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Found 101 results

  1. I've noticed that butchering a Dead Rabbit increases the number of calories from 373 to 969 (as well as increasing the other stats). Also when building a Double Fence Gate, the only materials consumed are the hinges, making it easy to spam walls of it, if you have the hinges.
  2. Vaileasys

    Jar of [Food] "minor" bugs

    These are a few bugs I've noticed associated with all the Jar of [Food] in build 40.7. 1. Cooking They all have an "Uncooked" tag, which upon cooking, doesn't seem to do anything, apart from changing to "Cooked". Burning gives the usual +20 boredom and unhappiness, except it can't be eaten, only opened. Upon opening, nothing seems to have changed with the contents. Possibly I'm missing something? I considered it might be part of the pickling process, however I don't think that's normal when pickling food. They are set to be cookable in newitems.txt. So maybe just leftover code after switching from making jam? Snippet from newitems.txt, associated with each pickled food. OnCooked = CannedFood_OnCooked, IsCookable = TRUE, MinutesToBurn = 120, MinutesToCook = 60, 2. Nutrition While they can't be consumed as is, the nutrition values are shown if you have the nutritionist trait, although they are all 0 (zero). In newitems.txt they don't have any, not that they need them though. Just a minor hassle seeing the nutrition values. 3. Opening Opening a jar will only return the contents and the empty jar, but not the lid.
  3. Friendly bandit

