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  1. Pe6yc


    1) "Fishing Abundance" bar does not show propper value (refreshes after 1st fishing attempt) 2) Character freezes after successful fishing attempt that makes you carry more than 50 weight 3) Bait and container switch randomly.
  2. Fitness probably (drops automaticaly), but couldn't reproduce it.
  3. Pe6yc


    Unable to remove battery connector from any lamp
  4. Pe6yc


    1) Either having different level of mechanics changes "Wheel Friction" of a tire after reinstalling it, or "Wheel Friction" value resets after restarting the game. 2) Cruise control speed value also resets to 0 after restart.
  5. Can confirm. I'm only using one mod with HP/hunger etc bars Picking up items make em just disappear.
  6. Pe6yc

    Car radio

    Emergency broadcast frequency disappears from the list after installing radio into the car.
  7. It is possible, if it is in your inventory. But not dor double doors
  8. Pe6yc


    Functioning weighers: When you step on a tile where the weigher is placed, your character "whispers" his weight. "Weight" stat can be removed from Info panel.
  9. Can not repair heavy duty double rear doors
  10. Thanks for implementing this feature! Less car crashes on low FPS sessions inc
  11. Yea, but: you can disable gathering stones and twigs in foraging xp is not a goal in fishing amount of shoes and socks is not reducing with level it is called "Fishes Abundance" after all : >
  12. Sugar can be added to the beverage without a limit
  13. I've successful plastered doorframes in 41.33. Try to walk around/away and click in different places of doorframe
  14. I am using pedals from gaming wheel via "JoyToKey" along with keyboard+mouse on a regular basis, and was hoping i could use that somehow to maintain speed instead of constantly tapping "W". But looks like it's an issue on gamepads aswell.
  15. Road is not leading to garage https://map.projectzomboid.com/#6656x5463 Part of the road is missing https://map.projectzomboid.com/#8099x10493 Part of the road is missing https://map.projectzomboid.com/#6963x10499 Door behind oven https://map.projectzomboid.com/#10135x12747
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