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  1. It's pretty accurate too if we're being honest. I also noticed the spike in toilet paper in game but I can't really be mad about it because the devs are not wrong haha
  2. Hi Veronica! I agree, I would love to see more clothing options in general. Something PZ does really great is that it doesn't change how the clothes looks like on female vs. male avatars (i.e. some games will have a dress be a dress on women but a suit on men... despite the item being a dress). I imagine they probably have some sort of tailoring overhaul in mind at the very least, this could come with more clothing options, but I have no idea personally Imagine if we got high heels though, have it give you -90% movement speed haha, possibility of tripping. Oof. Though I'm down for this.
  3. Definitely one of your mods as I can water crops just fine in 41.55. I'd wager hydrocraft is the culprit.
  4. I noticed this too - important to note that this only happens when the fire is lit.
  5. I wonder if it's related to the profession mod. I used it once and had a lot of weird issues related to my skills.
  6. Devs don't often get thanked but I was playing PZ today and noticed that a bug I reported some time ago was fixed! I never noticed until now and I got really excited about it so i'm posting. For reference, it was the one where if you got scratched/bit/lacerated on a part of your body, only the top layer would get destroyed. So your leather coat would get torn to shreds, but your t-shirt and tank top was fine underneath and yet you'd be wounded. Not sure exactly which patch fixed this but, thanks! Immersion restored. There's many other bug fixes of course that I've noticed but this particular one was oddly such a peeve of mine.
  7. Zombies do in fact respawn by default. You might want to look into the custom sandbox options, "advanced zombie options" you can change how quickly zombies respawn in game. I think you can set it to 0 and prevent respawn altogether but I wouldn't recommend that since you could quite literally wipe out all the zombies - or maybe that's what you would prefer!
  8. I personally hate the new jump scare sound, it's way too loud compared to the rest of the sounds. If the volume was brought down (quite significantly), it would be fine. I've had many occasions where I've seen the zombie already and then the sound plays after I've moved to a specific spot, so it's not even a jumpscare per say but the sound is just so jarring and incredibly loud that it's just unpleasant.
  9. So I actually was able to replicate this several times across different game files. Here are the steps: 1. Get a non-zombification scratch to any body part. 2. Don't take care of it, let it get infected. 3. Once infected, just wrap it and go about your day. 4. Once the scratch has healed on its own, which it does, oddly enough, do a lot of exercise that targets that same body part. 5. Wait until exercise fatigue kicks in and check the health panel, you'll see the infection status show up. This bug exists in the latest release 41.54
  10. Back to the original suggestion of infections not being a guaranteed game over, I agree, I wish we could play with the chances of getting the infection per wound type in sandbox. I personally play with a mod called "antibodies" now because getting the infection and having to start over is kind of a chore, but I don't want to get rid of the mechanic completely. It allows the player the possibility of overcoming zombification if they nurse their character very carefully. I think the devs should look at the code for that mod... maybe consider implementing something similar?
  11. Somehow I'm not surprised. The comments from steam can often be really toxic. I don't blame you for keeping it more low-key. A monthly update would most likely bring more attention to the game though
  12. It's been quite a few days but if I remember correctly, it was a laceration from a zombie to the lower torso that I did not disinfect (it did get infected but my character never got sick from it) and just wrapped in clean ripped sheets until it healed on its own. I'm using sandbox settings (attached the bin file for the specific sandbox settings here). Her traits include (Unemployed): Thin-skinned, Slow Healer, Unlucky, Weak Stomach, Dexterous, Brave, First Aider, Gardener, Light Eater, Sewer, Fast Learner, Former Scout, Hiker, Keen Hearing, Organized. I believe she had some out of shape/weak/underweight traits to balance out the positive ones. I do have mods enabled, mostly mods that affect the item loot tables and the west point expansion mods. afaik nothing that affects the fitness or health. I'm really curious about this one too, I want to see if I can replicate it as well now with only like a god mod so I don't immediately die before I can test it lol. map_sand.bin
  13. Wanted to add that this happens 100% of the time when my character exercises. I think it's actually a bit funny, it's like a permanent infection that only acts up after my character exercises lol. I can provide additional details to help with troubleshooting as well.
  14. I agree that the game looks really dead and old on steam. I definitely think they should be updating there once in a while, even with mentions of the 41 test branch, anything really. The main reason I bought the game when I did was because I saw a youtuber playing - and I got worried when I saw the game on steam so I held off... until I started googling a month later and saw that the game was very much still active. But I would've bought it sooner if there was activity on steam.
  15. Likely very unlucky. It also depends on which difficulty you're playing on. Apocalypse is the least likely to have cars with gas. I suggest to keep checking or raid a gas station. They'll often have full gas cans, and if the power is still on, you can use the pumps
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