    Flatbread Mod

    Hi, I just made my first mod for PZ. With this mod you can make flatbread. It's good alternative to normal bread, because flatbread doesn't need yeast. All you need is just flour, some water, bowl, salt (optional) and heat source. flatbread is good ingredient (-15/-14 hunger) for salad, stir-fry, soup and stew. Unsalted version of flatbread spoils bit faster. Hope you will like it ^^
  4. Found this after having this issue myself several times. It seems to happen when you don't have a constant supply of electricity, i.e. you turn off the generator for short periods to refuel. At a later time when you remove food to make meals or move things around it will unfreeze and instantly rot. I posted a little more detail in the above thread.
  5. I really like that there are totally not perishable food that are in Zomboid, as despite pretty much everything having a shelf time label IRL, some things can pretty much survive indefinitely, only slightly losing their taste and visual appeal and maybe some nutrients at most (Twinkies), and I also like that foods doesn't disappear when rotten, still having option to eat it in a pinch with all consequences, use it as a fertilizer to produce more food or as a pest-deterrent (milk), and use it to train cooking, when master chef (lol) can even add part of it to a healthy dish, even if it sometimes can be unrealistic for meat that's been spoiled for ages . With all that in mind, however, I'm always surprised that there's a few items that don't spoil while they clearly shouldn't. Let me list it here: Butter the most obvious one, which even spawns in fridges, yet with the current mechanic you don't even have to bother keeping it refrigerated as it never spoils. Gameplay-wise you do lose an option to make pie dough when all butter spoils sadly, but you can't make a cake batter without a milk anyway, and flour can still be used to make bread dough. Eventually, I'd love to see options to get your own butter and milk (there are mods for that, including the addition of UHT milk though it was oddly unpopular in USA at 1990s and powdered milk by Hydrocraft). And I assume that might come if animals gets introduced (just have your own cow, sheep or goat and voila, milk!) – until then we should deal with it spoiling in vanilla game for realism/consistency sake and maybe add powdered alternatives to make different cakes/pies/etc. without butter?. Cake Batter, Cake Preparation, Pie Batter, Pie Preparation while technically a nice way to preserve it before all milk expires in case of cake, I think it should rot in a similar fashion if not quicker than the resulting products. In the meantime until animals gets added, I would welcome alternative ingredients to make it without perishables too (see above ) Melted Ice Cream it's nice that ice cream melts when unfrozen, but it should spoil pretty quickly in a melted state too, being a dairy product that attracts germs (unless it's a water ice cream, then I guess it's possible?) Marinara, Mustard and Ketchup while those have a long shelf time, Mayonnaise and Remoulade currently expire, so it'd be natural if those would too. Originally I also considered yeast, but since it's drainable item (similar to Flour, Sugar (which causes issues as evolved recipe ingredient) and Vinegar but I'd love it to change since they are food by themselves after all, as well as Antidepressants, Beta Blockers, Painkillers, Sleeping Tablets and Vitamins – certainly not less than Bleach, Cigarettes, Antibiotics or medical plants) and it's a way to make bread when everything expires and normal yeast spoils quite quickly, we can pretend it's dried yeast, unless you want to implement baking powder as well, which would be welcome addition ).
  6. Thirst values from vegetables and fruits do not currently carry to evolved recipes, particularly seen when you make a salad or a fruit salad. Currently only soups, stews and hot drinks satiate thirst, but this is from the water container, not the food in them.
  7. I have reported the issue some time ago, back when nutrition was being tested, but there are a few items currently in game that are not present in any of the lua files nor are not obtained from any recipe, meaning they can't be obtained in game with any regular means – these are: From items.txt: Dough (Dough) not to be confused with BreadDough (currently called simply "Bread" in game) which uses Dough icon and they have the same nutrition value filled by @RobertJohnson back then. It's a remnant of the food recipes before evolved recipes arrived, so probably could be marked as OBSOLETE – however SpiffoBot at Discord still lists some (non-vanilla) recipes for it when asked for it. DoughRolled (Rolled Dough) also remnant from the old food recipes, but this time SpiffoBot lists no recipes. BakingTrayBread (Baking Tray with Bread) ditto – to keep the name in style with other items it should also be called "Baking Tray with Bread". GrilledCheese (Grilled Cheese Sandwich) remnant of the past – this doesn't spawn anywhere, but it's used in Hydrocraft it seems – this item doesn't have any nutrition values in vanilla game at least and is the only item that explicitly have DangerousUncooked = FALSE flag set. it is also the only remaining item that satiates whooping 80 hunger. RamenBowl (Bowl of Ramen Noodles) No longer used since evolved recipes. From newitems.txt: CookieJelly (Raspberry Shortbread) Doesn't spawn anywhere and is not used in any recipes. Have unique artwork and everything including nutrition filled. CookieChocolateChip (Cookie) ditto. Candycane (Candycane) ditto. From farming.txt: BloomingBroccoli (Seeding Broccoli) remnant of the old farming at the time it was still a mod? Have the same nutritional value as regular Broccoli.
  8. Not counting the Grill Cheesed cheese I mentioned in my other bug report, evolved items that inherit the value and edible items that satiate no hunger, there are 7 items that contribute to hunger, but give no nutrition according to what's in files – I reported the issue back when nutrition was in testing. These items are: From items.txt: Salt (Salt) Pepper (Pepper) Both are used as spice, but can also be eaten alone which results in unhappy but satiated character, but without any nutritional values or calories. I assume adding spices correctly adds nutrition values to dishes too (none in case of those two), since other spices have nutrition values. From newitems.txt: CommonMallow (Common Mallow) LemonGrass (Lemon Grass) BlackSage (Black Sage) Ginseng (Ginseng) These four are obtained from foraging – while these are used for medicinal purposes they satiate 1 hunger each, so you can keep your character alive by eating those but give no nutritional values and calories at all. From farming.txt: RemouladeFull (Remoulade) Remoulade is sad, as it can not be used as a spice, unlike Ketchup, Mayonaise, Marinara, nor it is usable in any evolved recipe – but when it comes to eating it alone, it contributes no nutritional value while making your character sad but satiated.
  9. Currently potatoes doesn't require to be cooked and eating them raw does no harm. In reality, they are slightly poisonous until cooked. Sweet potato is slightly better in this aspects, but so can you get away with eating raw eggs or even meat which all have DangerousUncooked flag set.
  10. I originally wanted to post it in Small but Important Suggestions Thread, but since it grew to be more than a small suggestion, I decided to make a separate thread for it. Currently, we have the CantBeFrozen flag, as well as the cooling down and freezing mechanic as well as related blue color change and freezing progress bar and icon for food that extends their shelf time, but it applies to food (Type = Food) items extensively. In the opposite, there's a temperature mechanic for food that depends on the heat source and temperature settings, as well as related GoodHot and BadCold flags and a related red color bar which this time applies to all items, but only have effect on food that either can be cooked or has the before mentioned flags. Those mechanics are fine, but not without issues it seems but what I'd love to see is extending it to be slightly more realistic for other items. Currently you can put items with CantBeFrozen inside the working freezer and while they don't get the benefit of freezer, they also don't get the disadvantage of freezing (having to thaw). Conversely, you can put a book in oven and it'll be just fine. With that in mind, here's what I suggest: At the very basics, all items should froze when put in the freezer and have to be thawed before using, including items that have CantBeFrozen flag (see below for details) and items that are not Type = Food. Accidentally put your gun in the freezer and want to shoot it? Sorry, you have to let it thaw. Similarily, putting non-cookable items in heat sources should destroy them (and risk a fire?). Ideally those items would be replaced with (Burnt) version of said item – similar to cookable food – alternatively replaced a generic item such as ash, to easily identify the item was destroyed and having to remove it afterwards. In case of the latter, ash even can have some uses. Finally, items with CantBeFrozen flag should get damaged (destroyed?) when frozen – packaged drinks, milks and eggs, would explode for example. However, CantBeFrozen flag currently isn't much consistent with its usage. Right now from perishable foods, only eggs, wild eggs (but not egg carton!) and milk have it, when only a part of nonperishable items have that flag. Which brings me to the following conclusion: only items that pose a risk when frozen should have the CantBeFrozen flag, as it seems to be an original idea, as almost all bottled liquids got the flag initially. Over time additional items got it, mainly things like antibiotics, cigarettes, salt, pepper. I don't quite get what was the logic to add the flag to Chips, Instant Popcorn, Peanuts and Sunflower Seeds (though the latter weren't even possible to find in the game shortly before this flag was implemented) when other perishables don't have this flag. If my last suggestion would be implemented, then usage of this flag could be tweaked, with only tightly sealed liquids to pose a thread of damaging when frozen, most of which already got the tag anyway. For details, see my food spreadsheet. The whole system would certainly need some tweaks to get it right, depending on how accurate it'd be, for example some items would burn faster than other (magazines, books), especially when put in campfire, and some would actually explode (fuel, deodorant, ammunition). Some items would actually survive too, depending on temperature (metal things), on the other hand putting metal things in microwave would risk a broken microwave or even a small fire too, which was already suggested, most recently here. Heck, maybe that could actually replace the current add fuel to campfire mechanic eventually? Something like other sandboxes such as Minecraft have – if it can burn, it can extend the time campfire is lit when put inside the container. All of these suggestions would reuse the mechanics that are already there and I think would fit nice with the temperature/weather overhaul with the addition of outside temperature having effect on food as well (cooling down in winter causing it to last longer when outside or heating up when left in summer, causing it to rot faster, as was originally suggested in the weather test build thread by @vanorfeadiel and later expanded by me:
  11. Hello All, I'm using ItemZED to work on an item mod. The idea is that an unopened bottle of mayo is shelf stable and found on grocery shelves, and can then be opened to give a full, perishable bottle of standard mayo. this enables good sammies later in the game. First, heres the candypackage and recipe i'm imitating ' However, the LuaCode for the candy package using the OnCreate (string) line does not seem to correspond to what happens in game. In game, you create the lollipops. However, the luacode called by oncreate shows the following, and does not create mint candy. function OpenCandyPackage_OnCreate(items, result, player) player:getInventory():AddItem("Base.MintCandy"); player:getInventory():AddItem("Base.MintCandy"); player:getInventory():AddItem("Base.MintCandy"); player:getInventory():AddItem("Base.MintCandy"); player:getInventory():AddItem("Base.MintCandy"); player:getInventory():AddItem("Base.MintCandy"); end I've tried my own codes, with and without the functions. my function: function OpenMayoPackage_OnCreate(items, result, player) player:getInventory():AddItem("Base.MayonnaiseFull"); end and heres my item currently. I've had the corresponding oncreate line in there too, but it didn't seem to do anything. I get the correct context, but no MayonnaiseFull is created when I execute the recipe.
  12. abreu20011

