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Found 34 results

  1. Greetings! I'm trying to use for modding a cooking recipe similar to the "Disinfect Bandage" like the way of using an item while is hot to craft another, but I can't find the script or code related in the media file to the whole heat system. Is it controled by some Lua code or some item script? I think that the logical way that the heat value works is only because of the WaterSource items like FullKettle or WatterPot. I mean I´ve tried something like a stone for frying an egg for example: recipe Fry egg On Stone { Stone, Egg/WildEgg, Salt;1, Result:FriedEgg, Time:50.0, Heat:-0.22, Category:Cooking, } The recipe won't happen because there is no base item to be heated, also how does the scale of the heat value works, it's just setting Heat:-0.22? . Thanks!
  2. Friendly bandit

    Flatbread Mod

    Hi, I just made my first mod for PZ. With this mod you can make flatbread. It's good alternative to normal bread, because flatbread doesn't need yeast. All you need is just flour, some water, bowl, salt (optional) and heat source. flatbread is good ingredient (-15/-14 hunger) for salad, stir-fry, soup and stew. Unsalted version of flatbread spoils bit faster. Hope you will like it ^^
  3. buwaro

    Advanced farming

    Disclaimer: I will try not to cover topics done to death(wheat->flour, irrigation, animals but i would love to see chickens asap due them not needing a smart ai) I would like to see farming move to a more stardew valley style(crop growth length is about the same), and by that I mean a trellis that certain crops need to grow effectively requires farming lvl ?? and carpentry lvl ??, crops performing better in one season( i doubt they would kill our crops with change of season due to the otherwise limited nature of seeds and fresh winter food) Requested crops(i know many of these have been asked for already) corn, bell peppers, eggplant, leeks, onions, beans(requires trellis),peas(requires trellis), pineaple, hops (requires trellis), zucchini, water melon, grapes(requires trellis), sunflower(if possible they could follow the sun) coffee, tea ,pickles(now decay), beets and pumpkins(we'd better get these by Halloween, and be able to carve jack-o-lanterns). cotton or flax (for making thread/twine) n.b. you should be able to grow some non-ideal crops in the region but they should have a lower yield (no idea what less ideal crops would be as i don't live anywhere near Kentucky) and rarer seeds(I recommend some sort of gardening store/ plant nursery should show-up somewhere). some plants should be unplantable till you have a high enough farming skill(so newbies don;t get overwhelmed) Trees Apple, banana, avocado, cherry, apricot, lemon,peach, pomegranate, orange. trees would require years to bear fruit and would require maintenance for the first few years and would only bear fruit in the correct season, non would bear fruit in winter. why invest in such a long term solution??? long term multiplayer servers where you can only dream of fruit(besides strawberries) and would make mouse traps usable long after the power goes out(all of the bait is currently non-renewable). also require a decent farming lvl to plant ~4 Bees As no game is complete without them and the associated risks. would require careful acquisition and set up Preserving More foods should be jar'able, maybe with different recipes. eg strawberry jam, apricot jam, marmalade(lemon+orange), and peaches should be jar'able the regular way(i used to do this when i was a kid). banana's and apples could be dried out, and avocado smashed(to appease the millennial's). all of these can be made at home Refining Hops should be brew able into alcohol among other crops, potentially making different types(vodka from potatoes, mead from honey!), or just generic moonshine and vinegar, all alcohols should also now provide carbs as well. beets should be grind able into sugar. to allowed renewable preserving. eggs could be made into mayo(not sure if you can do this at home), milk into cheese or butter(both of which can be made at home, with the right equipment). lastly, if you think i missed wheat, try reading the top of the thread again. and if anyone could point out what would be non-ideal(will still grow) and unviable crops(won;t grow) I'll update the post accordingly
  4. bpdlr

