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  1. observed the same. What is regularity for, anyway? Doesn't matter how filled the bar is, the XP i get during exercises are always the same.
  2. I don't think this is a Bug. The traps now have a chance of being destroyed, just like the fishing net. You will have to check them regularly and take them with you if you don't use them. But there is a bug when you take a trap in your inventory. it creates unusable wood, even if it wasn't destroyed.
  3. Found the Bug in media\lua\client\ISUI\ISINventoryPaneContextMenu.lua Line 1387 in ISINventoryPaneContextMenu:addItemInEvoRecipe Original line 1388: local txt = getText("ContextMenu_From_Ingredient", evoItem:getName(), extraInfo); changed it to: local txt = getText("ContextMenu_From_Ingredient") .. evoItem:getName() .. extraInfo; Same for Line 1390. I think evoItem:getName() allready returns the translated string. So if it tries to translate the translation it only works for english.
  4. PZ IWBUMS 41.44 in german in the cooking menu when choosing the next igredient, its name and nutrition doesn't show up. There are multiple lines with "aus " (like "add " for english) and empty string after for each igredient. in english version it works fine. In german i can click on a line and it adds an igredient but a can't know which one. worked fine in previous versions, but not since update with fitness. cooking in craft menu works. The bug shows only by rightclick on pan, bowl or something else.
  5. Found the Bug: in ISFishingAction.lua line 360 (function ISFishingAction:brokeLine) local brokenLineNumber = ZombRand(100); brokenLineNumber = 0; ... This sets the possiblility to break the fishing rod to 100%, whenever you catch a fish. So until the bugfix it is impossible to catch something else than socks or shoes.
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