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  1. Thanks for implementing this feature! Less car crashes on low FPS sessions inc
  2. Yea, but: you can disable gathering stones and twigs in foraging xp is not a goal in fishing amount of shoes and socks is not reducing with level it is called "Fishes Abundance" after all : >
  3. Sugar can be added to the beverage without a limit
  4. I've successful plastered doorframes in 41.33. Try to walk around/away and click in different places of doorframe
  5. I am using pedals from gaming wheel via "JoyToKey" along with keyboard+mouse on a regular basis, and was hoping i could use that somehow to maintain speed instead of constantly tapping "W". But looks like it's an issue on gamepads aswell.
  6. Road is not leading to garage https://map.projectzomboid.com/#6656x5463 Part of the road is missing https://map.projectzomboid.com/#8099x10493 Part of the road is missing https://map.projectzomboid.com/#6963x10499 Door behind oven https://map.projectzomboid.com/#10135x12747
  7. Pe6yc


    Unable to take engine parts if all doors are locked (no tooltip info) Unable to remove car battery if engine is running (no tooltip info)
  8. A "keep speed" solution for drivers You accelerate to a desired speed, release [W] key, then press [key bind] and car starts to maintain current speed until you press [W] or brake. Bonus: Fridge vans (heavy duty variant) Wood-powered car/gas tank (Video)
  9. Pe6yc


    UI: - Floating notifications about (un)successful picking up of an object from the ground. (Since it has a chance to break, otherwise we have to check inventory every time) - More container icons in the loot menu. (Washing machine has an icon of a shelf) - Water dispenser info panel. (Water remaining) CARs: - An option to repair hoods and trunk lids. - Car bumpers. Other: - Functioning weighers. - Ability to open boxes (nails/ammo) while moving. - Minor hunger reduction from cigarettes. Minor fatigue reduction from chocolate. - Eat sugar. - Refuel lighters - Nimble/sneaking/lightfooted bonuses for some clothes - Wearable digital watches. - Working showers. - Option to turn off fridges. - Wearable portable flashlights.
  10. Air blowers are invisible if placed on a northern walls when you are on the same ground level.
  11. Don't have an option to plumb a sink Chrome sink (moved) installed on a counter (moved) which is located at the roof (level 3?) of fire depot in Rosewood. It has a rain barrel one tile behind and above it. I have a wrench. I've tried to change a ground tile under the sink and counter and rebuild a barrel instead of moving it. I've also successfuly plumbed two sinks, a washing machine and a bath on the 2nd level.
  12. Pe6yc

    Generator info

    Popsickle fridge is not listed in genarator info as a fridge. It is included in total calculations tho.
  13. Pe6yc


    Scrap metal is not consumed after building "Big Wired Fence" Also refueling 1 propane torch (weight 0.3) takes like more than a half of a full propane tank (weight 20). Odd
  14. Some skill magazines (probably recently renamed ones?) do not disappear after being used as a fuel for barbecues.
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