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  1. Minor correction to item names in .txt files

    Yeah, I always thought "Scrapable" sounded odd, it's not in general usage. I reckon "Salvageable" sounds best.
  2. [IWBUMS] Weird placement bug

    Shop Dispensers, ditto. Place it one way, it turns once the progress bar finishes. Again this is a corner piece but I haven't tried it on others:
  3. Driver proffesion and skill.

    I agree. We already have the Mechanics skill, which deals with how well you know the vehicles, which should translate to knowing how they handle etc. I do think however that better equipment should have a more noticeable effect on handling. At the moment, I'm not seeing much difference, for example when you pump up the tires or add better suspension or brakes.
  4. Also, please please please can you let us pick up these windows!
  5. The success rate for salvaging windows is technically 50% at 10 carpentry but it seems far lower (I had 11 failures in a row) so if you're planning on fitting windows, make sure to plaster and paint first! There seems to be a bug where walls can't be plastered/painted, and you have to destroy it and start again - not sure if it's because the window was fitted first, but to be sure, fit the windows last or else you'll probably fail trying to un-fit them.
  6. OK this is getting silly. I destroyed the wall, rebuilt it and was able to plaster it. Fitted a window and curtains, but then when I try and paint it, I don't get the option. It's the same with the other two windowed walls in that room, the one on the left can't be painted but the one on the right can:
  7. Not sure whether it's the window or not, as there's one window wall I did manage to plaster. The one on the left won't work but the one on the right was OK: EDIT: still no option to plaster even though I removed the window:
  8. Building interface needs work

    Here's the wooden columns problem: I can place here and here: But not here: Someone care to have a guess as to why?
  9. It seems you have to roof an area before you put curtains up. Not sure if intentional or bug?
  10. IMHO a master carpenter should be able to uninstall a window 100% of the time, not 50%. In any case, it seems the chance is far lower. EDIT: 7 windows in this house, all failed and smashed... that doesn't seem like 50%.
  11. Minor correction to item names in .txt files

    I don't suppose it counts as an item, the but cardboard boxes you can pick up with the Pick Up Tool have a typo ("Cartboard" -> "Cardboard"): AFAIK the larger ones are the same. EDIT - here ("Cartbox" -> "Large Cardboard Box"): EDIT2: Found another medium version ("Cartboard Box" -> "Cardboard Box")
  12. When did you join pz

    I saw Sacriel covering it on YouTube, looking back that was 2013 so I guess that's when I first played it.
  13. I am unable to build the Big Double Pole Gate (option is red) even though I have all the listed materials: However I decided, oh well, I'll make a Double Fence Gate instead, and grabbed some Wire. Lo and behold, I can now build the BDPG: Update: it doesn't actually use the wire, it just won't work without it! Update2: OK I just realised it didn't use ANY of the ingredients to make the gate except the two hinges! That could be a bit of an exploit... only requires level 8 Metalworking
  14. I can't seem to place this Fossoil Candy Stand facing outwards (SW) on this corner cabinet. I rotate it before placement but it always ends up facing SE: I can place it fine on another tile: I have a feeling it's not the item being placed but the cabinet/tile I'm placing it on that's the problem.