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  1. The Modders Wishlist

    Ok, here it goes! 1- Food items can use a custom context menu text to replace "eat", I'd like to have this option of other item types such as literature. 2- I'd like to have a food item option that makes it spawn already cooked. 3- Another interesting food item option is to change it into another item when frozen, like for example making our own popsicle or ice cream. 4- Yet one more food suggestion, I'd like the option to make an item that doesn`t "inherit" certain properties from its uncooked/unfinished version. Right now there are some stuff like happiness/boredom that seem to be tied, I want to have an uncooked item that doesn`t give happiness while the cooked version does, but last time I checked it wouldn't work. 5- Maps can open an image with all that map info on them, I think that allowing other items to have an associated image file that can be checked in game could be nice. This is a suggestion I already posted here. 6- For some reason the moveable item type can't be used in recipes. Removing that limitation could open some fun possibilities. 7- One thing I think we could mod, maybe with a few changes, are new skills. How about adding some placeholder skills to the list that we could use, and let us control which of them show up in game? I know that there are currently skills that aren`t used, like Blacksmith, but enabling it in game needs Java changes and I`d rather not do that. I will probably remember more ideas I had in mind later. Thank you for your efforts to help us modders!
  2. Spiffo Gal

    10/10 Would go down fighting zombies with.
  3. Items that open images

    Yes, that is what I mean, newspaper and magazines are the obvious examples, but there could be a lot of other uses as well. Check a medicine's box and maybe there are indications about side effects, or warning about overdoses. Take a painting or banner from a wall and maybe you can check is closely. I don't doubt it can be done right now with mods but I'm sure it would become more accessible. Why do people always think about Playboys? I'd think about car or cooking magazines with hints that don't need to be clearly written.
  4. Items that open images

    Can we have that map item functionality for other items, but without the mark system? It would be nice for immersion, like newspapers and magazines maybe other things. I'm sure modders would find interesting ways to use this mechanic.
  5. Re-assemble furniture

    You keep all parts in your main inventory then activate the mode to put down furniture, just like you would with a chair.
  6. You hear the helicopter coming...

    As people are saying, staying inside your base can be the worst decision. Go outside and make them follow you, even start screaming, then move away from your base, at least two or three blocks. Be prepared to stay away as long as needed. Don't forget to turn off ovens and microwaves before leaving, seriously.
  7. You can use plaster for that, but not concrete.
  8. Rain protection

    I have an unfinished mod to do just that. But it needs edited java files to work and so far I haven't been able to compile them correctly.
  9. Onex's Pot Farm!

    Hi LacidOnex, are these issues in the version that uses my method? Does number 3 happen when using your mod only or when you use our 2 mods together?
  10. Container Suggestions

    Couldn't agree more. I want container wallets full of useless money and credit cards.
  11. Released: Vehicle Tech Test build

    Car trunks could potentially have anything in them. One guy could have planned a fishing trip (fishing gear and something to drink), another could be on his way back from the mart (plastic bags with food). So maybe, add a themed loot chance like we have for houses, that would be awesome.
  12. Released: Vehicle Tech Test build

    Vehicles' models should be used even when graphic options are set to not use models. I see invisible cars' shadows in parking lots. I know I should not be testing it with a dying notebook, but still, I can't turn models on, the game crashes.
  13. Cell Temperature

    I want to know the effective temperature for a cell, world temperature plus heat source affecting that cell. What would be the code for that? I tried getGlobalTemperature as I've seen it in IsoWorld.class but it throws an error. Trying to get back after a break to finish some mod ideas and now I'm stuck.
  14. Weather control

    No, there's no snow falling. I need it on the ground but it didn't happen the last time I tried to test it. But I agree with you, there should be snow falling. And if it snows enough there should be snow mounds that slow movement.
  15. New item sprites?

    I think you can make some tests with your original idea of upgrading existing furniture in the world. These must be specific for each furniture so you can start small, with a single bed type for example, and if you like the result you can then expand it to other types. I can imagine it having tooltips showing the resulting tile just like the build menu.