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  1. I love PZ and the idea of emergent storytelling from intrinsic game play. What have you learned from creating the meta-verse events, and do you think this could be applied to other types of games? I'm mainly thinking "god" games, Sim City, Black and White, but is there scope for this kind of storytelling in FPS as well?
  2. Actually, I'm pretty sure you just need a specified amount of water on you. 5 units? Something like 3 bottles worth? I don't remember the exact amount, but it is significant. It does not have to be in the bucket, but a bucket full of water will work.
  3. And what will they add to the game? Will they bring happiness (raised mood - less likely for depression)? Will they help grow food and kill zombies? Will they do stupid things like shoot a gun when there is a horde nearby and only a couple of zombies that are a real threat? Will they panic and run or panic and stand still and get eaten? Will they follow orders? They are more mouths to feed. If you choose to group with NPCs will they help your survivability or will they just eat all the food and you all starve? I could see cooking becoming even more useful. Will there be more recipes like a pot of soup that create four servings instead of just one? I think you will need more. How big of a group could be sustainable? Will they join you or do you join them? Part of me is reluctant to start another game because I don't want to make great progress only to have NPCs added and then I will feel obligated to start again from the beginning. I am also cautiously optimistic about NPCs although it worries me a little that they were in the game and now they are not. I think they will add to the game but only time will tell. They will be realistic so just think of basic human psychology. Some will be very useful, others a deathtrap. In a mondoid from like 10 months ago if I'm correct, they said they will try to make the NPC's and the Metagame make sandbox mode feel like a full story. They'd be far away from that point, but they do already have some interesting things. I know that they said you could get betrayed in the way that in scavenging runs, one of your group members could kill you or wound you so bad youd be so slow and get killed by the horde, and then later back at base say that the zombies got you and that he tried to help you. I thought sandbox lets you change how many survivors you want? Like zombie distribution. Sorry, I dont really get this. Correct me if Im wrong. Sandbox will presumably allow you to change the amount of NPC's but this poll is about a survival game, Survival is the basic game, the "quickplay" if you will and is the measurement by which we would all compare our games.
  4. If you build it, (baseball pitch or safe house) They will come.
  5. I like zombles, zomzoms, zed, zich and brainmunchers.
  6. I never noticed they were different until I saw this thread, now I'm going to have to keep an eye out for them so I know enigmagrey's sense of humour, *slides fez forwards and walks off to other topics*
  7. I've got to say I'm surprised at how divided the vote is, I thought it would be 50+ by a massive margin, but it's a lot closer between that and a slightly smaller number of survivors, I think it may be hard for the devs to keep everyone happy on this one (provided 48 votes are representative of the community as a whole.)
  8. Here's what I've gleaned from Tales from the Metaverse... Roaming on their own and waiting for discovery - There will be survivors, and groups of survivors that you can meet up with. NPC's can all form small groups, disband, murder each other, have leaders, conspiracies the whole shabang. It would seem they will have to "survive" in the metaverse, meaning they will have to go out on missions for supplies, this may result in them getting killed. I don't think the developers would think that anyone is prepared for the apocalypse in any way. From what I read, I think everyone has a simulated chance to die. So in short I don't think anyone has the luxury of "waiting" to be discovered, at least, not for long. Timer/Event The way the metaverse is described events have a distinct affect on gameplay, but the way I read the developer blogs it doesn't seem like they would use it as a flag to spawn anything but more zombles. Attitudes and Morality The NPC's will have a list of traits in exactly the same way your character can, and people with opposing traits will naturally dislike each other, yes, there will be an opinion system and every decision you make does impact on the game world, not only that, you can LIE about having done/not done whatever it is.
  9. As I understand it, there's not going to be a "win" scenario and I guess they'll either have to code in natural death, or a continuous difficulty increase, and, personally, that's what I would like to see, leader-board measured in (at most) years, not decades.
  10. So I ran around a bit and died, but I got some good screenies, looks like a really interesting place, will be a hassle to clear of zeds, there were probably about 80-100 in there, well spaced, but if you had a horde or they increase zombie numbers around POI, it could become quite difficult to secure, anyway, the highlights! Main office Rail Bunker There are a few trailers and the odd shed but nothing of specific interest, plus lots of flat clear land for farming, or building, or making a football pitch once the fence is complete! Like Fj45 said, it would take some work to patch up, my only concern would be acquiring wood.
  11. Picked this up running around on a random playthrough this evening, sorry, no co-ordintaes. It regards the rail yard, specifically the two train sheds, not having any rear walls Version: Build 21. These train sheds have no back walls, can be walked through on all floors (3 floors) and this is the case in both of the train sheds I found while running around before I got horded. I ran through these on a second play through and can confirm it is repeatable. Screenshots -
  12. I finally started a game where I made a bee-line straight for the Rail Yard, The first building I went into - Do I need to report it or is the area still a WIP? Not just a texture bug as I first thought either, zombie ran straight at me and nearly took me out while I smiled at it from the "safety" of inside the shed. On a happier note, the Rail Yard looks awesome and the 2 story office building with a pre-built roof terrace ready for gardening, has become my 2nd choice go to area for when 2nd floor building bugs are fixed!
  13. You can't stay alive... That's the whole point of the game. THIS IS HOW YOU DIED. Humanity is over, Humans are and should be a "finite resource" like ammo, or guns, or cars. However, there is always the possibility of being the last one to die
  14. Not just a high price... Huge, for the sake of balance, you'd want to have to have at least 3 and maybe 4 of the worst traits which are +6 so I'd say survivalist would need to be at least -18 if not more... And if you did, Amazon would sue you. lol, sorry. I know what you mean. Back on topic. Ahem. Overall, I think it's a bad idea I'm not saying it's unrealistic, or implausible that "Survivalists" would survive, it's kind of in their nature, but I feel it can be left to modders as I would put this trait as "not an average Joe" and I think the choices you have in the vanilla game should reflect an average person who isn't specifically advantaged towards surviving a zombie apocalypse.
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