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  1. Hmm Idk when I was able to play found vehicles with some nice parts. I didn't know I could take them out though.
  2. Wouldn't just adding the ability to remove parts and put them in your car make more sense? I mean I had a situation where my car blew its engine and we were selling parts to a friend with a similar model vehicle and that just seems more logical t me than changing the entire spawning system. If you can funnel gas out of a car in the game I don't see why you shouldn't be able to remove parts from one vehicle and put it in another.
  3. Yes. aquarianscorch@gmail.com and that's my primary email has been since 2011 when I started my steam account.
  4. Well it doesn't say verbatim that I can't contact them, however, that's the implication.
  5. It tells me that I can't submit a ticket for that particular issue and it links me back to where you just linked me and tells me to recover it myself.
  6. Yeah I got all that. But for some reason I can't contact support on my alt account and they refuse to take my reviews of my stolen account seriously. Fortunately I have a lot of help from people contacting them for me.
  7. Yeah it's another brick wall. It tells me to send it to my email which isn't my email anymore, they changed it from my email to their email so they get the recovery link.
  8. Yeah the guy who stole my account is playing CS:GO or some crap? My friend NIcke said "I thought it was strange you booted up CS:GO, you've never played that game in your life. It was really odd." lol
  9. Yeah no kidding. What really set me off is they were spamming all my friends with b/s links and everyone was like "Umm... Josh... What are you talking about on Steam?" lol
  10. Alright thanks man. I'll definitely look into doing it. Should have done it a long time ago honestly. Hard lesson learned though, but I did learn it.
  11. Let's just say when pillows do come into play, use them to make your wife comfy. She'll love it...
  12. @lemmy101 Do come back to this guy and show him the secret behind the pillow conundrum when it's back in. Nobody tell him, it'll be funnier to let him find out on his own and see his reaction. lol
  13. They had a very important use in the past. I'm sure the devs will demonstrate when the full game releases. lol
  14. But that's not how he got my account. It was a phishing trap my nephew accidentally fell into. In fact I looked up this exact scam, you have to not only click the link but input your credentials... I'm kind of wondering how my nephew even knew what my credentials were. I'd be kind of impressed with him if I wasn't so upset. He has a hard time remember to comb his hair in the morning and his own phone number so the fact he somehow remembered a complicated password that I told him three months ago is pretty impressive. That being said maybe you're right, however anonymity wasn't the problem either. My only fault was not keeping a closer eye on what my nephew was doing online, bad parenting 101. With that horrifying realization in tow I guess I should be glad it was just my account and card, and not him getting kidnapped or something.
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