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  1. I want to know the effective temperature for a cell, world temperature plus heat source affecting that cell. What would be the code for that? I tried getGlobalTemperature as I've seen it in IsoWorld.class but it throws an error. Trying to get back after a break to finish some mod ideas and now I'm stuck.
  2. No, there's no snow falling. I need it on the ground but it didn't happen the last time I tried to test it. But I agree with you, there should be snow falling. And if it snows enough there should be snow mounds that slow movement.
  3. I think you can make some tests with your original idea of upgrading existing furniture in the world. These must be specific for each furniture so you can start small, with a single bed type for example, and if you like the result you can then expand it to other types. I can imagine it having tooltips showing the resulting tile just like the build menu.
  4. I can tell you one thing, you can't pick them up and upgrade them in a recipe way of doing it, because recipes can't use the moveable type of item. I posted about it before and the answer I got suggest they have no intention in changing that. You can change the sprite of existing furniture in the world, so your idea is possible.
  5. Moon map to be added in zomboid confirmed.
  6. WIP

    Thank you for sharing this file, but I already released my version. I'll check yours in case there's anything that could improve mine. EDIT: The link worked, thank you.
  7. I tried that. It just rains. Spent some very, very cold weeks during December and nothing.
  8. Hi, I've been looking for a mod that adds weather control options, either for admins or all players. Being more specific I need snow! It is so rare that it is impossible to test ideas that depend on it.
  9. Hell yeah, Carmageddomboid. "Bonus for artistic expression"
  10. Hi, I'm trying to create a UI panel that has an image as one of its children. Here's the code: But I get an error in ISUIElement.lua line 669 / ISImage.lua line 45. Java.lang.RuntimeException: From what I understand one or more arguments are wrong, but I have no idea which one and how.
  11. Only if I can put my sunglasses as I turn away from it.
  12. Will my beard grow after some time? Can I shave it?
  13. Hello survivors, I uploaded to Steam's workshop a mod that might interest modders and players that like farming. With existing mods like Farmoid and Hydrocraft out there there wasn't much of a point in making my own with a few new crop types, since farming mods are not compatible in their current forms. So that's the issue I decided to solve and now is in its first working version. The mod makes changes to basicFarming.lua and farming_vegetableconf.lua so that all mods using these modified files will work together, as well as allowing for some extra customization. Here are the current features: -New crop types in the "Sow Seed" menu without the need to replace ISFarmingMenu.lua. -New crop types without the need to change farming_vegetableconf.lua. -Uses specific grow functions for each crop type, without the need to reference them directly in basicFarming.lua. -Allows custom growing stage descriptions (seedling, young, ready for harvest, and so on) for each stage, Check corn for examples. -Allows custom plants to remain in a spot when harvested just like strawberries. They revert to the growing stage number defined in "retainOnHarvest" for that crop type. And some ideas for future versions, in case people feel they are worth adding: -Customizable resistance or weakness to diseases for each crop type. -Plant types that don't use seeds with their separate "sow" menu. Known bug: Plant types using custom icons have instead a white square in the plant info window. Hopefully it will be fixed soon. I hope to get some feedback and that farming mods change to to this system so we can finally decide to play with them together, and make new smaller farming mods interesting to have. Beyond that new system the mod adds beets, cauliflowers and corn as new crop types. Insecticide and mildew spray cans that can be found in crates and counters.
  14. Hi, I updated a mod to the workshop where it is possible to check this bug. It is called Soul Filcher's Farming Time. I'm pretty sure it is a game bug since the same icons are used for the items and they show up normally.
  15. I'm sure some of these are already in the thread but here they are: BUGS -In certain situations going fast enough through a road that should be full of cars lets you go through before they appear. I actually turned around and went back just to be sure, the cars were there and I could not move like I did before. -I'm not sure if this is a bug or not but right now there are car keys spawning on the ground near their car. SUGGESTIONS -Car Horn -Police/ambulance Car Lights and Sound, I don't know if they have a specific name, turn them on and be the authority this place needs. -Tire damage. From what I've seen car damage is planned but maybe you haven't considered tires yet. One of the common ways a car would need "repairs". -maybe other types of specific damage as well, for example damaged/missing silencers make a very loud noise (could just be one of the effects of a damaged rear). -Car lighters, they used to be very common, not sure why you would need them though. -Working garage doors!!!! It always bugged me that large garage/warehouse doors are nothing but fancy walls in this game, this is the perfect time to change it, and make some cars actually spawn inside closed garages or areas with gates, an example being areas with wire fences (police cars parked in the police station).