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  1. Thanks for the info I guess I just never experienced the crawlers going under my cars so I thought this was completely new functionality when it was introduced in the new update. I'll have to try and test it out in my sandbox game.
  2. What I'm saying is that it's not for us to say whether or not it's easy, that's for the devs to decide and whether it's worth their time. The idea was suggested, potential solutions were provided. The devs can decide if they want to include it.
  3. Did not know only 50% drop and crawl, at least it's not all of them. However, no zombies, not even crawlers used to be able to crawl under cars before. It's either on or off now, we'd like the option to tweak maybe the percentage or what types of zombies can crawl under cars It's a good start for sure.
  4. I too wish they didn't all just stop drop and crawl and there was a sandbox option to make it so only already crawling zombies crawl under cars. This is also coming from someone who literally never uses cars as walls because it wasn't a challenge or creative. I hope they can come up with a middle ground. I don't want cars to be invincible walls, but zombies don't have the motor skills to stop drop and crawl lol. It's a tough call.
  5. I only got the gist of what you wrote, I don't speak Russian either so forgive me if I'm missing your question. Quite a few people in the forms have expressed issues like crashing while playing the game if they're using an integrated graphic card like you are. I would suggest you double check if you have any driver updates missing for it, but that's really all I can suggest. Even if your computer/laptop can play "higher end" games, you have to remember that those games have a bigger budget that enables them to plan for being compatible with all sorts of hardware. Even then, I would never recommend anyone use an integrated graphic card to play any video game, you can get really cheap video cards that will do the job.
  6. Awkward... and here I was giving out random reacts because I didn't know they had specific meanings! Sorry for the pillows to anyone! I thought it was like "I could lay my head on this beautiful post"
  7. I imagine it would, I too would still like zombies to be able to crawl under cars, but only if they are already on the ground/crawling. I agree that a standing zombie having the knowledge (and motor skills) to suddenly bend down and crawl under a car is a bit... jarring?
  8. We're not disagreeing that it's super annoying to have headgear all over the place. Just disagreeing that it's "easy" for the devs. As a developer myself, it is incredibly frustrating to hear that something is easy to implement, because something very "small" can end up forcing you to rewrite a huge portion of code. Of course, the devs in this case would know best whether or not they feel this is worth implementing. I still 100% support the idea that headgear from zombies should not be littering the floor in my world, however they choose to/ or not to implement that.
  9. The "injured" negative trait is part of a mod and not the base game. I'd suggest you report the bug in the mod's comments in the steam workshop so they can fix it there You can also try a run without the trait/mods, see if the same thing occurs in order to know for sure.
  10. When foraging, I never have an issue of the interface switching randomly between my bag/main inventory. What you said here definitely works in foraging afaik. However, when fishing, even when your backpack is pretty much empty, it seems to switch to the main inventory when your lure breaks/worm gets used up (I am pretty sure this is when the switch happens). I haven't pinpointed the exact cause, but I usually carry my worms/lures in my backpack when fishing if that helps. After the switch, clicking on the UI to have stuff go to your backpack again is a bit buggy, I have to stop fishing completely and restart to get it working - until the next lure switch. I wanted to mention that this occurs whether or not you speed up time. The weight of items isn't in kilograms. Their "weight" is more like the equivalent to size/volume with 40 being the max (I think), PZ has their own weight system that they use to balance the game. I agree it should be at least 10 so you can't carry a bunch of water coolers though.
  11. I think that the chance of falling increases with how tired you are and how encumbered you are. I've definitely jumped over short walls while running without falling. But I do like the idea of characters stumbling.
  12. I think the problem with your second solution of having the items disappear is that there likely isn't a way for them to differentiate how an item ended up on the floor in the first place. This would mean that if you put your favourite hat on the floor - it may disappear with the zombie headgear wipe. They would have to add an entirely new variable likely which would take more work. (which I now see that you did mention) I think the first solution might be best, where headgear simply remains on the zombie. For myself, I always pick up headgear/glasses after a fight and just put it back on the zombie anyways lol. But maybe this is just as difficult to implement as the first solution, it's hard to say. This definitely bothers me a lot though, enough that I do my own cleaning literally after every single fight.
  13. Unfortunately, since you're using a laptop, it's almost impossible to switch out the graphic card :/ The only way around it is to get a laptop with a better card. Sorry to hear.
  14. Question about zombies crawling under the car. If they have the option to go around the car to get to you, will they opt for that instead of crawling under? Or will they always crawl under every time to get to you even if their path isn't blocked?
  15. That video/graphic card has 0 VRAM and uses the RAM from your computer exclusively. That would be my first guess. 8GB of computer memory is plenty (I think 2 is the recommended), but an integrated graphic card like yours with no actual memory of its own is very limiting. I'm not sure if Zomboid supports cards like that - perhaps it expects an actual standalone graphic card? You can also try this website: https://www.systemrequirementslab.com/cyri/requirements/project-zomboid/11897 It will let you know if your computer/laptop meets the system requirements to play Zomboid (or any other game) I can almost guarantee the issue is with your integrated video card
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