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  1. Sorry if posted, double sorry for speaking about a thing not yet implemented, but I read today's Mondoid's section about vehicles, it said something about how annoying it would be not to have keys when there's abandoned cars everywhere... Well, I came up with a more balanced (IMO) way: you should have keys required, BUT if your Electricity skill is high enough, you can hijack the car by connecting some wires for ignition to start (now, I was inspired by some cartoon, possibly Lilo & Stitch from early 2000's, not sure if it's real to start cars like that)
  2. Still, how do you like those new ideas like knotting skill, durabillity over random, nerf log walls etc?
  3. I'd also suggest for books to loose their Boredom and Unhappiness values after reading instead of dissappearing from character's inventory, perhaps regain them with time (I myself hate reading, but I know a lot of people who love it and often read books they already read before just to discover new things or smth) Edit: typos
  4. The OP part is more of game mechanics, not crafting. If they make ropes more dangerous to use, I at least let's make them easier to craft to compensate. About tying, I think if you know how to make strong enough knots, you could possibly make a reliable rope out of small ripped sheets. It'd probably be pointless, but what about ' Knotting' skill? It could receive bonus from Former Scout, and could be used in things like making log walls (I really don't understand how you can tie four logs with four sheets and still can't make a rope out of 8...) Edit: sorry for double post, my first one dissap
  5. Just to be clear, I was talking about batteries you charge through a special charger device which plugs in a socket. Possibly you could use an extension cord with a generator (which you'll have to do extra scavenging for ) Edit: isn't Leyden's jar a capacitor/condenser? I was thinking about galvanic cells...
  6. Haven't seen it being mentioned here... I think having an option to craft ropes from ripped sheets (~8) instead of sheet/clothing would be convenient.
  7. I'd say it should be an option for all of the items, not just food. And I think the "burial" site should be connected to a certain tile (or how do you call the 1x1 floor/ground space?) so that only if you know the exact location of the stash, you can find it (not by accident). Although what I do right now is use some high grass to hide my stuff, it's pretty much invisible.
  8. Now, I wouldn't use those myself because I heard they like to explode, but I think it would be a good feature to have if you need to get your radio/flashlight (or some other gadgets I can't think of) to work.
  9. Since when do they break crates? I'm actually pretty anxious right now, sitting in my crate fortress :SEdit: kudos for the topic idea
  10. I was thinking if the character would eventually burst out crying, attracting hordes, but that'd be silly :/ Edit: grammar
  11. Bump. I hope more people see this...
  12. Edited: was trying to put image URL here... I guess you can find something like this around? Extremely unbalancing, especially for MP tho... Anyone will be able to climb your plastered walls that way ))
  13. I'd say hey should drop hinges then
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