    Farm animals

    I read a while back that the devs were thinking about adding deer to hunt, not sure what the progress is on that. I was thinking, there's all these farms around Redwood with chicken coops and other animal enclosures, wouldn't these animals still be around? It would add so many levels of gameplay. - zombies could attack the animals initially, chasing them out of their enclosures and also causing more noise and disturbance. This could make for great early-game distractions for those who like more zombies but want a slightly easier start. - the animals would mostly die after a couple of in-game months for lack of food, and they'd get skinnier and provide fewer calories over time. Maybe some could find food and live longer - for example, some could find the corn field near Muldraugh. [This reminds me, why are there so few crop fields like this one? And why do they go rotten so quickly? But that's another suggestion for a Farming overhaul...] - taming should be an option, depending on Farming skill - cows will be easy targets for zombies and many won't survive, but those who make it can live off the land forever. They could be easiest to tame but harder to find, and you won't want to slaughter them unless it's an emergency, so they'll only be good for milk. You could "tame" them just by attaching a rope to them, but you'll them have to lead them all the way back to your base... - chickens could provide meat and eggs but attract zombies in the morning. Breeding would be easier (but eggs are already pretty plentiful). Cereal or popcorn to tame, leave a trail into a wire cage. There'd be fewer chickens in the world initially, but they can't be caught by zombies, just chased away. However they won't last long in the wild (maybe natural predation?) - pigs would be hardest to find, hardest to tame (you'd need fresh apples or something) and would take longer to breed and then rear, but could potentially have a big litter of piglets. - to hunt these and wild animals, you'd have to be either great at sneaking and use a spear, or use a bow and arrow (please add!), but this wouldn't kill them outright. You'd have to track their blood trail, which along with the noise would attract zombies. - also, future potential for using animal skins to make warm clothes. EDIT: oh, also - horses?
  5. bpdlr

    Oil barrels

    I've seen a few metal barrels around in sheds and warehouses, and I was thinking that these new vehicles we have will need oil at some point, so why not in these barrels? Once they are emptied that could be used as fire barrels, barbecues or for vertical drum smokers to preserve meat.
  6. Cooking an item that has both ReplaceOnUse and ReplaceOnCooked item values closes the game and goes back to the main menu. In my opinion ReplaceOnUse should simply be ignored for this case. As an example you fill a cooking pot with food, and you want it to turn into a separate item when cooked, both the original and the resulting item should have ReplaceOnUse = Pot but right now if the original item has that line it causes the bug.
  7. trombonaught

