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  1. Yeah, still disabled. There's no ETA on when that's done. I believe the bloody and dirty clothes are more likely to cause infections when you get an open wound. xXx
  2. Not really a gameplay suggestion, but I think that the devs should leak out a rumour of there being a chance of surviving a bite, without actually implementing it in game. There's a lot of people who don't like that you're always going to die from a bite (I'm not one of them). This would give all the people who want hope of surviving a bite something to live for, without actually giving them a chance of surviving it. xXx
  3. The best thing to use is the CTRL button, as it seems like a few people are having the same experience as you. xXx
  4. It seems like, if you add poisonous berries to your fruit salad via the 'add random fruit' command, it doesn't show the green skull icon next to the food. I started with an empty bowl and added 2 poisonous berries via that context menu, ate the food and seem to be okay. I don't know how long being poisoned by berries takes normally, but I've been waiting for a couple of days and am still okay. xXx
  5. Is it possible to move the hotbar location? You can move the inventory, but for anyone playing on split-screen, the clock and speed buttons move to where the hotbar is now located and it makes it harder to read. Both players hotbars show up over each other too, so the player using the keyboard can only interact with the player 2 hotbar. It'd be good if, when it goes to split-screen, the hotbars went to the center of those people's screens, or we had the ability to move them. xXx
  6. Are they on the floor, hidden by the zombies? I know that before, for me, their headgear has fallen off when they died. xXx
  7. I found one in a gardener's house. I didn't have lucky though. xXx
  8. I think it'll definitely decrease your performance. They've tweaked it quite a lot to help out lower end computers, but because they're using 3D models now, it's going to use up a lot more resources. xXx
  9. Is there any way of changing the colour of some of the moderators names, or is do they pick the colours themselves? The blue is quite hard to read on the dark background and could do with brightening up a touch. xXx
  10. Or just try not to get bitten? xXx
  11. I think the reasoning for the 100% infection rate with bites, is that when the zombies bite you, the virus gets straight into your bloodstream, as I'm guessing their saliva is more infectious, whereas scratches and lacerations are from them clawing at you, so you have less chance of the virus getting to you? I personally think that bites should be 100%, but it would be good if there was an option in sandbox that gave people a small chance if they wanted it. xXx
  12. It does say at the start, "There was no hope of survival", so giving the player more hope wouldn't fit with the game. xXx
  13. Ah, got you! Yeah that makes perfect sense. So essentially swapping hotbar items with your currently equipped item. I agree with that. xXx
  14. Would you not just press the hotbar keybind that it was assigned to? So if your gun was on 4 and melee was on 2 and you pressed 4 to bring up your gun, would you then not press 2 to bring up the melee weapon again, rather than 4, which is assigned to the gun? Sorry if I sound dense, but I'm a little confused as to what you mean. People agree with you, so it's obvious other people have an issue with it too, but I don't really understand myself. xXx
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