    Food Expiration Date

    Food Expiration Date Welcome to Food Expiration Date forum thread. When I play with my girlfriend, we always have thousand of problems to administrate the food before they rotten, so I decide create a mod that help us in this scenario. I think not exists a mod with expiration date in food so I hope this mod will be useful for the community too. With this mod, the players in a single game now can knows the status about any food gets. Also, the mod include a trait called "Eye to food" that increases the information about status rotten food, including the hours. I hope this helps in your days into the hell and safe your body one day more. The mod is located to english, spanish, polish and german. Feel free to amplify and post the result. I'll add the new locations posted to the mod. Special Thanks to Svarog and Blindcoder with his translations! The located files are in .../media/lua/shared/ (Remember rename folders and beginning of the file) Any suggestion or report bugs, please use this tread. How to Use: Only that you need is move the mouse over the food and the new option in the Tooltip tells the status of a food and time left to expire if you have the new trait "Eye to Food" Current Download (v1.3.1) PZ Early Access v31.13 CLICK HERE Screenshots: Update History: Credit Credit Where Credit Is Due Please, don't download the attached files: it's a deprecated version. Use the link at first of post.
  13. The Last of Us 1.5 DUE TO A SERVER BUG, TO PLAY IT ON YOUR SERVER YOU HAVE TO DISABLE DoCheckSum under INI! 1.5 Features! Wiki: here is my shitty wiki Screenshots in Workshop page!!! Workshop Version: New Clothes New Backpacks New Items/Weapons New Food New High-Quality icons! 3D Models! Clicker rests system that allows you to inspect them for loot! (with proper tools!) A Silent Bow, with 3D Models! New Gear-Crafting-System similar to TLOU One (and Tools LVL 1-2-3) Planned Features: NEW IN GAME TEXTURES! Music More 3D Models Full Necroforge Support (soon) New Zombie Behaviour (i need help for this) A lot of new items every week! Translations Fireflies stuff Please subscribe (on Steam Workshop), favourite and RATE UP! =D Workshop ID: 869169809 Mod ID: TLOU
  14. trombonaught