    Cooking system

    This is out of the "small but important suggestions" thread. I've started a new topic so it's easier to have a discussion and collect our ideas in one place- what are yor thoughts on the cooking system as it is now? 589. Food Prep Taken from the Vehicles build 26 thread: I also find that cooking could be a little more elegant in design. I understand there were some changes made in the build 26 (main game, not vehicles) but I wasn't around to know what those changes were. I liked Shin's idea above and might expand on it like this: 1. Similar to the present method, right-click on a food item to see your food prep options (prepare salad, stir-fry, etc). 2. After choosing an option, a "grocery/recipe list" comes up. This is a list of all food in range that can be used in the dish you selected (eg. chicken stir-fry also brings up butter, noodles, condiments, etc). 3. You click checkboxes beside the food items to select the ingredients you wish to use. If you have enough of an item to use it multiple times, perhaps after selecting it once it can spawn an additional checkbox to allow you to add more of it (repeating the process until you have no more portions remaining). 3.5 As you click to add more food, the recipe stats (hunger, happiness, etc) update to reflect your current selection. 4. You click a button at the bottom of the recipe list, something like "prepare." This triggers a progress bar with timing scaled to be proportional to the number of ingredients you are preparing. 5. Once you have a prepared dish, you can still right-click on it to reopen the recipe list and add more food to it. This process isn't radically different from what we have now, but it cuts the number of food-prep clicks in half (no more reopening the context menu for each item). It also gets rid of the start-and-stop progress bars invoked by the multiple item adds we have now. I don't know how hard it would be to code in that recipe list, but if done it would save the cooks of Knox County plenty of tediousness! ADDITIONAL SUGGESTIONS From @Damien Darkside below: Food Prep station "those who have played Minecraft with the "Pam's Harvestcraft" and "Cooking for Blockheads" mods installed know what I am talking about, a dedicated system like that would be great."
  8. The problem So I noticed that recently, frozen food can no longer be used in recipes such as soup or stew. I don't agree with the change as IRL it's possible to use frozen food while cooking (frozen veggies in stir fry, soup, stew, etc.) There are actualy quite a few lines of items that are meant to be ready for cooking straight from the freezer. I'll grant that it adds a bit of time to the cooking as the heat first thaw them before cooking them, although the thawing process is quicker then at room temperature. Now, frozen vegetables pose no problem with the actual cooking system as you can always use part of the bag and keep the rest for later (for now that applies only to frozen peas). Other produces may pose problem as, when frozen they may be hard to cut short of using a saw. There could be two simple solution to this : Use them whole in a recipe (think about a few whole carrots and potatos in a stew instead of bits of them... you can always cut them with your fork or knife when your about to eat them or when you're serving bowls). This lead to some wasted food value compared to using parts of the ingrédients, but I'm ok with that. I agree though that there's a risk of confusion for new players unless there's a warning message of some kind... which would clutter the UI so I don't think it's a good idea. Status quo : Don't use them until they thaw. I don't like this system because it forces to do cooking in two steps, taking time out of other activities such as : farming, fishing, carpentry, etc. and worse of them... looting (because unlike the others, you need to move significantly far away from your base to do it). The opportunity Now, I could simply suggest the first solution, and that would be fine. But I think this offers a greater opportunity at a better solution. What if, beside canning, we could prepare vegetables (and maybe other ingrédients too) so they can be put in freezer bags and frozen. This is a simple process my mom and her mom (and now me) have been using for décades (if not more) to keep part of a summer's garden harvest for winter. Sure you won't be able to use those in any salad worthy of the name, but very convenient in soup, stew or sauce for pasta... But why stop at preparing single ingredient for freezing? Why not prepare mix of veggies for future stir fry/soup/stew? Let's show that freezer some love and make good use of those new and improve generators
  9. The toaster. Alone and forgotten on that clearance table at the MUL electronics store. It works just like a normal oven.... until the moment you move it to somewhere else which somehow breaks it. So, I was thinking, now that we're getting all these improvements for microwaves and ovens, why not give the toaster a bit of a limelight as well? For starters, a few more of them would be nice; finding some of them on random kitchens across the map. Secondly, using them to toast bread would also be epic, not just being some malfunctioning oven.
  10. thiosk

    eating should be hell

    seriously broccoli and cabbage, no onion, no salt, no pepper -10 boredom -10 happiness Salt should make it -2 boredom. pepper should make it +4. Onion should make it + 10. I don't care how expertly you slice those veggies its still bowl of raw vegetable matter. this suggestion is hard to apply globally but i think we can do it
  11. Keshash

    Jars and lids...

    It's kinda hard to can your harvest for the winter, isn't it? Suggestions: Add a new item - pack of jar lids. A simple thing, ~30 jars tied up with tape, sells almost everywhere. Similar to boxes of nails, etc. Add all jars of vegetables to the kitchen/house storage loot lists. Maybe increase spawn chance for jars for a little bit? Don't know about 90's in America, so I'm comparing with modern Ukraine. Every second house in countryside has +-3 empty jars and a few jars with canned things in them. To counter-balance this. Add a sealing device (Don't know what it's called, see picture), that is required for canning goods.
  12. Demonic_Kat


    We have a slew of kitchen utensils but no plates. Plates can be used for: Empty frying pan on to x plates Empty roasting pan to x plates Make plate of salad/pasta/stew/rice Perhaps with the advent of the plate, we could also add side dishes to the plate after it's been emptied upon. E.g. empty stir fry on to x plates, add rice.
  13. Pershonkey

