185px-Washington_streets_CA5.jpg (artwork drawn by the offical guy for what the buildings used to
  7. Well generally skyscrapers fall down when over 200+ nuclear bombs hit a city. (10,000 in the total united states.) also Gta iv had like 6 interiors. All the shops were copy and pasted and it's explained the supermutants blocked off many of the outer streets with rubble to stop the brotherhood from advancing. Also metro stations are always the same looking. Many shops have a different interior.
  8. Certain types of radiation can be gone in as little as hours (and as long as 30 days), leaving the minority of gamma-emitting sources to decompose over hundreds and thousands of years. Even at Chernobyl, a reactor still functions (unless they've finally gone down shutdown procedures -- they have, in 2000?), the sarcophagus must be maintained, and tourists wonder the area. Most of Washington (though we can always argue unimportant areas) was copy-pasted, with large mounds of rubble blocking any access to much of the city. It's like 6 years old. Gta IV done the same thing
  9. I must be the only man on earth that likes Fallout 3. No, im obsessed with Fallout and no.3 is my favorite one by Bethesda I thought the same but vice versa
  10. Yes but being the capital city it was bombed so much all that radiation would still be there. Radiation takes thousands of years to go away, even in Chernobyl. Plus all those multistory buildings collapsed....
  11. in fallout NV Las Vegas wasn't hit by any nukes. Neither was Pittsburgh in "The Pitt" DLC for Fallout 3 BUT. inhabitants of The Pitt that have suffered neurological damage from being exposed to the infected water and poisoned sky, The only destroyed buildings in NV were by the Riots following the months after the Great war. No raiders, barely any mutated creatures besides slightly larger Geckos and Radroaches. Humans are a dominant force and people can be seen wandering the wasteland SAFELY. that is a crime against the starving inhabitants of Washington DC, you can come across those wh
  12. get him to play the fallout games,all true gamers hold them as the highest
  13. Why are people so blind sometimes and only notice things their media WANTS them to notice?. So please, PLEASE, research a little before posting something as outrageous as this. Sorry but Maybe you should take your own advice
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