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  1. Haha! You did take the warehouse as safe house! I never dared... ^^ Now I wanna try
  2. Okay thanks for the answer. ^^ I'll just be patient and re-ask in a few months.
  3. Even in older versions of the game? (where there are NPC?) Should I wait until the NPC are back? Or do you think it is possible to try modding NPC behaviour with older version of the game? (If older version are available).
  4. Hi there! Is there possible to mod survivor behavior? I haven't seen references to NPC. I'm familiar with Java code, and lua scripts does look understandably to me.
  5. Ok thanks. I have a file like this to, and it is created when there is a crash related to the Java environnement. I just wondered if the game itself had a general log file. However, thanks for the answer ^^
  6. Hi every one! I want to report bugs and crashs frome the linux steam version, and just don't find the log folder. Where should I look? is the file extension .log? I've found the ".steam/.../steamapps/Project Zomboid" and the "~(user)/Zomboid" folders. EDIT: I forgot : I'm on ubuntu 12.04 LTS 64 bits
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