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  1. With a high enough skill, you should be able to convert vehicles to run on alcohol or rig a gasifier to their engine.
  2. Wouldn't hotwiring be part of the electrical skill set? Perhaps non-electrically inclined survivors could steal their cars by breaking the ignition lock with a hammer and then just using a screwdriver to start the car? Granted, that would be very noisy and time consuming. And you'd probably be more likely to break something than actually start the car due to not knowing what the hell you were actually doing. But it would be an alternative...
  3. I'm assuming we'll have a way to access locked cars without having the requisite keys. Such as digging around in the door with a wire coat hanger or just plain smashing the window.
  4. I'm going to guess it's a mod. I ran into the same problem when I was using the Literature Mod.
  5. Maybe balance those Corvettes out with a few none too gently used Camaros and Mustangs. And hopefully a few trailer park muscle cars - the kind that look like they're held together with a combination of rust, Bondo, and primer paint.
  6. Cool as they are, I'm hoping those 4th gen Corvette lookalikes aren't going to be too common. It'll be a little harmful to my suspension of disbelief if there's a brand new sports car parked on every street in rural Kentucky.
  7. Yes. There's nothing game developers hate more than people being hyped about their work.
  8. Not to nitpick, but the lightbar on the ambulance in the video is wrong. I'm pretty sure only police vehicles use red and blue lights. Other emergency vehicles such as ambulances would use red and white lights. Edit: I am aware that these vehicles are works in progress, and that you may already be aware of this problem but haven't fixed it yet due to having much bigger fish to fry.
  9. Breaking through a wall in a car is entirely doable, so long as you don't mind wrecking the car (and potentially killing yourself) in the process.
  10. Watching that car crash at the end of the video makes me wonder if at some point we'll be able crash through walls as opposed to merely into them. Granted, such an action would be noisy and would likely disable the car, but it would give us another means of entering locked buildings. Ram-raiding the gun shop, anyone?
  11. Traveling through the sewers seems a tad unrealistic for a game like Project Zomboid. Sewer systems in real life (especially in rural areas) are mostly comprised of pipes too small for an adult to fit through. Even if they were large enough to travel through, you'd still be dealing with the fact that real sewers contain little to no breathable oxygen and an abundance of toxic gases. Also: Alligators. The rest of the ideas are solid, however. Especially the air conditioners and space heaters. For far too long we've been at the merciless whims of nature's fickle temperatures, powerless to comfort ourselves save for the shedding of sweaters.
  12. Along with throwing microwaves, would we be able to simply bash zombies over the head with it? As long as we're using them as weapons...
  13. Am I the only person who kind of likes (certain) stale foods IRL? Because now I'm thinking there should be a trait for that kind of thing in-game. "Character Is Weird And Is Not Bothered By Stale Food", or some-such. Granted, rotten foods would still be a problem.
  14. Yes! And toaster pastries! And frozen waffles! And food should get stuck in them! And we should be able to electrocute ourselves by trying to dig the food out with a metal fork!
  15. On that note, aren't rose petals eatable as well? Surely somebody in Kentucky must have had a rose garden growing at the time of the zombapocalypse. EDIT: And now I'm wishing we could grow flowers in the game. Just because it's the end of the world doesn't mean we can't spruce up our bases with a few flower beds.