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  1. I think most of these ideas are going to be in the game except the initial apocalypse combat suggestion. Npc's from I read are to have unique personalities, and try to survive the apocalypse in there own way.
  2. Actually having more weight may contribute to the amount he can run since when you are running and burning all the carbohydrates you use for as energy your body turns to using fat as energy and then muscle if it comes down to it.
  3. Yeah sounds good to me I don't see why not makes the game more realistic and books are less OP
  4. Alright let me correct myself humans can smell scents, or odours but again zombies are on the setting of normal in survival mode and I am pretty sure normal means the average smelling power of a human. Humans cannot a scents "trail" so zombies behind able to follow his scent to his safe house is unrealistic. As I said before i agree with the idea of zombie migration because that would actually make zombies run into your safe house or in the vicinity of your safe house be attracted there and attack. But having random hordes or groups of zombies just being spawned and attacking is unrealistic.
  5. I don't agree that zombies strongest sense is smell in all of the zombie movies/ TV shows I have watched it has always been about keeping your noise level down so I would say its more about hearing. But in project zomboid the normal zombie setting of smell is NORMAL and so is hearing and sight so I would guess zombies have the normal smelling power of a human and humans i'm pretty sure cant pick up scents.
  6. This, horde migration I understand but having hordes just have the ability to hunt your base down and attack it I disagree with.
  7. We don't really know what senses the zombies use. They're DEAD. They shouldn't be able to see or hear you, let alone smell you. For all we know the futuristic cyborg voodoo shaman that grew the zombies in a cloning vat could have used his alien mind powers to scrye your location and teleported his undead minions in to attack you. The fact of the matter is that the game is boring if zombies don't threaten your safe house often enough to be considered a viable threat in the mid to late game but people also hate it when the zombies find their base at all. It's hard to make the zombies find you w
  8. I could understand that reason if they were on the blood hound setting.
  9. Never survived a bite, rarely survive scratches.
  10. If you have cleared the surrounding areas of zombies then there is no reason for them to attack, I want justification for zombies to come and attack your base. I don't want zombie hordes to magically just know where you are and attack, now I can understand the want for zombie migration that would create constant danger and your safe zone constantly being barraged with zombies. But again zombie hordes need to have a reason to attacking our base other than we're bored and surviving to long, zombies attacking your base should be because you attracted them in some way or something else attracts th
  11. I have a question for the people who want attacking hordes because I'm not sure I understand why you guys do. Hordes are already able to attack your base if you make to much noise or if a chopper flys over your house zombies are bound to come and attack you (unless you live in a secluded place). But from what I understand it seems like you guys just want a random giant horde of zombies to spawn coming at your base, I don't like this because there is no reason for them to just attack your base other than they spawned and told by the game to do so. I want hordes to come attack my base if I have
  12. Npc's, right now single player is pretty boring IMO but I have been having fun in multiplayer.
  13. I have been playing since RC 2.5 and I have never stopped loving this game, this is by far my favorite zombie survival game.
  14. Silencers are a whole other discussion, also yes I'm sure the devs will probably add crossbows or at least a bow to the game.
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