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  1. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 24

    I'm assuming he's referring to the Dixie Trailer Park, located off the highway between Muldraugh and West Point.
  2. Pitch Battle

    If this becomes an option, I hope it's tied to a skill. A car painted by someone unskilled should have visible streaks and missed spots, while somebody who actually know what they're doing should be able to deck their ride in totally sweet flames and stars and stuff. Maybe paint a cool octopus on the hood.
  3. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 24

    I understood your post perfectly. I also understand that we have very different ideas about what constitutes "taking things too far", as you put it. What you see as overly complicated, I see as an interesting challenge. Also, I am perfectly comfortable waiting until 2018 if it means giving the developers time to do things right. It's what I've been doing for six years (I first bought this game in late 2011), and I feel we've been getting one hell of a game because of the developers have been given the time to do things right. If you want a rushed half-assed zombie game, there are plenty on the market to choose from.
  4. Alternative Unlocking Methods

    I'm still hoping we'll eventually be able to drive a car through the wall like an improvised battering ram on wheels.
  5. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 24

    All of those ideas sound awesome, and in a poll I would vote "hell yes" for every single one of them.
  6. If we get the option to wear neckties, then I hope the zombies get the option to grab them and pull us to our doom. Unless you wear a clip-on like a poser.
  7. Grave Harvest

    Body Harvest? Also the name of a 1998 N64 game developed by the same studio, back when they were known as DMA Design?
  8. Cell phones as communication in the game

    The phones found in game aren't cell phones - they're cordless phones. They're essentially land lines - they wouldn't work outside the house they're found in. Also, the game's set in 1993. Cellphones did exist in 1993, but they were rare and expensive. A stockbroker or a lawyer might own a cell phone, but the average person would consider them a luxury good. I also can't imagine the reception being very good in rural Kentucky in 1993 either. The cellular phone grid was still restricted to large cities at that point. Also, even land line telephones aren't working in Project Zomboid. Part of the game's lore is that the telecom network around Muldraugh is currently non-functioning. You can hear this from in-game radios/television. My assumption is that the local phone networks were shut down by the military to prevent news of the zombie outbreak from reaching the greater public.
  9. New Model

    The hatchback isn't new. I just think it looks a little oversized compared to the other vehicles.
  10. New Model

    Would taxis in small town Kentucky have advertisements (don't know if there's an actual term for them) on the roof? I live in a rural area, and I've never seen them on a taxi. Also, is it just me, or does that hatchback look way oversized compared to the rest of the cars? The doors especially look far larger than those seen on almost any of the other vehicles. Ignoring that, everything shown has me very excited.
  11. The Ultimate Car Thread

    With a high enough skill, you should be able to convert vehicles to run on alcohol or rig a gasifier to their engine.
  12. Released: Vehicle Tech Test build

    Wouldn't hotwiring be part of the electrical skill set? Perhaps non-electrically inclined survivors could steal their cars by breaking the ignition lock with a hammer and then just using a screwdriver to start the car? Granted, that would be very noisy and time consuming. And you'd probably be more likely to break something than actually start the car due to not knowing what the hell you were actually doing. But it would be an alternative...
  13. 37 n’ Next

    I'm assuming we'll have a way to access locked cars without having the requisite keys. Such as digging around in the door with a wire coat hanger or just plain smashing the window.
  14. RELEASED: Build 37.14

    I'm going to guess it's a mod. I ran into the same problem when I was using the Literature Mod.
  15. Hot Wheels

    Maybe balance those Corvettes out with a few none too gently used Camaros and Mustangs. And hopefully a few trailer park muscle cars - the kind that look like they're held together with a combination of rust, Bondo, and primer paint.