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  1. Mhh... I see, I know that the item must be "IsCookable=TRUE" for heating up like happen on the "Disinfect Bandage" where the WaterPot is the base heating item, but If I want to use the "Fry Egg On Stone " recipe the stone won´t be heated cuz it doesn´t have the "IsCookable" value and the Egg despite it "IsCookable" nothing seems to happen, I mean is the heat variable depending to the WaterSource for make the recipe work? Thanks for replying!
  2. Greetings! I'm trying to use for modding a cooking recipe similar to the "Disinfect Bandage" like the way of using an item while is hot to craft another, but I can't find the script or code related in the media file to the whole heat system. Is it controled by some Lua code or some item script? I think that the logical way that the heat value works is only because of the WaterSource items like FullKettle or WatterPot. I mean I´ve tried something like a stone for frying an egg for example: recipe Fry egg On Stone { Stone, Egg/WildEgg, Salt;1,
  3. Yeah I know that OnCreate could help, but It seems to be attached with lua... and I don't understand that well.
  4. I've tried to figure out this last weeks on how the food system works in the game. I started with a simple food item, but when I wanted to make a step to step recipe, I noticed that is not as simple as it looks. I'm still complicated to change the display food icon, after testing many times the MinutesToBurn and DaysTotallyRotten parameter, when the item gets root or burned. I'm trying for example to make a cookie recipe Module MoreFood { Recipe Make Cookie Batter { Bowl, Flour=2, Butter;15, Sugar=1, Chocolate, Egg, Yeast, Milk,
  5. I can't express how thankful I am, thank you so much for this. Now I see what was the problem!
  6. Anyone please? I've try so many ways to fix it by reading older posts, but this error message keeps appearing and I don´t really know why... It's seems to be related with the file: MainScreen.lua line #
  7. So it should be like "DriedFruits.BakingTrayFruit" & "DriedFruits.DriedFruit" ?
  8. Would you please tell me what do you mean by "upload your MOD, or console.txt file"? I think I already showed all the content what the MOD have. If you mean this upload, here it is. Dried Fruits.rar
  9. Greetings all! I'm trying to upload a mod which involves adding new items and recipes to the game system, but I'm having troubles making it run. Here is a description of all the mod. The mod folder is located in: UserName>Zomboid>mods>DriedFruits DriedFruits folder contains: -media (folder) -Driedfruitspic.png -mod.lua name=Dried fruit Food poster=Driedfruitpic.png id=none description=test --------------------------------------------------------------
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