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  1. Container Suggestions

    Couldn't agree more. I want container wallets full of useless money and credit cards.
  2. Released: Vehicle Tech Test build

    Car trunks could potentially have anything in them. One guy could have planned a fishing trip (fishing gear and something to drink), another could be on his way back from the mart (plastic bags with food). So maybe, add a themed loot chance like we have for houses, that would be awesome.
  3. Released: Vehicle Tech Test build

    Vehicles' models should be used even when graphic options are set to not use models. I see invisible cars' shadows in parking lots. I know I should not be testing it with a dying notebook, but still, I can't turn models on, the game crashes.
  4. Cell Temperature

    I want to know the effective temperature for a cell, world temperature plus heat source affecting that cell. What would be the code for that? I tried getGlobalTemperature as I've seen it in IsoWorld.class but it throws an error. Trying to get back after a break to finish some mod ideas and now I'm stuck.
  5. Weather control

    No, there's no snow falling. I need it on the ground but it didn't happen the last time I tried to test it. But I agree with you, there should be snow falling. And if it snows enough there should be snow mounds that slow movement.
  6. New item sprites?

    I think you can make some tests with your original idea of upgrading existing furniture in the world. These must be specific for each furniture so you can start small, with a single bed type for example, and if you like the result you can then expand it to other types. I can imagine it having tooltips showing the resulting tile just like the build menu.
  7. New item sprites?

    I can tell you one thing, you can't pick them up and upgrade them in a recipe way of doing it, because recipes can't use the moveable type of item. I posted about it before and the answer I got suggest they have no intention in changing that. You can change the sprite of existing furniture in the world, so your idea is possible.
  8. Released: Vehicle Tech Test build

    Moon map to be added in zomboid confirmed.
  9. ModdableFarming

    Thank you for sharing this file, but I already released my version. I'll check yours in case there's anything that could improve mine. EDIT: The link worked, thank you.
  10. Weather control

    I tried that. It just rains. Spent some very, very cold weeks during December and nothing.
  11. Weather control

    Hi, I've been looking for a mod that adds weather control options, either for admins or all players. Being more specific I need snow! It is so rare that it is impossible to test ideas that depend on it.
  12. Released: Vehicle Tech Test build

    Hell yeah, Carmageddomboid. "Bonus for artistic expression"
  13. Image child in a UI panel

    Hi, I'm trying to create a UI panel that has an image as one of its children. Here's the code: But I get an error in ISUIElement.lua line 669 / ISImage.lua line 45. Java.lang.RuntimeException: From what I understand one or more arguments are wrong, but I have no idea which one and how.
  14. Released: Vehicle Tech Test build

    Only if I can put my sunglasses as I turn away from it.