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  1. By the time 3 or 4 years passes. I honestly will probably have put this game down after playing it so much. I understand what you are trying to say -snip-. To get such a complex feature completed and polished to their liking will definitely take large amounts time and effort, especially since they are a relatively small team. But keep in mind, the devs realize this and are not willing to keep us waiting that long. Realistically, it is not practical since a large portion of the current generation of PZ players will be replaced by newer and younger fans that are not aware of the hard work and
  2. What I said about the NPCs is just my suggestion of how NPC memory could work. The devs have not actually said anything yet about NPC memory... yet. I have a feeling what they do have planned for it will be similar though. It would be very frustrating if NPC survivors kept looting the same places over and over because they don't remember where they have been. However, it is confirmed that NPC brains will have the ability to look for items that they need to survive or to craft items. They will check their inventory, their safehouse, and loot surrounding locations until they find what they ne
  3. I regard to using egg cartons as soundproofing... that does not really work. It would act more like a cheap version of acoustic foam. Recording studios post up large cut-outs of acoustic foam on the inside or recording booths. They do not really act as sound proofing. They only serve to prevent sound from bouncing and echoing in the room, since unwanted echoes can ruin a recording. I use such acoustic foam for my home studio, and I can tell you that you would need A LOT of the stuff to have the desired effect. So they are only really used in small rooms. Actually soundproofing a room requ
  4. Well back on track... NPC memory... NPCs with some form of memory would prevent wasted efforts and repeated looting runs. For example. If an NPC loots a house or an area of a houses, then it will remember to not try to loot there again. If the player then tried to order the NPC to loot an already explored area, the NPC would respond in saying "I have already looted this area." and then it could give you a brief summary of what it found. "I found food and ammo." Maybe NPCs could also remember when they last run into a horde. So when the NPC and the player travel near that location, the NP
  5. Posted this... And I got this! "Unspecified Marvel" I am honestly not sure what that refers to, but I love it so much!
  6. Me too. It's like being the Chosen One in an MMO... full of other Chosen Ones. We are "the Chosen Many".
  7. Mine is "Advanced Member" because I am a member of the forums... but advanced. What more could you ask for!
  8. Your wish may just granted! For the next map expansion, the devs "hinted" at adding on a hospital. They said that it would be an "inhospitable" place filled with the zombified people that flocked there when the infection broke out. This would be the place to find the high end med supplies and equipment. However, the only weapons I can imagine being in a hospital are axes and maybe pistols and batons from the security gaurds I'm hoping the building is super tall. Maybe the good supplies would be in the upper floors, so you would have to fight your way through several zombie infested floors to
  9. After reading through the latest Mondoid, I became very excited about the teased ability to give orders to NPC survivors. Judging by the types of orders the player can give, having a group of the super-smart NPCs will help a single player run a massive base operation that otherwise would be impossible or at least very inefficient if attempted alone. But since NPC are smart and designed to mimic player actions... what stops them from completely ignoring your orders and doing something else they see more important, like taking YOU out and taking power for themselves? Will the NPCs come with a
  10. Lots of really well-thought out plans here! As the survival game enthusiasts I'm sure you all are, I would not expect any less. Oh, My plan? I live the in the peaceful suburbs of New Jersey. 30 minute drive (give or take) to NYC on a normal day. Should be easy to get out of town, but I would not know where else to go. Really depends on the situation at hand. I would stay with my family and hold up as best as we could in one of our houses; my house or my cousin's house in a neighboring town. I have a lot of camping supplies in my basement, so we're definitely make use of that. I also live som
  11. If you are going to go out... might as well finish up the chores. What a serene and yet eerie way to finish life as a human. Thanks for sharing man!
  12. Wait.. isn't a system of disease already in the works. This is the main reason why the devs are implementing the ability to move zombie corpses and burn them in Built 28. Segment from the 6/30/14 Mondoid: "All this moving and burning of corpses is paving the way for disease and other unpleasantness as a result of having rotting corpses decorating the inside of your safehouse – something we’ve wanted to deal with for a long time but would have been horribly punishing without a mechanic for removing / destroying bodies. But now we have that, we can have the other. HOORAY!" Read it yourself
  13. I used these devices to prevent mold growth in my basement after it becomes flooded from a storm or if the boiler springs a leak. From experience, I can can tell you that they can produce large amounts of water. It does take time since it the water slowly drips into its container, but after a while the water produced can probably support 1 person's water needs reliably. Not quite sure if the water is pure though. It is produced from condensation, but you never know when there may have been mold or chemicals in the air that made their way in.
  14. Why three? Dawn of the Dead had an okay sized group in that mall. Yeah, i just threw that number out there. I though that more than 3 NPC survivors might be to overpowered. Also, the amount of zombies needed to defeat more than 4 armed survivors would most definitely cause some serious lag.
  15. The Concept A Last Stand tribute to George Romero's zombie film classic Dawn of the Dead (1978), and not the 2004 remake shiz... How will it work? The player would have to survive alongside three other NPC survivors in the shopping mall during a zombie attack. Further Applications When NPCs are fully developed and implemented into the game, new Last Stand locations should be added as well as the ability to have a small team of NPC survivors with you. This would work great in future areas of the map such as Fort Knox or the city.
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