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  1. I'm pretty sure there used to be a mod that did exactly what you're describing. I'm too lazy to go searching for it - but it was call the "Literature" mod or something like that. It was quite a while ago, though, so it's highly doubtful that said mod would work with the current version of PZ.
  2. Obviously it would be a knockoff version, but video rental stores were everywhere in the 90s.
  3. Octopus


    DVDs in 1993? Wow! Rural Kentucky must have been on the cutting edge of consumer technology. Seriously though - that's a feature I've been looking forward to for a while! Now TVs will no longer be useless hulks after the first week or so.
  4. I'm pretty sure all of these are due to be added in time - with the exception of watching DVDs (because the game is set in 1993).
  5. Correct me if I'm wrong (and - having very little real world experience with baseball bats - I very well could be) but aren't aluminum baseball bats hollow - and thus of lighter weight than wooden bats? Wouldn't said weight difference cause them to be slightly less damaging than a wooden bat?
  6. School shootings weren't quite as common in 1993 (when the game is set) as they are today. I'm totally with you with regards to adding more items to school lockers, however. Maybe some food - bags of chips, bottles of soda, and the like? EDIT: While we're on the topic of lockers, I'd also like to request that school lockers be differentiated from other lockers - such as those at the country club. It's a bit weird searching through those lockers and finding school supplies and comic books as opposed to golf clubs, tennis rackets, and unsightly golf attire.
  7. On a related note - why not give us actual candlestick holders to loot. Granted, they likely wouldn't be overly common...
  8. Gotta second this. Why shouldn't people be able to paint whatever they want in their own game?
  9. I'd love the option to import my own music into the game, to listen to using in-game radios.
  10. We should definitely be able to convert vehicles and generators to run on alcohol. Although alcohol-powered engines tend to have problems starting in cold temperatures, so you might need an alternate source of power during the winter.
  11. Thought of a few more suggestions for lock-circumnavigation: Bump Key - Essentially a specially-key cut (almost looks like a blank key) designed to be "bumped" in a lock, moving the pins momentarily and allowing the lock cylinder to be turned. Snap Gun - I don't have any excuse for forgetting to mention this in my other post - seeing as I actually own one. A snap gun is essentially a gun-shaped mechanical lock pick. Insert the "barrel" into the lock, pull the trigger, and turn the cylinder with a tension wrench. Easy to use, but with a slight chance of breaking the lock. Electric versions also exist. Ninja Rocks - Another tool for breaking into cars. Ninja rocks are broken shards of ceramic spark plugs that can be thrown at a car window to silently break it. Useful for when you need to quickly get into a locked car without alerting nearby zombies. Only works with car windows.
  12. This may be slightly outside the purview of this topic (seeing as how it deals with doors on buildings), but what about a slim jim for breaking into cars? Or even a plain old wire coathanger?
  13. Octopus


    Damn. There go my dreams of disco-dancing my way through the apocalypse. Will there at least be polyester leisure suits?
  14. I think you and I have very differing standards on what constitutes a "small" town. Also that's not factoring in the populations of Riverside, Rosewood, and March Point which - although they're fictional - would still increase the population of the in-game world. I can't say by how much they would increase the in-game population -only the devs know that. Also, one has to factor in the city of Louisville which - although it hasn't been added to the game yet - contains over 500,000 people! I can easily imagine the people of Muldraugh and the like making the occasional shopping trip to "The Big City" so they can stock up on items and groceries they can't get in their hometowns. Unfortunately, I don't have any answers with regards to the availability of coconuts in 1993. I'm too young to be able to draw on personal experiences, and I'm not having much luck finding anything online either. I do know that coconuts were given away as prizes in fair games in the UK throughout the 20th and late 19th centuries (which is where the 1944 song "I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts comes from"). That could mean that coconuts were common enough to be given away as cheap prizes, or they were rare and exotic enough to be worth playing a rigged fairground game for the chance to win one. My guess is that they started as the latter, and ended up as the former. Lastly I would like to state that I never said coconuts should be so common that you find them in every second house you break into in PZ. I don't know if different food items are assigned different rarity values in PZ, but coconuts should definitely be rarer than apples and oranges. Maybe you've broken into the house owned by the one person on the street who enjoys fresh coconut milk. Just like you can currently break into the house owned by the one Cajun-cooking enthusiast on the block who stocks remoulade. Yes. Yes I did.
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