    Cooking Trait Mod

    Greetings Project Zomboid community! Here's yet another "My First Mod" thread. To those of you that haven't already closed this tab, this was my attempt to fill in a gap in the "hobby" traits. As of 33.20, players can choose to gain a small start in fishing, farming, and most of the other skills currently offered. For those of you that don't want to send your character through culinary school, this very simple mod adds a 3 point trait that gives the player one point in cooking and (hopefully) access to a few recipes. For the record, I know next to nothing about Lua, and made this pretty much solely through trial and error and copy/pasting from the game's files. It's only a few lines long, but there's a good chance that what I did will make experienced modders cringe in disgust. You have been warned! Screenshot: If anyone has any suggestions or advice, I'd love to hear it. Anyways, enjoy!
  14. With the advent of the new Nutrition System on Build 34, I was thinking that maybe we should gather our suggestions for this build here rather than on the Food Tracker thread. Feel free to add your own. (Disclaimer, only suggest things RELATED TO THE FOOD SYSTEM, not just some thing you'd rather see added in this build) So, with that said, here come mine: -New Dishes and Recipes 1. Fruit Jams This is something that I'm sure has been suggested before; we should be able to make Jam out of some fruits and berries as a way to preserve the fruits other than the good ol' ''Jars of Pickled Fruit''. Jam wouldn't require Vinegar, but it would require much more sugar, as well as a Pot of Water, some heat source to boil the fruits and the usual Empty Jars and their Lids. Unlike normal fruit preserves, the Jams would be a bit less nutritive, but would also have a very useful Happiness Bonus, as well as the fact a skilled chef could make them using rotten fruit without any complications. Not to mention they could be used as ingredients for all kinds of sandwiches, including THE LEGENDARY PB&J sandwich! Which would give us about two days of immunity to the infection just because of how cool it is! (jk'n) 2. Fruit Juices and Shakes This would be much simpler than the Jams. We'd only need the fruit, some water and the Blender (see the suggestion on Tools & Utensils), and maybe give you the option to add Sugar or not. The Shakes would be the same plus the addition of Milk. The biggest advantage of the Juices and Shakes would be that you could fill a bottle with them and use them instead of water (for a few days before they go bad). They would have a lower thirst removal, but would instead have a few advantages, such as a healthy intake of vitamins and such. After all, what's healthiest that the good ol' Carrot and Tomato Juice? 3. The Potatoes: Mashes, French Fries and Chips Seriously, I can't believe this hasn't been added yet; the potatoes is one of the tastiest and most versatile tubers Mother Nature has ever blessed us with, and yet they're only used in soups and stews. That's downright criminal! The first thing to come to mind is the Potato Mash; you just boil some potatoes in a pot of water until they're soft and crush them with a Potato Masher (see the suggestion on Tools & Utensils) and VOILA! You have a tasty mash you can add all sorts of extra ingredients like Bacon, Butter and Cheese for extra tastyness. It'd be quite calorie-heavy, so it'd probably help a lot to gain some weight. Then come the French Fries & Chips. Just grab a Kitchen knife and either slice 'em or dice 'em, and some salt and fry them on a Pan. Still, given how greasy these two are, they wouldn't be as healthy as the as the Mash, but they'd be of help to someone who needed to gain some extra weight. 4. Mincemeat: Patties, Hash and Meatballs Mincemeat isn't only versatile in what you can make with it, but also a skilled chef can cut the best bits of a piece of rotten meat and use them for mincemeat without much of a risk of intoxication. Just imagine if you could make something useful out of all that rotten meat you end up with sooner or later? To make the mincemeat, we would just need the Meat Grinder (see the suggestion on Tools & Utensils) and some effort. Then the result can be modeled into either tasty meatballs for your Spaghetti, Patties for your Hambugers, or eaten just as it is in the shape of Hashed Meat. Or if you're feeling really creative, you could add it to the Potato Mash and make some ''Tambor de Papas''; you don't know how tasty it is until you try it, hehehe... This could help to add the good protein of meat to many dishes. 5. Beans I don't understand why we can only have canned beans and no fresh ones. Beans contain a rather high amount of carbohydrates, making them quite nutritive. And since the uncooked beans often have a very long shelf life, they could be just as useful as their canned variants when it came to hoarding non-perishable food. Plus, you could make bean salads, bean broth, PLATOS DE FRIJOLES, and many other things... -Tools and Utensils 1. The Toaster Well, truth to be told, this one's ALREADY IN GAME, but there's only ONE and it works just like a normal Oven. It'd be great if we could make more use of it (and that were MORE of it), not only to toast our bread slices, but also to to make Cheese Toasts and other similar snacks. 2. The Blender As seen above, it'd be great to make all sorts of juices and shakes. As well as yet another good reason to get a Generator running once the power fails. 