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  1. Crashed Cars Mod

    Will we be able to loot the interiors as well as the trunks?
  2. Filibuster Rhymes' Used Cars!

    Much obliged.
  3. Filibuster Rhymes' Used Cars!

    Everything looks awesome, but is there any way to download this for those of us who don't have a Steam account?
  4. Is Rosewood and riverside real places?

    Personally, I'm not a fan of how PZ mixes fictional towns with real world locations. I'm more interested in seeing what gameplay possibilities can be extracted from the real-world setting - rather than making them up whole cloth. That said, I acknowledge that my opinion on this matter is likely in the minority. Still thought I'd throw it in the mix.
  5. Pills addiction and overdosing.

    Perhaps there should be different types of painkillers in Project Zomboid: Low level painkillers such as acetaminophen (Tylenol) and ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin) would be extremely easy to find (homes, shops, and vehicle gloveboxes) and entirely non-addictive. Unfortunately, they would only be useful when dealing with low-level pain such as shallow cuts and scratches. Maybe your character could get random headaches (or hangovers) in the future that would also be treated with these painkillers. Opioids such as codeine and oxycodone would be the next step-up in terms of painkiller strength. These pills would be used for treating severe pain such as that associated with deeper cuts and fractures (though they'd still be ineffective against agonizing pain). They'd also be significantly harder to find than over-the-counter drugs - mostly found in clinics, pharmacies, and rarely in homes. Opioids would have the potential to be addictive - especially if taken regularly over a long period of time. Using opioids would also result in a small penalty to accuracy and coordination. Morphine would be used for treating the most agonizing wounds. Found only in hospitals (and maybe ambulances), morphine would need to be injected into the injured party using a syringe. Morphine would quickly neutralize any and all pain, but with heavy side-effects similar to those of being severely drunk - including sudden extreme tiredness and a loss of coordination and accuracy. It goes without saying that morphine usage would be extremely addictive.
  6. I absolutely agree with everything else, but wouldn't old newspapers have long disintegrated into uselessness by the time you find them? Paper doesn't hold up to the elements well.
  7. Bruises

    Hell yes! Give us the opportunity to: - Temporarily deafen ourselves when we fire a gun in enclosed environments (possibly negated with earplugs) - Temporarily blind ourselves by welding without eye protection - Risk driving a nail through our hand with low carpentry skill - Risk burning ourselves or slicing a finger open with low cooking skill - Twist our ankle when running through the woods in a blind panic We can always use more chances to injure ourselves (especially through our own stupidity) in Project Zomboid.
  8. Defecation v1.2

    Will we eventually be able to dig a basic pit latrine with a shovel? Maybe build an outhouse depending on our carpentry skill? Or maybe adult diapers could be added to the game. Useful for those of us who're prone to getting the crap scared out of them on a regular basis.
  9. World Furniture!!!

    Maybe certain garage doors on homes and businesses could be motorized. If you wanted to open the door without hammering it down - you'd need to find the corresponding garage door remote (or at least one that operated on the same frequency). The remotes would be found in homes, on zombies, or inside vehicles. Of course, someone with sufficient electrical skill would simply be able to cobble together their own garage door remote. And it goes without saying that motorized garage doors would be noisy as hell - so you'd have to consider whether whatever's in the garage is worth opening the door and attracting every zombie within earshot.
  10. 880. Give us the ability to clean bloodstains with more than just mops. I fail to see why sponges or even rags wouldn't work just as well. 881. Ice Cream Sundaes! We've got ice cream. We've got bowls. We've got nuts and cherries. Let us throw them all together and create an ice cream sundae to chase the post-apocalypse blues away! Some syrups (chocolate, caramel, and strawberry) and whipped cream (EDIT: and sprinkles!) wouldn't go amiss either.

    Pretty much all electronics should have some effect on indoor temperatures - especially in a small room. When I was living with my parents, I remember having to open my bedroom window in winter to deal with the heat emanating from my computer and X-Box.
  12. 875. Tooks Bear! I'm assuming the "Tooks Bear" advertised on the in-game radio is a parody of the electronic "Teddy Ruxpin" toy that was sold in the 80's and 90's. If that's the case - shouldn't we be able to find it in-game and disassemble it for Electrical EXP?
  13. Major Buildings Request Thread

    How about some taxi stands/depots/garages? All those taxicabs have to be coming from somewhere.
  14. More panic factors

    I know I certainly panic when triggering an alarm in-game. My character definitely should.
  15. Major Buildings Request Thread

    Public Libraries seem to be missing from most towns in the game.