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  1. Taytos, the real reason we Irish don't rule the world. So Damn delicious.
  2. I actually liked the first Dead Island and thought it had a good story :S Riptide was total crap But the New Dead Island look very good, they have redone most aspects of the thing Seems like Dead Island 2 takes place in Los Angeles judging by the trailer. Not to mention that sign at the end mentioned California. San Francisco to L.A
  3. I actually liked the first Dead Island and thought it had a good story :S Riptide was total crap But the New Dead Island look very good, they have redone most aspects of the thing
  4. What makes you think it's specifically in Canada? There's plenty of similar woodland in northern Europe and Russia. don't forget Alaska, Romania, Japan, just a few of the countries + regions with boreal forests like the one in the game
  5. tenpenny tower is a skyscraper, its around 20 stories high, that's like the same as the tallest building in ireland
  6. The current DC skyline is irreverent the timeline split from 1950-1961 and then over 127 years of building and technological advancement . http://img1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20131126185424/fallout/images/thumb/4/4e/Fo3_Tenpenny_Tower.jpg/240px-Fo3_Tenpenny_Tower.jpg http://img3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20081202175134/fallout/images/thumb/d/d4/Statesman_Hotel.jpg/240px-Statesman_Hotel.jpg http://img3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20120323003247/fallout/images/thumb/8/86/Washington_streets_CA5.jpg/185px-Washington_streets_CA5.jpg (artwork drawn by the offical guy for what the buildings used to look like)
  7. Well generally skyscrapers fall down when over 200+ nuclear bombs hit a city. (10,000 in the total united states.) also Gta iv had like 6 interiors. All the shops were copy and pasted and it's explained the supermutants blocked off many of the outer streets with rubble to stop the brotherhood from advancing. Also metro stations are always the same looking. Many shops have a different interior.
  8. Certain types of radiation can be gone in as little as hours (and as long as 30 days), leaving the minority of gamma-emitting sources to decompose over hundreds and thousands of years. Even at Chernobyl, a reactor still functions (unless they've finally gone down shutdown procedures -- they have, in 2000?), the sarcophagus must be maintained, and tourists wonder the area. Most of Washington (though we can always argue unimportant areas) was copy-pasted, with large mounds of rubble blocking any access to much of the city. It's like 6 years old. Gta IV done the same thing
  9. I must be the only man on earth that likes Fallout 3. No, im obsessed with Fallout and no.3 is my favorite one by Bethesda I thought the same but vice versa
  10. Yes but being the capital city it was bombed so much all that radiation would still be there. Radiation takes thousands of years to go away, even in Chernobyl. Plus all those multistory buildings collapsed....
  11. in fallout NV Las Vegas wasn't hit by any nukes. Neither was Pittsburgh in "The Pitt" DLC for Fallout 3 BUT. inhabitants of The Pitt that have suffered neurological damage from being exposed to the infected water and poisoned sky, The only destroyed buildings in NV were by the Riots following the months after the Great war. No raiders, barely any mutated creatures besides slightly larger Geckos and Radroaches. Humans are a dominant force and people can be seen wandering the wasteland SAFELY. that is a crime against the starving inhabitants of Washington DC, you can come across those who never made it to the larger settlements, entire families. Some people have turned to Cannibalism (so have those casino people in NV but that's not from hunger) Death is a fact of life in the capital wasteland The ending of fallout 3 effects everyone (poisoned water wiping out many lone survivor groups or free purified water) but in NV the Hoover dam is mostly taken by a single faction unless you go by Mr house. Most people carry on their extravagant lives in the strip with neon lights and restaurants like normal. Even in fallout 3 Rivet city has disease. Fallout NV there is no trace of your past life before the amnesia. So nobody knew him/her? Fallout 3 there is an entire back story And setting a post nuclear war in the Mojave? That was already a wasteland. Also NV never encouraged you to explore it's vaults. which had such great back stories. Also the maximum rad/s in NV is 8. you have to hunt down radiation in that game. there are places with 300 to 1000 rad/s in Fallout 3. Fallout New Vegas feels like a sims game with guns. Sims is a good game but I signed on to play a post apocalyptic world where chaos and sadistic raiders left people constantly in fear. Also no three-dog I guess it improved with weapons and reputation but Karma just didn't matter. Which is bad. No slavery or deep moral choices something that Bethesda ruined in both games. Unlike fallout 1 + 2 you can't kill children. Damn those little lamplighters I hate them soooo much Fallout 3 uses real suburbs of Washington as those ruined towns Arlington, Annandale ( renamed Andale because of the