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  1. Never forget POTATOES! If you aren't going to contribute to the thread and just potato spam, take that elsewhere. sorry.
  2. And so: General reminder: Be Lovely. Failure to be lovely will result in Kirrus getting mad. Kirrus does not want to get mad. Kirrus does not enjoy getting mad. *glares* I am really sorry if i offended someone, but can you tell me what is the thing i said so that i don't make the same mistake? and i apologize.
  3. this weapon from half life 2 (forgot how it was called) :
  4. How can you do something like that to a poor kitty!
  5. Meh, paper will always be better...
  6. Delicious paper burger : or... mouthwatering plastic fruits? : YOU are the one who will make the DIFFERENCE between these beautiful aliments... Oh and i present to you joe the potato *ahem* anyway... LET THE GAME BEGIN!!
  7. and maybe you could even put some in widows, i mean it's not gonna be more solid but at least you can open them
  8. Eat potato, sleep, repeat. never underestimate the power of potato!
  9. Really good suggestions, i especially enjoy the one for lootable sheathes : Thumbs up
  10. Yo guys, I was building some walls to reinforce my safe house and then i thought ''why not craftable shutters for window frames?'' as you might think, the shutters would be pretty weak but they would actually work like wooden sheets i guess ... anyway, let me know what you guys think down below and thanks for reading
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