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  1. Did you read the latest Thursdoid? If not I recommend doing so every week always contain tantalising info. https://projectzomboid.com/blog/2019/11/like-sew-cool/ GENERAL IMPROVEMENTS Betterment of firearm hit rates and the way aiming abilities scale as you level up. Improvements to sprinters – giving them sprint abilities only if they have a target, a chance to trip and a wider turning circle. Many and varied fixes for reported issues.
  2. that's why i like to build safety flooring before i start jogging in my base, looks silly though
  3. Well you technically do have it after about 6 months or so. You gaining less panic over time almost equivalent to the trait, I am going to to (shamelessly) plug my suggestion on the topic: https://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php?/topic/26171-make-the-the-courage-mechanic-into-an-actual-skillattribute/ which would make both the mechanic more visible.
  4. 1065 more starting hats/facewear for different occupations i.e. police hat for police, balaclava for buglers, chefs hat for chefs and fast food hat for burger flipper, sweat band for fitness instructor, fisher's hat for the fisher, and surgical masks for doctor/nurse
  5. I have definitely thrown rotten burgers and hotdogs in there and it worked(none player made, build 40)
  6. Not to be harsh, but please make sure you read this before posting: Though i do wish mini maps were on the table, or just one large map item, kinda like ark, that you draw as you explore(and maps you find autocomplete parts of it)
  7. Well i added in a clause so players could tell their allies to not be suicidal if they get one, ones with max would be far and few in between, as it should be about as hard to level as strength and fitness. and ofc it's not up for me to decide in the end, if the devs wanted to, the could make it so they still run if it's certain death
  8. Had some thoughts on how this could be applied to npc's and have update the main post to reflect that. Not sure if it could be applied to animals
  9. from this thread https://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php?/topic/192-commonly-suggested-suggestions/ ... The Big No's! These are a list of things that are either vehemently opposed by the majority of the community, confirmed "no's" by the dev team, or impossible within the game as it is. I'm going to try to make this completely unbiased, but if you disagree with anything posted feel free to mention it. The most important ones are highlighted in red. If you take nothing else from this thread, please pay attention to these. ... ... [n] An ending or any game over other than death ... ... It would have to end in open ended sandbox, nothing else Also once NPC's are in, they plan to bring back the Baldspot and Kate tutorial+continue it
  10. Found a male and female zombie wearing no clothes. In the bedroom, 2 sets of clothes, one male set one female set. pretty good guess as ho how it all went down
  11. Lets assume for bug testers sake, that you for some reason want to swap full hiking bag for an empty school bag, what would it do with the excess (the only time i see this happening is in multiplayer where you use an organised character to over fill an allies(unorganised character) bag before a long journey alone of in to the yonder)
  12. I think you misunderstand, yes the mechanic to not be scared of zombies after your character lives long enough, this is expanding it from a hidden mechanic(and arbitrary increase in it) to an actual stat that's dynamic
  13. It would also indirectly nerf the Motorbike helmet at the same time(as you can't wear eye-wear with it for some weird reason) and there are "realism" reasons why this may not go in(source: super short sighted IRL and tried other peoples glasses)
  14. Currently(in build 41) you panic a lot when you first spawn, and that gradually reduces as you survive(due to being acclimated to the existence zombies). this mechanic has no real indicators that it happens(besides less of a panic moodle). What i propose is that this get shifted into an attribute(like fitness or strengthen) maybe called courage or wits or some synonym of it. character would start with a default value of 5(like the other 2 attributes) with existing and traits new affecting these values Brave would be +2, Coward -2 Paranoid(new, gives 4 trait points) Desensitised +5, (granted at start by veteran occupation rather than a selected trait like it currently is) All phobia's -1(hemo, agora and claustro) to make it easier all phobia's are mutually exclusive with each other and brave At lvl 0 skill you always max panic at the sight of a zombie Lvl 3 replaces Paranoid with Coward lvl 5 removes coward, default char behaviour lvl 7 gains brave lvl 10 replaces brave with Desensitised (same as veteran, realistically not going to be maxed out in a normal game like fitness or strength), removes phobia's Skill could either be gained by not panicking at the sight of zombies, and/or having panic return to 0 Could also be applied to NPC's once they are in game to determine their reaction to things and make them braver over time no courage= always run from danger low= only takes small risk fights/situations moderate courage=sticks around if reasonable chance of success, retreats when wounded High courage=riskier fights, fights on despite wounds unless severe max courage=NEVER Surrender player may be able to tell allies up to there courage level for how to react(so you don't have suicidal allies) Pros You can now see your characters progress on this hidden mechanic hemophobic now has a real drawback slightly more interesting traits in character creation can be applied to npc's Cons figuring out balance hemophobic may be seen as even more free trait points due it being removable more work for the devs to do
  15. when we get NPC's, I'm making one an undertaker just to clean up bodies
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