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  1. 41.39 IWBUMS, Windows 10, Steam, Modded Observed behaviour: Sometimes when encountering survivor corpses in homes, multiple MSR788 rifles will be found on their corpses. In one case, the corpse had four rifles, which seems excessive. Expected behaviour: Dead survivors only have one rifle. Observations: Whenever I encountered this, the rifles had gun-mods installed (sights, recoil pad, stock, etc) . I encountered two separate instances: - In one case, four rifles were found, one which had four mods installed, one with three, one with two, and one with a solitary mod. - In another instance, I found a pair of rifles. One with two mods, and one with a single mod. - In all cases, each rifle appeared to be identical to the previous rifle in the inventory, but with an extra mod added each time. Supposition: Some code is building up mods on MSR788 rifles (and maybe other guns?) in a loop, and creating a gun for each iteration, in addition to/instead of at the end of the loop. Notes: I'm Australian, and not well versed in gun culture. Maybe US folks having four rifles in their inventory is a totally normal thing?
  2. 41.39 IWBUMS, Windows 10, Steam, Modded Observed behaviour: Encountered an issue the other day where I made a burger with *so many good things*, but with each ingredient I added, the burger became more boring and sad. It remained a sad and boring burger after cooking. Investigation A little sleuthing revealed this post describing the bug, where a sandwich of burger made with stale bread starts off being mildly sad, and becomes more sad with each ingredient and spice added. While I haven't had a chance to test for reproducibility, it's a plausible explanation for what I saw, as my bread had neither the fresh nor rotten markers on it. Expected behaviour: Adding fresh ingredients to a burger always makes it better, even if the burger is originally sad and boring.
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