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  1. Some Clever Username

    Burials For Survivors (NPC's)

    This needs to be added. XD
  2. Some Clever Username

    Zombies occupied / Hanging around

    I agree, I would love to see zombies eating corpses!
  3. Some Clever Username

    How did you find out about PZ?

    Robbaz The King of Sweden:
  4. Some Clever Username

    Escaped Pets ?

    Guess what....Poisonous Snakes Sorry, just had to. Animals like Horses and Cows that aren't native to North America do fine in this climate though. Yeah but they have been around for a long time and could adapt.
  5. Some Clever Username

    Zombie disguise (not what you think)

    I'd want it to be like the new group in the walking dead comics! The Whisperers!
  6. Some Clever Username

    Fish tank

    Agreed!! I must collect those zombie heads!!
  7. Some Clever Username

    What's happening in your world?

    Well I put zombies on high (with build 30) and after a few days of scavenging, I had to leave Muldraugh since many zombies started finding me. i went to the North Farm and then looted the nearby warehouses. I didn't get anything bu nails and lots of seeds so I've been staying at the farm, farming and scavenging to make raw axes to build walls.It's been about a month and I've gotten pretty lucky and haven't needed to go back to town for awhile. But the nails are starting to get low...
  8. Some Clever Username

    Sandbox option - Zombie Speed 0

    Oh god no..
  9. Some Clever Username

    Clothing suggestion

    I'd wear that all the time!
  10. Some Clever Username

    Last stand MP

    I think this is a good idea! I would like to see this, it'd be fun!
  11. Some Clever Username

    Nauseated Moodle

    I'm pretty sure this will be added but don't take my word 100%
  12. Some Clever Username

    Governating the weather and natural disasters

    Agreed! I would try it out but I would like it to be optional. Though, I doubt they will do this or at least, anytime soon.
  13. Some Clever Username

    Skills (a.k.a more stuff for RJ to work on!)

    Yeah, it's realistic and I want to have a farm dammit!
  14. Some Clever Username

    Commonly Suggested Suggestions

    I'm up for it too!
  15. Some Clever Username

    Nauseated Moodle

    Pretty sure this is planned and I think so is getting sick around zombie blood! I think.