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  1. Friendly bandit

    WIP - Wilhelm's Weapon Mod

    Sorry for not posting any progress/info about it, but I can't prolably work on this mod now. I have a lot of studies, and when I have any free time, I'm playing with my friends, because I will go to the hospital again within few days, because I will have an surgery. See ya,
  2. Friendly bandit

    WIP - Wilhelm's Weapon Mod

    I'm sorry to say that, but currently (1-2 weeks) I can't work with the models. I've got a lot of studying, that's why.
  3. Friendly bandit

    WIP - Wilhelm's Weapon Mod It seems to be red and white, could you send me a image?
  4. Friendly bandit

    WIP - Wilhelm's Weapon Mod

    Is that ice axe good enough? I mean, I don't know if it should be modern or "classic" Thanks for you replies, I'm happy because I wasn't sure if people will like it.
  5. Friendly bandit

    WIP - Wilhelm's Weapon Mod

    Hi there, Because I'm feeling better right now (my health condition isn't good) Before I will go to the hospital again, I decided to make my second mod for PZ. I won't tell you too much for now, but I'm gonna post here few screenshots I tested them in-game, and that Jab's model loader works surprisingly well. I'm gonna make more weapons soon, pipe wrench, Ice axe, lead pipe, crossbow, metal rod etc: I hope you like it ^^
  6. Friendly bandit

    "Installing the mod in the MP server"

    So, I'm new in the modding. One guy asked me if "I can Install the mod in the MP server with update 38.30" I have no idea what does it means, can someone help me?
  7. Friendly bandit

    Question - is there way to make forageable items?

    Thank you very much I know it might be dumb question, i'm new in modding (I made only 2 mods for PZ and 1 for Rimworld) but these "MyItemThingy" should be replaced by something? Do I have to change them?
  8. Like in the title, is there way to make item forageable?
  9. Friendly bandit

    Flatbread Mod

    Hi, I just made my first mod for PZ. With this mod you can make flatbread. It's good alternative to normal bread, because flatbread doesn't need yeast. All you need is just flour, some water, bowl, salt (optional) and heat source. flatbread is good ingredient (-15/-14 hunger) for salad, stir-fry, soup and stew. Unsalted version of flatbread spoils bit faster. Hope you will like it ^^