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  1. Not quite Seal Team 6, but that's why we're in the WIP section... So I'm not attempting to offer any version of the SuperSurvivors! mod (by Nolan Ritchie) in any way. I’m just trying to play the game the way I want to play it, while trying not to break anything in the process. That said, I’d like to share and demonstrate a few things since Animations and NPC’s are on the horizon. I figure it was a good time to post this to perhaps add something to the NPC conversation. Talk is cheap, so I made a video to illustrate my ideas: https://drive.google.com/file/d/10Mrpw7JEj7skGhO4BWtG1Umv
  2. nolanri

    Super Survivors!

    EDIT: **Released** --> http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1331826879 Direct Download: http://undeniable.info/pz/SuperSurvivors.zip As some of you know, over the past few weeks I've been working a new version that intends to work on vehicles build and handle many of the reported problems and issues reported over the past while. As well as add some new features and Improved AI! So whats different? Let's take a look. Let's get the Bad News out of the way first Problems that still have not been fully resolved, and really cannot be without java s
  3. I would like to request that the NPC feature of the game, once it is ready to be added to the game, be an option in Sandbox, if that is possible. I've been playing PZ for just a couple of months and I dearly love the game. Interaction with the zombies gets my heart racing and I find that I have to remind myself to breathe. I'm not saying this is a bad thing....this signifies how much I get into the game. However, I'm not interested in having to deal with NPCs threatening my base and distracting me from the focus of surviving and staying alive. The zombies are plenty enough to keep my attention
  4. Okay so this isn't me asking about survivors, just giving additional material for whenever they do release. And I know the devs will adore this idea. So similar to the Rimworld idea where you can put in custom characters you want to see in game, except you can't really. You can just increase the chances of seeing certain NPCs. Well in this case you will build NPC's imagine kind of a backlog of characters you can play as so you can boot them up and play with them without remodeling them and all that, redoing the traits. Now here's where it gets interesting. What if we pushed that one ste
  5. Hello Community, as the title says; i'm trying to create a simple mission, but the truth is i don't handle the API of the game very well and i can't find simple tutorials. I have tried to understand the code of other mods, but I have not been able to do it. Except one, EpicBattle. What I would like to do on my mod is simple. I would like the name of the NPC to appear on the screen and a context menu like in the super survivors mod. But instead of showing "Survivor Options", I'd like to show the "Talk" option. And then he'll show me a simple conversation. So
  6. Hi I understand that at this current time the vehicle thing is under going some major changes at the moment so I don't expect anything too soon but after you guys are done on that could you maybe consider adding in some NPC's. Survivor NPC's The last mention I ever saw of it was somewhere around 2015 I believe (off the top of my head) but I think it would make the game that little bit more fun to play. Imagine if you could go into town find some more survivors who are scavenging for loot and band together to block off an entire area of a city to yourselves c
  7. So we all know that NPCs are coming...eventually. And what zombie apocalypse would be complete without a few ragtag groups of survivors that, more often than not, end up being a bigger threat than the zombies? The Walking Dead has groups like the Saviors and the Whisperers. Fallout has raiders, super mutants, and all sorts of colorful groups. What groups will rise from the ashes of society in Project Zomboid? Here a few ideas I had for possible NPC factions for late-game: The West Point Militia A group of ragtag civilians with guns and ammo pilfered from the trust
  8. Ok, so I was discussing this game with a friend and telling him how I was hoping to fill my insanely large Perma Base with a few survivors (or a lot... would need more housing to avoid discontentment see note 3). Got me thinking on what basic trait NPC "followers" should have or be tagged with. Feel free to comment and add, I'll update this to include suggestions both in the "I deem worthy" and "I'm against it or I don't care category". While we wait for NPC it could be a good way to distract us from such post as "when NPC will be here" and focus on what we actually want out of
  9. This is basically a sum-up of what I understand about NPCs and their development. This was written in a small amount of time and I didnt type it in FULL detail. The ETA is not official it is just by how I see it. Some things here may not really make sense, that is because im just overwhelmed with how much hype my body is being fed every single millisecond that I am alive. NPC Development 2016 NPCs and my Speculation (And my life story :P) With the animation update, the making of NPCs should be whats next and should be easier. I would give an estimation of about m
  10. What sup guys, last night with my GF, we were thinking of ideas for PZ, and we came across the idea of NPCs, well we all know that the dev are working on NPCs. but the idea is for a more develop NPC mechanism. First Idea was that NPCs should able to roam around the map not just stay in a single spot (Dev may have already thought about it). Secondly, NPCs should be able to barricade their houses and/or either we tell them what to do. Thirdly, Later in the development NPCs should be able to create a small community or like a small base. (like TWD tv show) Fourthly, that would
  11. Hello there, I know npcs will eventually come into game, but I am very interested in attempting an npc mod. Can anyone point me in the right direction to do this? I am not new to modding nor LUA. I simply have no real reference materials. tyvm -Winter
  12. DrEVOPVP


