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  1. Don't worry, for those that are. This group is still alive!
  2. You're in! Sorry it took so long to acknowledge your recruitment request, my computer got a virus (Little brothers are the worst) so i have to report from school! :L *cough cough* Y'know who else is waiting for that 'You're in' um...*cough cough* You know who else says "You're in"? MY MOM! Oh wait...i messed up....i mean YOUR MOM!
  3. You're in! Sorry it took so long to acknowledge your recruitment request, my computer got a virus (Little brothers are the worst) so i have to report from school! :L
  4. Hey guys, guess what...drum roll please, (brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrat) THIS FORUM IS NOW ACTIVE! AT&T FINALLY CAME OUT TO MY HOUSE AND DID THEIR JOB! Expect more posts from me in the future now that At&t got off their arses and fixed my internet.
  5. This game is already pushing the envelope on how cool it can be, I don't think anything can handle anything else. :L
  6. Replace skinny with drug addict and I will be fine with this, even though they stated they would not add any type of special infected.
  7. Hello soldiers! This is Jackson reporting in from school, my internet is shut off at my current residence right now so I will communicate more often once that issue is fixed . Just to let you all know I will NOT be on most of the time, I'm going to start the serious stuff in my freshman courses at Ponitz School of Technology and Engineering. This may be the last time for a while I will update this thread. After I fix my internet though, I will be on every other weekend. I miss you guys already! ;~;
  8. Send this guy your server whitelist info in order to get on the server, the other guy scrapped his server idea so we are going to go with this guy. Deadend , he is the maker of the server named "The Outpost. Just visit the guy and send him the whitelisting info so you don't get left out ;D Oh, and our server just became marked as hot!!!! Not to gloat or anything but.....here you go ;D
  9. Lel, i don't know what the instrument the composer had when he did The Last of Us theme song, it was either acoustic or spanish. Either way they both would sound really nice
  10. As long as the guy/gal that succeeds me or myself are still around the group will be active and will always be open for recruiting ;D Not saying that i'm backing down as group leader anytime soon but i may have a 2nd in command once school starts, i will try my best to juggle my Engineering school and this but if i'm not on for a while i might appoint a second leader just to keep the group active.
  11. I was playing the game when a thought popped into my head,"Oh my god, spanish guitar would fit this PERFECTLY! It fit The Last of Us well, didn't it? So why not this!?" and so that's the story. Just some dramatic depressing spanish guitar to fit the atmosphere of the game.
  12. You're in! Wait a minute, don't I have to change my background so we meet at the police station? When the server is up the owner is going to be making a base in that little indentation into the forest located right next to the highway in Muldraugh.
  13. who should i send this to? http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/user/269-magnum2016/
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