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  1. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 41

    Someone stacked furniture at the Sunstar Hotel, first floor and first room on the right.
  2. Occupation Changes/Additions

    Those are good ideas, I'd like to add a few: Construction Worker - Just as Lumberjack comes with Axe Man, this profession could be a little more interesting with the addition of a similar trait, but for sledgehammers. A powerful weapon that needs to see more use against the hordes. Farmer - Unlike carpentry or metalworking, farming levels are not a requisite to do anything in game (with the exception of mildew cure and insecticide spray recipes, that you can learn from a magazine), you can farm just as well with 0 levels if you need and you're experienced with how farming works. So this profession shouldn't cost the same as carpenter. That or give it a new trait to make it more interesting. Metalworker - Many people agree that it isn't worth investing in metalworking when you compare it to carpentry right now. The profession costs more, I understand it gives you all recipes, but I have no idea why it needs recipes for building things when carpentry doesn't. Carpentry also gives you more things to build. So this is not just a problem with the profession but also with how the skill works in the game. Right now I'd say remove the recipe requirement, add build options (stairs) and lower profession cost. As an ideal though I'd say fix and enable the blacksmith code already in the game files, merging the skills (No way people are going to invest in 2 more skills just so they can make metal items). And then add at least one level to this profession.
  3. The Modders Wishlist

    Here's one more request that I think could help us modders: Update tiles definitions and give "Custom Name" values for most things there. It is a quick and reliable way to detect what the player is (right)clicking on. Also use this opportunity to "fix" several tiles that should be moveable, like the deer head on the wall.
  4. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 41

    I understand, but I feel that maybe having the lid (as it is named now) as a separate part could be better. Capacity defined by trunk, chance of items falling defined by the lid. And allow us to force trunk lids open, with crowbars or whatever. Also images are worth a thousand words, right?
  5. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 41

    I don't see an option to replace trunk doors, it feels weird that with everything we can replace in a car we are limited to using tape to hold a trunk in place. I'd like to know where exactly car keys can spawn right now. I have found them on the ground near the car and in the ignition. Never inside the house where the car was parked (I remember they used to in previous builds) or inside the glove box or other reasonable places. Seconding arkahys' complaint about trunk size for vans, they should have more total space. They barely make up for not having back seats right now. In singleplayer that might not be a big thing, but having back seats or more trunk space is an important decision for multiplayer. And for bugs, I still have a whole lot of drawing order bugs that I thought had been fixed. Train rails and other ground objects over a car, my character under it while in front of it, zombies too. Chain fences if I park my car too close behind them and so on.
  6. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 41

    I've noticed that too, and I didn't have the trait.
  7. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 41

    Are car engines harder to get started now? Even in cars with "green" engine condition and fuel levels it seems like a waste of time trying to get started. Over a dozen times isn't enough to get a 70% condition engine started there's something wrong.
  8. Supporting 1x and 2x Textures in Mods

    That guide is very old. I'd like to have a revised one, for example there's a 1x option when creating the pack file, but I have no idea what that does. I thought it would reduce my 128x256 textures to 64x128 but that isn't the case.
  9. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 41

    Same here, no bar in main menu.
  10. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 41

    I tried it today and I get this error, every time it checks. 1513188428284 function: getBodyTemperature -- file: Vehicles.lua line # 789 1513188428285 function: updateBodyTemperature -- file: season.lua line # 131 1513188428285 function: EveryTenMinutes -- file: season.lua line # 36 There is also a weird issue with entering a car through a door, then getting out of it through another door without changing seats.
  11. The Modders Wishlist

    Ok, here it goes! 1- Food items can use a custom context menu text to replace "eat", I'd like to have this option of other item types such as literature. 2- I'd like to have a food item option that makes it spawn already cooked. 3- Another interesting food item option is to change it into another item when frozen, like for example making our own popsicle or ice cream. 4- Yet one more food suggestion, I'd like the option to make an item that doesn`t "inherit" certain properties from its uncooked/unfinished version. Right now there are some stuff like happiness/boredom that seem to be tied, I want to have an uncooked item that doesn`t give happiness while the cooked version does, but last time I checked it wouldn't work. 5- Maps can open an image with all that map info on them, I think that allowing other items to have an associated image file that can be checked in game could be nice. This is a suggestion I already posted here. 6- For some reason the moveable item type can't be used in recipes. Removing that limitation could open some fun possibilities. 7- One thing I think we could mod, maybe with a few changes, are new skills. How about adding some placeholder skills to the list that we could use, and let us control which of them show up in game? I know that there are currently skills that aren`t used, like Blacksmith, but enabling it in game needs Java changes and I`d rather not do that. I will probably remember more ideas I had in mind later. Thank you for your efforts to help us modders!
  12. Items that open images

    Yes, that is what I mean, newspaper and magazines are the obvious examples, but there could be a lot of other uses as well. Check a medicine's box and maybe there are indications about side effects, or warning about overdoses. Take a painting or banner from a wall and maybe you can check is closely. I don't doubt it can be done right now with mods but I'm sure it would become more accessible. Why do people always think about Playboys? I'd think about car or cooking magazines with hints that don't need to be clearly written.
  13. Items that open images

    Can we have that map item functionality for other items, but without the mark system? It would be nice for immersion, like newspapers and magazines maybe other things. I'm sure modders would find interesting ways to use this mechanic.
  14. Rain protection

    I have an unfinished mod to do just that. But it needs edited java files to work and so far I haven't been able to compile them correctly.
  15. Onex's Pot Farm!

    Hi LacidOnex, are these issues in the version that uses my method? Does number 3 happen when using your mod only or when you use our 2 mods together?