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  1. Guys you have all been great, the mod team, the dev team, the admin team and most importantly everyone I love from the forums. My steam got hijacked I'm sure all you know, given the current situation I probably won't be back on an official basis. I'm not leaving forever, I still want to talk to my friends. But you'll see me around very rarely from now on. I just wanted to thank all of y'all for the great time we had, the memories (oh and there were plenty of those) and mostly not even in the game, just here on the forums. Y'all are fantastic. To Lemmy and the rest of the dev team and everyone else, mods and users alike thank you for being here. When I first found PZ I was in a dark place, not unlike the game which is why I think it attracted me. But I found that the team and the community as a whole made it far less dark, y'all helped me through a rough time and y'all didn't even realize it. Ever since the old forums I was in a depressed state and I would come back to the most depressing game imaginable for a boost. Thank all of you for having me. I'll be back from time to time, but I need to focus on some more personal problems right now. Now that I'm able to video games seems like the least of my concerns. But thank you all for being survivors. I'll be around and if y'all want to kick it and just have a chat, hit me up. Not my Steam that's blocked and I think currently controlled by Russians? Whatever, but if you want to talk to me then feel free. Again love to everyone and honestly if none of this happened, it still would have happened. I still would have had to make at least a temporary exist, primarily due to personal reasons. Thank you all for being so unbelievably perfect and amazing though. I mean it.
  2. So I'm writing a whole article protesting Steam and Valve. I'm frustrated with my situation, but most importantly the money I poured into their pocket when I get mine stolen, then they do nothing about it. I love this community and everyone in it for doing everything in their power to help me. You're beautiful and amazing people. But the amount of money I lost due to a mistake that I didn't even make is insane. Until Valve compensates me for my losses, or gives me my account back then it's a war. My baby cousin makes a mistake and I lose over 1000 dollars? No. That's not gonna happen. You can say "look after your account better" sure. Maybe I should have. But a thief is a thief. Someone steals your car you don't say "Oh you should have looked after it better." If you do then I hope you never get your car stolen. I hope no one ever robs you, or anything like that. But I'm currently protesting Valve. No word since my Steam account was hijacked. Not a single one. I work hard for my money, and here it is being stolen from me and Valve is just letting it happen because they get a small percentage. I'll include the article when I'm finished with it.
  3. Nope. It's funnier if we don't do that. 😛 Lol I agree with you though.
  4. I had a mod that gave you infinite gas one time. Now that's OP. lol
  5. Hmm Idk when I was able to play found vehicles with some nice parts. I didn't know I could take them out though.
  6. Wouldn't just adding the ability to remove parts and put them in your car make more sense? I mean I had a situation where my car blew its engine and we were selling parts to a friend with a similar model vehicle and that just seems more logical t me than changing the entire spawning system. If you can funnel gas out of a car in the game I don't see why you shouldn't be able to remove parts from one vehicle and put it in another.
  7. Let's just say when pillows do come into play, use them to make your wife comfy. She'll love it...
  8. @lemmy101 Do come back to this guy and show him the secret behind the pillow conundrum when it's back in. Nobody tell him, it'll be funnier to let him find out on his own and see his reaction. lol
  9. They had a very important use in the past. I'm sure the devs will demonstrate when the full game releases. lol
  10. I will tell you why sir... You want the truth? It's because the devs are game designers not mechanics. lmao
  11. Okay so this isn't me asking about survivors, just giving additional material for whenever they do release. And I know the devs will adore this idea. So similar to the Rimworld idea where you can put in custom characters you want to see in game, except you can't really. You can just increase the chances of seeing certain NPCs. Well in this case you will build NPC's imagine kind of a backlog of characters you can play as so you can boot them up and play with them without remodeling them and all that, redoing the traits. Now here's where it gets interesting. What if we pushed that one step further and say you're playing as Jim Jones, but you have Sally Davidson created as well and you want to see her in the game? Well you would have an option pop up and bam Sally Davidson is now nin your game. But lets take it even one step further again, what if you want her to be related to you or another NPC you put in the game? I feel like once NPC's are ready and fleshed out and all that good stuff to implement this. It would add a whole new dynamic to the game. Another layer if you will. Side note: I know some of y'all will say this will make the game to easy and to that I say, not necessarily. I mean you can abuse any feature. But if you want to balance your game, just create a balanced framework. That will be all. Now time to sit back and be praised for what an amazing idea this is and how I make the all time best suggestions! Or ... You know get told it's a horrible idea and then go eat cake due to sadness. lol
  12. Ages later and pancakes won! I'm literally doing the pancake dance right now. lol
  13. What? Really? How do you do that?
  14. We have mass graves but I haven't seen any single person graves in the game. It would be a nice addition especially for online RP servers.
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