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  1. Single person graves

    What? Really? How do you do that?
  2. Random Thought Of The Day

    Y'all don't have too many random thoughts do you? Guess I'm up again. I've been on a Romero spree. Decided to go back and watch all his movies. All I'm missing is beer and popcorn. xD But I do have water and gingerbread men. lol
  3. Single person graves

    We have mass graves but I haven't seen any single person graves in the game. It would be a nice addition especially for online RP servers.
  4. Ice Box - Power-free refrigeration

    I don't know how plausible this would be. Correct me if I'm wrong, but ice boxes back in the day used to use dry ice, no? To the best of my knowledge anyway. Btw in Texas we still call ice boxes, ice boxes. lol We don't call the fridges. xD
  5. Random Thought Of The Day

    For whatever happens to be on your mind for the day. I'll go first. Idk whose idea it was to create all these fire zombies by setting these buildings on fire. Looks like they were trying to kill them but they just made this entire situation worse.
  6. Roleplay Server [24/7] 80 slots

    Also on the off chance I want to undo that... How do I? lol
  7. Roleplay Server [24/7] 80 slots

    Okay I'll give that a shot. Thanks!
  8. Cash & Its Uses

    Young 'un I was born in 1992. Back in my day babies popped out with cigars and vodka. And we turned out all right. Well except for that uhh zombie apocalypse thing that happened a year after. A very small an irrelevant thing though. lol
  9. Zombie Smell Sense

    I didn't even have to read the whole comment to immediately know I like this. Yes. I agree. This should at least be a sandbox option if nothing else. xD But it seems perfect for base game. Even can fit in with the lore.
  10. Cigarettes etc.

    This is realistic dude. As a smoker myself I can attest to this. I've been without a light (had all those things) on multiple occasions. lol
  11. When did you join pz

    That sucks. I know the feeling. I had that issue when I left console for PC. Most of my favorite games I ended up having to sell like Gears and such. But some simply weren't even available on PC So I couldn't even rebuy them.
  12. So I got to looking at the the sandbox set up and noticed there was only urban and uniform. I promote other zombie spawning methods. Such as but not limited to "migration" where zombies spawn then migrate or migrate from edges of map. Or both. Or maybe an option where zombies spawn in particular locations. Basically just more spawner options. I would be excited to see that for sandbox games. Although, the migration spawn system might not work until NPC's are in for obvious reasons. Unless of course there's already a system where the game takes stocked up zombies and puts them in a location that lacks zombie activity.
  13. Roleplay Server [24/7] 80 slots

    Oh I didn't add no steam parameters. How do I even do that?
  14. When did you join pz

    Omg I hated Desura so much. I'm so glad PZ got on Steam. lol I loved that Demo though. PZ was, still is and probably always will be the most unique and intriguing zombie game I've eve had the pleasure to experience. Exactly what I always looked for ever since I was a kid. xD
  15. When did you join pz

    I've been here since the old site. There was an amazing one before this even more amazing one. I was an original and so they gave me the no bragging rights title... You know to keep my head small.