    First of all I don't want to start a keyboard warrior fourm post about this I simply want to know about the NPCs you guys keep promising them soon, but later in the post not so soon. I haven't heard a single update about NPCs in a while. I think this will be the best feature to come out. In my opinion. If so I just want to know how it is going and a offical release date or a estimated release date.
  13. So i remember project zomboid talking about adding npc's soonish a long long time ago, actualy i am waiting 5 years and the havent added the npc's in the game. How long will the wait before adding the npc's??? Does anyone care about npc's or everyone forgot about them??
  14. *Warning this mod would be huge xD* \\ So, first off I'm new to the forums, Hello everyone! Modders and fellow PZ Family! I'm familiar with how the forums work, and in advanced I'd like to apologize if I upset anyone lol >.< - P.s I'm not a modder but would love to learn how! // That all being said, let's get down to the idea! I've played PZ for the better part of a year or so, definitely not as long as most everyone here, but that isn't necessarily needed to know that it can become quite lonely in the PZ world. I mean, we all know when we start off
  15. Okay, here's the scoop. I was thinking, as a new immersive feature to be added, you could activate certain animations. No, not combat animations, but leisure-focused animations. You could sit down on couches and chairs, or on table chairs, toilets, etc.... These actions could slow, or stop, the process of boredom. If you sit on a couch with a broken leg, it could prevent further damage, and heal it quicker. Etc other effects... But the reason I didn't mention sleeping animations or multiple actions on couches, is to prevent the game becoming the Sims all over again. But if it get's ad
  16. If this is even possible is there a way for certain societies within the game (if you survive long enough) to adopt different types of economies? So for example with trade if a certain group of NPC's only trades in pre-apocalyptic money then you'll have to obtain some before you're able to trade? I think it would be a neat feature and kind of give a bit more depth to NPC's while also giving usage for the cash itself. What does everyone else think about this feature? Please leave comments below and if you think it is or isn't possible to implement.
  17. Knowing that the government is still functioning outside Knox County, it would be helpful (Specially during late game, when the electricity and water goes down and supplies run out.) if government helicopters will "occasionally" drop relief packages/supplies on Knox country (Either randomly or in a specific drop zone) to aid its survivors. Supplies like, non-perishable goods, batteries, flashlights and maybe some weapons which may help you go by for at least a week or two. The bad side of this is that the zombies will be swarming the drop zone, being drawn by the noise caused by the helicopter
  18. As the title suggests, I would like to know if anyone has made an npc mod. If not, then maybe someone would be interested in creating one? Even a simple mod, one that adds npcs that just run around and get killed would make the game much more chaotic and fun. I understand that actual npcs are under development, but it would be nice to play the game with some kind of makeshift npc survivers in the meantime. (Even if they ARE lackluster compared to the eventual release of the official npcs.) Any replies would be great, thanks.
  19. So here's my suggestion. I suggest that when you go offline. Your character turns into an NPC with the only motivation being guard the safe house. That way, when you log on your base isn't raided cause no one was there to stop it. And if it is you'll be dead so it doesn't feel like it was raided in your sleep. At the very least this should definitely be at least an option at some point, please?
  20. So I was reading the developer's list of ideas that are "Yes" and "No", and I noticed that pre-infection starting times are a no. But when I heard that NPCs are coming soon, I thought that maybe someone could make a mod where the introduction text is changed to something like "You were at home watching TV when an emergency broadcast came on, informing you that the zombie infection has reached Kentucky, it will be days until it hits your town, and that it is advised that you don't panic and stay in your homes." or something like that. With the latest dev notes about NPCs being (planned to be) a
  21. I'm new here but I've played the game for awile and I've read disscussions on the thread. Nobody seems to have thought about this and I'd love to see it in game. Burials/Burnings When NPC's are out, I'd love to see something about how the group(and your charater) will feel. What if... When an NPC survivor dies, and you have the body, you can bury them. In the game, we will be able to burn corpses of zombies so when survivors are added we should be able to do that to their body's too. For a burial, we can dig a hole in the ground (like with farming) and if we have the body in our inventory,
  22. Ok, so first of, this is more of an idea that went through my head as I was playing, more so than a suggestion, anyway, the core of the idea is pretty simple. Adding a craftable radio, or simply snatching one around from a house, a garage, a car(once and if they are in the game) the list could go on where you could get your hands on one. Essentially, after some time in the apocalypse, the only reasonable means of communication pretty much would be your old radio and the idea is once you would acquire one, your world would once in a while transmit some kind of conversation or just a message a
  23. Okay, so I know the NPCs are currently being worked on and I know they will be buggy as hell at the moment but I'd like a box on Sandbox mode which I can tick to use the NPCs in there current form. People may agree and disagree with this but I'm sure it would help a lot on the progress and then we can also see the current state of the NPCs, just a thought!
  24. My suggestion is on how to deal with player death, "reincarnation" and interaction with NPCs. So I have been pondering this, Having died many times in the Sandbox mode and loading up the same map to go find my stuff lying around; the concept of NPCs as part of this seems like it might become an issue. If the player dies and he has a large posse hanging around his base, if he comes back as a new character, the NPCs would have no idea who he is. He would have to develop all new relations probably be kept out of the base "he built" (in another life). My suggestion would be instead of star
  25. So, again for post-NPC era, what about instead of creating just one character, you could make a whole group to start with? And there will be a tactics system like in many games, to give out orders or let them do what they want if they need to eat, rest or whatever. Also, an ability to switch player controls between your group members, so that while one sleeps, other stays on watch... Or goes on a raid. That'd make sense in multiplayer with the sleep implementation, but the problem is, you can't roleplay a loner, unless you need to sleep for not more than only 5 minutes (game hours), and have c
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