faded sign), Bethesda, , Germantown, Fairfax, Alexandria and Olney, Falls Church, Georgetown and more deeper back story to be found eg. Bethesda's surviving residents became raiders attacking evacuees from the city Germantown Police H.Q became a medical refugee camp for D.C residents with radiation and disease fleeing the burning city and its riots Annandale's surviving four families (now two) turned to Cannibalism due to lack of food. Paradise falls shopping centre became a slaving hub Fairfax was overrun by Raiders The D.C. area was hit more severely than the West Coast, due to its military and political areas along with the fact it lacked a defense system against nuclear attacks. As a result, the local inhabitants are far more hostile and only are friendly to members of their group as in the many raider tribes. Pockets of radiation are far more frequent and in higher concentrations. Purified water is extremely scarce as well as any kind of fresh food. There is little flora, with the dead husks of trees littering the area. The buildings in the D.C. ruins have been hit the hardest structurally as most are either completely destroyed, are falling apart, literally falling into each other or just barely standing. The streets are littered with rubble and are largely impassible, forcing explorers to mainly rely on sewers and subways to navigate the city, most of which have caved in. Any functional buildings are either a constant war-zone or are heavily fortified by a group of wastelanders, mostly in the southeast section of the Wasteland. Most of the northern and southern parts of the Wasteland are far more inhabitable, but don't have enough pre-War resources to support many people. Thus, only hermits, raiders, and wastelander families still inhabit these desolate areas. There is never any form of precipitation. Slavery is a common occurrence as it is fairly easy, pays large amounts of caps (which are the standardized currency in the area), slaves are always needed and is an easy way for someone to quickly gain powerful weapons. Groups of marauders called raiders attack unsuspecting or weak travelers using tactics similar to guerrilla warfare. The raiders take pride in strength, attack anyone who is weak, and their favorite activities are torture and killing. The old world is still prevalent beyond the bombed out building and radiation. Ghouls are fairly common, partly due to the large pockets of radiation, irradiated food, and the large population of people during the Great War. Ghouls, although having better knowledge of the terrain and its technology that has survived, have become the points of ridicule among some of the various denizens. Murder is a common occurrence as well, with the pre-War laws having been long neglected and forgotten. Either because a person needs to kill another in order to get a precious scrap of food or water, to show a power of dominance or just simply because they don't care about other people's lives (examples: Mr. Burke, Eulogy Jones, etc.). Few water based organisms are still alive due to radiated water besides mirelurks, which inhabit whats left of the Potomac River. Mirelurks usually can be found in dark, damp, and radiated areas, especially the Nuka-Cola plant. Some Mirelurks have expanded as far as to Point Lookout. Super mutants are far more common in the DC area than in the west and, as there is little in the way of an effective military, a person must either have extreme luck, be heavily armed or hope they run into a Brotherhood of Steel patrol in order to survive an encounter with a super mutant. Drug use is still a common occurrence in the Capital Wasteland. In fact, they're one of the few things that are being freshly produced along with medicinal drugs for medical needs though they are pretty expensive. Though not all hope is lost for the Capital wasteland. Not all residents of the Capital Wasteland are violent. In fact, there are a fair number of settlements with a population of civil (although sometimes unsavory) people (examples: Megaton, Rivet City, Tenpenny Tower). Some of the inhabitants even try to keep some form of order in the Capital Wasteland. The Regulators seek out criminals and kill them. The Temple of the Union tries to help runaway slaves. The East Coast Brotherhood of Steel contains a large portion of the super mutant threat with regular patrols in the DC ruin. Beyond drugs, people are trying to manufacture new goods, grow food and even have their own version of "wasteland recycling". Rivet City is currently the only producer of non-irradiated food and is working on portable fusion power. Point Lookout has also proven to be a reliable source of supply, especially its punga fruit. Motorcycles are being turned into sets of metal armor. Weapons, such as the Shishkebab and railway rifle, are being made out of materials originally thought to be junk.
  12. get him to play the fallout games,all true gamers hold them as the highest
  13. Why are people so blind sometimes and only notice things their media WANTS them to notice?. So please, PLEASE, research a little before posting something as outrageous as this. Sorry but Maybe you should take your own advice
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