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  1. I found a couple of tents with a campfire and a cooler out in the middle of the woods (a story event) and ended up building my camp around it (I took down everything). After about a week of me coming and going from my camp, one day suddenly a portion of my log walls were gone and replaced with a new story event, some new tents appeared with some zombies. Is this a sandbox setting that I have? I already have zombie respawn set to 0 - I don't really want to move my camp but I might have to if it's going to keep regenerating the story event?
  2. It depends which BodyPart gets wounded A single scratch to the neck will kill you in game, a laceration to the neck even more quickly. Head wounds also tend to be higher in damage and can also be lethal Then I believe (don't quote me on the next part) the damage goes as follows: Groin wounds being slightly less dangerous than head wounds, Upper/Lower torso wounds being slightly less dangerous than groin wounds Then any arm/leg injury. It's likely more detailed than this but I've definitely died to bleeding though it's usually bleeding combined with being encumbered, tired, and surrounded by zombies.
  3. It's an interesting idea. I don't know how it would fit in the scope of the game though. I'm almost positive that the devs are planning on adding more complexity to the first aid system, perhaps that will be enough to scratch the itch you're looking for? Very unnecessary commentary. Get some sleep.
  4. The wiki is almost never up to date but that being said, my game is heavily modded and I do have the ability to make chipped stones. After some looking around through files, this mod: "Viperel's Recycling Center" adds a lot of quality of life stuff to the game for survival. Do I think that we should have to install mods for quality of life things? No, definitely not. I like what they did with towing by contacting the mod owner and adding it to the game. They should do more of that, look at the top used mods and implement them with the modders. So +1 for chipped stones at the very very least.
  5. orikamii


    I really hope so at minimum a sandbox option. I like the current system where having a profession/occupation gives you access to more advanced recipes from the get-go and you gain xp less quickly in other skills. If this new profession system keeps with that same mechanic it will be perfect.. One of the main reasons I hate the crafting in games like ARK where you miss out on a bunch of stuff because of the weird limitation on crafting. I understand wanting to encourage community building. Fine, but a lot of people don't play MP in large servers - or at all. Make the progression slower for other professions but don't lock them out altogether. Having to rely on NPCs sounds almost as bad as having to rely on other players too lol
  6. orikamii


    As long as this profession system doesn't lock us out of every other profession then I'm all down for new stuff to craft. I hate it when SP becomes essentially impossible because a single player is prevented from learning all crafting recipes. I don't like the thought of needing to rely on other people - even npcs to be able to craft something for myself. The current system of being able to learn new things over time is perfect and only needs to be expanded upon.
  7. orikamii

    Liquid Zedball

    Okay that liquid system looks amazing. I didn't know I wanted that but I NEED it now. Looks awesome! I simply can't wait!
  8. Seems a bit of a reach. Most people (if not everyone) have the muscle memory to open a door but zombies in game still bash on the doors trying to get in. This is the reason why they are working on adding living NPCs to the game who would actually have the motor skills and "brains" to shoot the player. A shambling zombie shooting at me would absolutely break the immersion - even if its a hardcore army vet zombie. Doesn't make a whole lot of sense in this setting.
  9. oh I very much like the idea of frostbite and sunburns! poison ivy I can see being interesting implemented while foraging. Sprains when your character trips or maybe isn't used to working out? There's a lot of possibilities.
  10. I always founds infections (non Knox infections) to be very lame in-game, no cause of stress what-so-ever, when in reality an infection can be a death sentence without proper treatment. Depending on the type of wound, there should be a chance that an infected wound can cause sickness and even death if it's left for too long. And usually, an infected wound won't heal properly. Would add some much needed realism to the health panel. I never sterilize bandages or bother disinfecting as it stands.
  11. The issue isn't adding oregano or parsley. I mentioned that when I pick up fresh herbs, I have no problems adding them to recipes. But somehow I've been able to deplete them after using them a few times to the point where their hunger value becomes 0 - which makes them unusable.
  12. It might have to do with the cooking level, mine was below 3, but I had been using Oregano and Parsley in salad recipes pretty regularly but now I'm stuck with two Oregano and Parsley that weigh 0.1 each, and each have 0 Hunger and have since been unusable in any recipes. I do use mods, but none that alter cooking. (picture shows that the weight it 0.1 and Hunger value is 0) (Salad contains only pickles, can't add the oregano or the parsley as a spice option to this salad)
  13. They're working on a patch for this and are aware of it (as per their comments under the 41.72 patch topic). In the meantime you'll need to place your scissors as well as the leather or denim clothing item in your main inventory in order to rip them.
  14. Loving all the changes so far. Gosh oddly enough cooking in this game is one of my favourite things to do so being able to finally add all those new herbs to things is so much fun! Really curious what you guys will end up doing with the maggots, maybe something for the newly improved fishing mechanic...? Any chance of us being able to add insect protein to our meals? Maybe some yummy Grasshopper stew?
  15. Amazing, thank you! For both the guide and decompiled code. Looking at that code bit I'm definitely going to want to look further in for a better approach to what I'm trying to accomplish. You've just made modding PZ for me a million times more simple now that I have access to the source code. Muah, thank you!
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