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  1. I think we figured out because he was an added contributor he couldn't upload... which is weird... so I did it and it was fine
  2. Eh, this mod was always non-steam first. When I started the workshop wasn't even there IIRC.
  3. And we are live on Steam, sorry for the double post
  4. Yes, but I think you did a better job of it!
  5. Dang, yeah then I guess you have them! I forgot I made the github public
  6. We're having some issues getting it to upload. Khaos is working on it. Hey FW, I have a load of icons for all the guns, ammo and mags I had been planning. You want them?
  7. Holy moley, This is awesome. You don't need to keep calling it ORGM by the way given the amount of work you're/you've put in. I'd settle for an honorable mention, if even that. I can upload it for our steam users, do you have a logo or anything?
  8. I would be willing to add anyone as contributors or whatever it is called on the mod on steam so they can update themselves. Your choice though but say the word and I will... after you add me on steam that is.
  9. That was what I half finished with my "next version of the mod" I had working ammo tables for the guns and had a half-working beretta on the mechanic. I hadn't finished out the other parts of the code, e.g. taking the round and sticking it in the chamber on a rack or firing. but the gun would pull from the table correctly. empty shells are really easy to do, just a lot of legwork adding in extra items for the empty shells. Edit: I should just give you the link to the github, I had a bunch of icons all ready to go you guys could take as well... plus a good chunk of the ammo table code is there. You want?
  10. Have I mentioned I am really happy to see you guys picking this up?
  11. Fair enough! The actual fire rate is affected by 3 different variables. 1 is about semi-auto. Yeah... It's been a while since I looked but the other two are toward the bottom of the entry
  12. No except that ORGMUtil is at that limit, I removed/added lines until I was at about that limit. That sounds like a better way of doing it, save some lines. Hah don't be scared, it will be a lot of legwork to make it work for everything and it will take your life away, but it is fun . If you cap out ORGMUtil2 just make ORGMUtil3 and so on... or find a way to condense the lines like Fenris says. Its been a while but one of the conversions should be for ammo type, the other for action type (E.g. semi vs. full). There is a much better way than i did and it involves editing the stats of the weapon instead of replacing it. It has now been a while since I looked at it but it is easy to figure out how to do. As for the weight, it is a bit confusing. In PZ the "weight" is not actual weight but more like... encumberance? So the gun hanging in your bag is more encumbering than in your hand I guess...
  13. See you guys did a great job piecing it together! I am excited for the talk I see here. Setting the LENo4 as a semi-auto was an oversight on my part. I think there is another, the Mosin IIRC that is the same way. Yes, the no4 should be .303 an oversight form as you said, when I was not accepting odd calibers. TOShok, if you're feeling adventurous I can give you my half-finished code for making table based magazines and clips... just saying. I can also help you work through it. The split between the ORGMUtil and ORGMUtil2 is because there is a line limit that PZ will accept, you couldn't fit them all into one file. So reorganize all you want but ORGMUtil is at its brim. Splat number is the number of little blood gibs that appear on a kill of a zombie... ostensibly high on shotguns and high cal rifles, low on say the .22
  14. Hah thanks! I'm sad about stepping down too. I still linger from time to time answering questions and such, but my free time for coding is getting down toward nil. The ORMtnBoy is 4 mos old now and is absolutely a joy (except when he is not ). I am glad so many people enjoyed my mod, if things every slow down and no one picks up where I left off, I might return... but that might not be for a long time at this point. I also just hit a new point in my career which makes me even busier... Good stuff though. Again, if anyone is at all interested, I would be willing to be a coding Mr. Miyagi for this mod.
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