3. The Potato Masher Just a simple tool for the aforementioned task, it'd found in kitchens and the like. It should be pretty common as I don't think it can be used for anything other than making Potato Mash. (I just can't imagine being able to kill a Zed with that...) 4. The Meat Grinder It'd be used to grind all of that meat into mincemeat. And maybe once we're capable of cultivating peanuts (see the suggestion on New Crops), we could go use the ol' 19th Century method to make Peanut Butter... -New Crops 1. Peanut Plants Since peanuts already exist in their non-butter shape within the game (Mostly found on the Sunstar Motel, I think), I believe we should be able to grow peanut plants as well. The Peanut plants aren't only hard enough for you to grow them on garden pots, but they also improve the fertility of the soil so maybe they could help to keep other nearby plants healthy. Plus, by having a steady supply of peanuts, we could keep making delicious Peanut Butter, even after the ones found in homes run out. 2. Watermelon Vines Melons come with lots of seeds, don't they? And I'm sure it would be more than possible to plant those seeds to get a good watermelon vine growing. They're a slow-growing plant, and often quite weak to the forces of nature, such as snow, bugs and hordes of stomping Zed, so they'd be rather hard to farm. Nonetheless, the fact that just one Watermelon is enough to make you Very Well Fed should justify this difficulty. 3. Beanstalks Like I'm well sure that Jack knew before he planted them, all you need to grow a beanstalk is just a handful of beans and some patience. The beanstalks are also quite durable as a crop; being rather resilient to many bugs and diseases. However, they are also a summer crop, so it'd be impossible to properly farm them during winter. Also, they're perhaps the easiest to farm grain, unlike with Rice and Wheat, so they make a very good choice of crop for the apocalypse. 4. Grapevines We have grapes already in-game, so maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea to be able to grow grapevines as well. Maybe we could even somehow make Raisins or even brew Wine using them. Or in case that fails, we could learn all sorts of interesting rumors from them That'd be all for now. I'll keep adding more ideas as I think of them. -New Traits 1. Sweet Tooth You just LOVE eating sweet things. ·Increased happiness earned from consuming sweets. ·Decreased Negative effects of SOME junk food (Chocolates, Mint Candies, Lolipops, Jam, anything sugary) ·Easier reduction of Fats when consuming sugary food (sugar makes it easier for the body to process fats)
  15. Just what it sounds like. It's not usable in any of these, and why? Is it feed corn or something?
  16. TL:DR - In the simplest of terms I'd love to see simple things available from the start (based on your characters previous experience) and the rest should be hidden from sight until unlocked by a book or another player. It's important that obvious things be highlighted and easy to find for the character so they can be created/cooked easily. The purpose of this thread is to address a lack of obviousness. I am trying to bring attention to something which irks me and may irk others too. I'm talking about the inability to do very simple things because of the restrictive nature of crafting and cooking. I'm going to use two examples to try and better explain what I mean. 1. Campfire 2. Cooking a baked potato Campfire. Now making a campfire would certainly not be obvious to everyone. I can understand why the crafting of a campfire would be hidden until it was laid out to you in a book. That to me feels natural. If a player wanted this ability at the game start there should be something they could select to reflect their own personal knowledge. If you have the materials in your inventory, a notched plank, a sturdy stick and some tinder and fuel you're set. This doesn't reflect any knowledge you'd have needed to gain in the first place to start it properly. 2. Potato! I was recently playing a save where I tried to forage at the log cabin (Mul) on insane Z count. The idea was to find out of the Z's eventually found their way to me. I wanted an insane Z count to really imprint on myself the danger of going back into town. It had to feel like almost certain death. In that regard Indie Stone, good job! Because of this I understandably had very little time in the city to collect many things but I did manage to secure a trowel and some potato seeds. Foraging went well and so did the horticulture. I grew some tatties but because I didn't have a pan or bowl I couldn't cook the potato. It should've been possible to forage for a tree branch and simply cook the potato over an open fire. Let me be clear. I'm not suggesting this be added as a recipe. It should be but that's not the point of my post at all. What I'm saying is, there should be a list of things which should be obvious to the player as making a cup of tea. I'd love to see baking a potato on a branch within crafting menu under cooking like Hydrocraft but unlike the campfire it should be nice and clear for the beginner (and not so beginner *cough*) players to find. L
  17. Sorry if already suggested, I can be a silly goose sometimes. Fish needs to be cooked, as it can contain parasites while raw IRL (not sure if them fish worms are as lethal as pigs' armed tapeworm) but still atleast food poisoning would do. I have strong stomach ingame, but the icon doesn't even say "dangerous uncooked" nor I had any poisoning from raw fish. Edit: highly exploitable for not having to waste fuel or time
  18. blackteapie

