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  1. If people are that desperate for multiplayer, they can revert back to the non-test branch. Multiplayer's not been taken away from the game, it's just not in IWBUMS while other things are being tested. xXx
  2. When playing in split-screen, if you save and quit, the next time you load the game, the second character becomes the main character. This means that when the second player clicks to join in, they have to create a new character and all of the progress and items of the previous character is lost. xXx
  3. If you're still playing on the zoom build and haven't figured it out already, it's now shift + scrollwheel. I you go to accessibility settings, you can change it from shift to ctrl again. xXx
  4. Always good to report things! As you say, you never know how it's actually intended to be. xXx
  5. It maybe just a UK way of saying it, but it definitely comes up with a mixture of boonie and bonnie hats on Google when I've searched. xXx
  6. If you move the table in front of the sofa, you should get close enough to look inside. It looks like you're possibly 1 tile away from being able to access it. xXx
  7. Technically, if you take very underweight(10) and fit(-6), you gain 4 free points, as your fitness will go back to the default level of 5 and you can get rid of very underweight by eating. Admittedly, this doesn't work with obese/overweight, but you're still getting something for nothing with underweight. I think that the trait changes are definitely fair compared to how they were. If you really feel they're unfair, go into sandbox and give yourself those missing points that you think you deserve. xXx
  8. Same. I tried after breaking a spear and couldn't recover the knife. xXx
  9. You can still put them in the garden, if you build a wall around the sink and put a roof on. Once you've plumbed in the sink, you should be able to remove the walls again. xXx
  10. You say it's making your garden look bad, so does that mean you're trying to do it outside? The sink has to be in an enclosed room to work, so if you're not doing that, I'd try and see if that works. xXx
  11. Yeah, still disabled. There's no ETA on when that's done. I believe the bloody and dirty clothes are more likely to cause infections when you get an open wound. xXx
  12. Not really a gameplay suggestion, but I think that the devs should leak out a rumour of there being a chance of surviving a bite, without actually implementing it in game. There's a lot of people who don't like that you're always going to die from a bite (I'm not one of them). This would give all the people who want hope of surviving a bite something to live for, without actually giving them a chance of surviving it. xXx
  13. The best thing to use is the CTRL button, as it seems like a few people are having the same experience as you. xXx
  14. It seems like, if you add poisonous berries to your fruit salad via the 'add random fruit' command, it doesn't show the green skull icon next to the food. I started with an empty bowl and added 2 poisonous berries via that context menu, ate the food and seem to be okay. I don't know how long being poisoned by berries takes normally, but I've been waiting for a couple of days and am still okay. xXx
  15. Are they on the floor, hidden by the zombies? I know that before, for me, their headgear has fallen off when they died. xXx
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