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  1. Back to the original suggestion of infections not being a guaranteed game over, I agree, I wish we could play with the chances of getting the infection per wound type in sandbox. I personally play with a mod called "antibodies" now because getting the infection and having to start over is kind of a chore, but I don't want to get rid of the mechanic completely. It allows the player the possibility of overcoming zombification if they nurse their character very carefully. I think the devs should look at the code for that mod... maybe consider implementing something similar?
  2. I would double check, like I said, the RAM allocation you set in that file resets after every update so you have to re-apply it every time. Also this stutter can happen early game as well depending on how much ground you cover in-game. Apart from that, maybe try doing a fresh install, or if you're using mods, eliminate the mods one by or - or start in vanilla and gradually add mods until you find a possible culprit.
  3. This tends to happen on games where you live longer and you've visited a lot of cells around the map. This is what I do and it seems to work; you can increase the amount of RAM allocated to the game. C:\Program Files (x86)\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\ProjectZomboid Look for the file "ProjectZomboid64.json" or "ProjectZomboid32.json" if you're playing the 32-bit version. Open it with notepad or notepad++ You're going to be looking for the lines that start with "-Xms" and "-Xmx" under vmArgs I set mine to these values: "-Xms6144m", "-Xmx8192m", Which corresp
  4. Somehow I'm not surprised. The comments from steam can often be really toxic. I don't blame you for keeping it more low-key. A monthly update would most likely bring more attention to the game though
  5. It's been quite a few days but if I remember correctly, it was a laceration from a zombie to the lower torso that I did not disinfect (it did get infected but my character never got sick from it) and just wrapped in clean ripped sheets until it healed on its own. I'm using sandbox settings (attached the bin file for the specific sandbox settings here). Her traits include (Unemployed): Thin-skinned, Slow Healer, Unlucky, Weak Stomach, Dexterous, Brave, First Aider, Gardener, Light Eater, Sewer, Fast Learner, Former Scout, Hiker, Keen Hearing, Organized. I believe she had some out of s
  6. Wanted to add that this happens 100% of the time when my character exercises. I think it's actually a bit funny, it's like a permanent infection that only acts up after my character exercises lol. I can provide additional details to help with troubleshooting as well.
  7. I agree that the game looks really dead and old on steam. I definitely think they should be updating there once in a while, even with mentions of the 41 test branch, anything really. The main reason I bought the game when I did was because I saw a youtuber playing - and I got worried when I saw the game on steam so I held off... until I started googling a month later and saw that the game was very much still active. But I would've bought it sooner if there was activity on steam.
  8. Likely very unlucky. It also depends on which difficulty you're playing on. Apocalypse is the least likely to have cars with gas. I suggest to keep checking or raid a gas station. They'll often have full gas cans, and if the power is still on, you can use the pumps
  9. I took a second to try this out for troubleshooting. Ignore my nonexistent metalworking skill, favouriting the welder's mask doesn't make it unusable for me. It also still allows me to disassemble things regardless if it is favourited or not. Works if the welders' mask is in my Backpack as well. Build 41.50 @jinh86 are you able to take a screenshot for the devs so they can see exactly what you're having problems with? As well as include the build number?
  10. My character has had a previous Lower Torso wound that got infected, but it has since healed (many in-game days ago). No problem here. I noticed, however that when I got exercise fatigued from working out, the "infected" text showed up again on my Lower Torso. Since my character has no Lower Torso wound, I can't interact with this "infection" to heal it. Good news is that once the exercise fatigue went away, so did this infection. Pretty sure it's a visual bug. I have a strong suspicion its because my previous wound got healed while it was infected but it's tough to say. My character ha
  11. I agree that there should be more symptoms on top of what's already there. As far as I know, in game, all it does it slow you down when equipping items. But not only is insomnia a symptom, so is sleeping too much lol. I think it would be cool to have the game randomly assign symptoms. One day your character can feel tired all day, and the next they can't sleep at all without a sleeping pill. The devs may already be reworking unhappiness in game, effects on sleeping patterns/fatigue would be more of an incentive to care for our characters, even having them run more slowly or someth
  12. My main gripe is that if I'm wearing 4 layers of clothes: tank-top, t-shirt, sweatshirt and a leather jacket, when I get a bite or laceration or scratch or what have you, only the TOP layer gets a hole in it. How? If none of the other layers got damaged, how on earth did my skin get damaged LOL.
  13. Tease away! I'm always checking in on Thursdoids to see where you guys are at, so yes much better than radio silence! lol I Appreciate the small quality of life fixes you guys give us while we wait for MP as well.
  14. My problem is that it's very difficult to escape though non-broken, open windows. For whatever reason, when being chased by zombies, hitting "e" on an open window in an attempt to jump through has your character close the window instead? This has killed me more than once. You have to right-click and select the option in the menu, which sometimes takes too long. Hitting "e" on an open window should make your character jump through instead - unless there's a workaround in the settings that I'm unaware of. Another option would be to keep the "e" closing the window but to have characters jump
  15. Thanks for the info I guess I just never experienced the crawlers going under my cars so I thought this was completely new functionality when it was introduced in the new update. I'll have to try and test it out in my sandbox game.
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