    Make the heat source more useful in Cooking

    Currently, the heat source is only used for make the food changing from "uncooked" to "cooked" (or "burned") .But the heat source can do better in real life. It supposed to have the ability to change item A to item B. For example, you put bread dough into fire, it should come out with bread (if it wasn't over cooked), not cooked bread dough. So, is it possible, right now, to make a mod to allow the heat source to change a item to a completely new item?
  19. Got the idea reading comments on a post that was slightly deviating from the subject so I won't link the original post. The detour the thread made was about vehicules and their ''fuel''. A valid complaint was how scarce fuel was (although it might be possible to siphon out vehicules for fuel once it is implemented, maybe even use the gas pump at service station). It got me thinking that some people use used vegetable oil as fuel. I won't go over the specifics of «if it should be converted to bio diesel first» or «if it would damage the motor more then regular use». Cooking oil could also be used as lubricant for door and windows to lessen the noise made by them if any (failling having some WD-40). Hot oil could be made into either a manual or self-pivoting cooking pot of oil to spill on zombies and NPC alikes from atop your walls. Edit : Could even be ''burning oil'', but it might require concrete or stone walls first. Anyway, this would probably be low priority, but could be considered at the same time as vehicule are implemented. This would give another great reason to go to Spiffo's.
  20. raymond

    Cooking categories

    One thing I noticed is that you can pour mayonnaise in a bowl to have all positive buffs instead of negative. Magic! anyways, I think a way to solve minor things like that should be assigning different food to different cooking categories, like main ingredient, additive, spice etc. That way, so you can't add sauce if you don't have main ingredient in. I think something is already out there for spices like pepper and salt, not sure tho
  21. daorkboypl

    Warm meals

    So this idea came up today. It's simple. The warmer the food the tastier it gets. That means the happiness variable goes up and down with the temperature of the meal. Cause no one want to eat old, cold meat when the grease or sauce is a chunk of jelly fat. DICE PLS NERF
  22. retrowl

    Famine foods

    In times of extreme poverty or crises, people have used various forms of famine foods to survive. In Project Zomboid, meanwhile, you find yourself cooking Grilled Cheese Sandwich. During a zombie apocalypse. I want a chance to make stuff like bark bread ( and cook tea from nettles. There's a decent list of famine food examples on Wikipedia: For some more American examples, check out this ethnobiological article of American famine foods: Famine foods should be an easy way to stay alive but of course also cause a lot of unhappiness. Adding such "inferior" food recipes would make the cooking system much deeper.
  23. It's been a while since I played PZ, I think it was build 25 when I started. Now I tried the build 30. Until now, I am bedazzled why the Kitchen Stoves need electricity to run, unless they are electric stoves or microwave ovens. I got the logic of the oven range that uses electricity, but it is mainly used for baking and roasting. We have cooking pot and frying pan, which we always use for cooking on the gas range, not the oven. Gas stoves use gas which is connected to somewhere and literally does not need even a tiny bit of your house's electricity to function or ignite a flame. It's ignition uses some sort of thing also used in lighters. In reality, if gas supply is cut off, surely it can be fitted with other sources like the Propane Tank as fuel that will only be slowly consumed while the stove is turned ON. In other countries, they call them LPG tanks (LPG = Liquefied Petroleum Gas). Once your gas tank is all consumed, you can buy another and you'll just have to give them your empty gas tank. Then they'll refill it to be sold again. A full LPG tank can last for a month if you only cook twice a day. I wish I could use a Propane Tank to the Gas Stove when electricity is cut off. This saves a lot of trees =) I would like to make a mod out of this, unfortunately, I'm just beginning to learn a bit of programming. I tried learning LUA from RoboMat's tutorial but there are other things I have to know to make it work, like the source code i should use for functions and events for this kind of mod.
  24. ORMtnMan

    Fireplaces/woodfire stoves

    Okay, I am amazed by the fact that a rural town has no fireplaces or woodfire stoves. Especially the farmhouses... It is (obviously) dangerous to have a campfire in your living room, so why not have these to allow for indoor cooking/heat after the power goes out?
  25. Earlier today I realized that I had a bunch of PZ ideas, and after throwing out the ones that are redundant with everyone else's suggestions I realized there was still a big one left: more sophisticated campfire mechanics, especially for cooking. As natural as it is to run appliances via on-off switch, I would love to have a separate "Fuel" window for charcoal grills, wood stoves, and campfires for one simple reason: different materials burn differently. Drawing from my old BSA experience, I'd suggest having a simple binary split between tinder and fuel. Tinder would include books, magazines, newspapers, tissues, sturdy sticks, and twigs (the last of these you can forage from the woods), be ignited by anything - matches, lighter, or bow-drill fire starter - burn for not-very-long, and leave only ashes. Fuel would include logs and planks, be ignited by the tinder, burn for a long time, and produce coals ... which is key, because (a) you can bank the fire, which will let you start it many hours later with nothing but tinder and fuel, and (b) coals are what you use to cook on. On which note: it always felt weird to me that there was no difference between stovetop, oven, and campfire for cooking purposes. A microwave egg is as different from a fried egg as a fried egg is from a boiled egg. My "make everyone carry around potholders" idea is probably ridiculous, but a simple split between frying and baking seems natural: ovens and microwaves do baking, and stoves, grills, and campfires do frying ... with one exception. The exception - and I love it, it just feels so Project Zomboid - is the cooking implement that Americans call a "Dutch Oven", other Anglophones call a "Casserole Dish", and French call a "Cocotte": a nine-kilogram (twenty-pound) cast-iron pot that has legs so it can sit above coals and a lid with a lip so you can pile coals on top. It is exactly the kind of absurd thing that I'd love to see more of: terrible in the early game (all it is good for is baking or carrying water, and it's way heavier than a baking pan and a cooking pot combined), awesome in the late game (oh, the power went out three years ago? That's a shame. Here, have some berry cobbler). And, of course, dev's choice whether to let people use the lid separate from the pot as a frying pan. So, yeah, that's the best suggestion I've got. Hope it's amusing.