    Cooking system

    This is out of the "small but important suggestions" thread. I've started a new topic so it's easier to have a discussion and collect our ideas in one place- what are yor thoughts on the cooking system as it is now? 589. Food Prep Taken from the Vehicles build 26 thread: I also find that cooking could be a little more elegant in design. I understand there were some changes made in the build 26 (main game, not vehicles) but I wasn't around to know what those changes were. I liked Shin's idea above and might expand on it like this: 1. Similar to the present method, right-click on a food item to see your food prep options (prepare salad, stir-fry, etc). 2. After choosing an option, a "grocery/recipe list" comes up. This is a list of all food in range that can be used in the dish you selected (eg. chicken stir-fry also brings up butter, noodles, condiments, etc). 3. You click checkboxes beside the food items to select the ingredients you wish to use. If you have enough of an item to use it multiple times, perhaps after selecting it once it can spawn an additional checkbox to allow you to add more of it (repeating the process until you have no more portions remaining). 3.5 As you click to add more food, the recipe stats (hunger, happiness, etc) update to reflect your current selection. 4. You click a button at the bottom of the recipe list, something like "prepare." This triggers a progress bar with timing scaled to be proportional to the number of ingredients you are preparing. 5. Once you have a prepared dish, you can still right-click on it to reopen the recipe list and add more food to it. This process isn't radically different from what we have now, but it cuts the number of food-prep clicks in half (no more reopening the context menu for each item). It also gets rid of the start-and-stop progress bars invoked by the multiple item adds we have now. I don't know how hard it would be to code in that recipe list, but if done it would save the cooks of Knox County plenty of tediousness! ADDITIONAL SUGGESTIONS From @Damien Darkside below: Food Prep station "those who have played Minecraft with the "Pam's Harvestcraft" and "Cooking for Blockheads" mods installed know what I am talking about, a dedicated system like that would be great."
  15. As we all can see, every house in pz has mostly canned food at the kitchen, and sometimes a small amout of other food. I think there should be less canned food, and more other, healty food, for example: fruits and vegetables, cereals, different sweets ( cuz now only place where i can find sweets is a trash can for some reason) So, its not realistic, when in every kitchen in every desk there are about 5 cans of food, and nothing else, no variety i mean
  16. Crossbow7734

    Some Random Ideas

    I've just got an idea. I believe we should get delivery man occupation, it should reduce actually driven cars negative aspects a bit and improve positve ones. Like, It would be easier to turn the van, and you can get more storage or stg. I hope you understand what I mean. Maybe it would be better to split it to two occupations like delivery man (for bigger vehicles) and pizza boy, or something like this (for normal sized cars and/or motorbikes in future) Another separate idea i've got some time ago: I'd love to be able to carry a touristic refrigerator (you know this blue and white battery powered boxes used for keeping your beer bottles cold on picnic or something.) And this mug that can keep your drinks hot for few hours(I forgot the word ;p ). This would be useful in Autmn and winter when it starts to get cold outside, and a sip or two of hot coffe could help you not freeze to death on long scavenging runs. It's nothing very oryginal and creative vut I haven't seen sugestions like this here. (I still could have missed them, then im sorry if I do.)
  17. On the way home from work today I got a hankering for some fried chicken and it made me think: "Why doesn't PZ have fried chicken?!" So additional items: Vegetable oil Tongs Additional recipes: Fried anything Requires: Frying Pan (keep) Tongs (keep) Meat/Vegetables (consume) Creates: Fried Meat/Vegetable with happiness + a lot (everyone loves fried foods) A fun extra could be that low cooking skill promotes house fires! On another note, since we now have controls for the ovens/microwaves perhaps we can have a right click - read package to get cooking instructions for things like the TV dinners. I seem to burning them a lot more lately lol.
  18. Hello comunity of project zomboid, I am grateful that you have gone through this suggestion. I was talking with my friends and we talk about project zomboid, i tell s suggestion and my friends start to say more suggestions and thats howthey were created. This suggestions are for the community, if anyone love this ideas please help us shareing this suggestion to someone else. I begin with the suggestion of the prosthesis. The second idea is about eat zombies (Yes, what you read): The next idea is about the armors: And the last idea but equally important is the idea of the coliseum and waves: Credits:
  19. I tried with some codes but not working local Player = getSpecificPlayer(0); local Item = Player:getPrimaryHandItem(); if (instanceof(Item, "Food") and Item:getType() == "Bass") then if Item ~= nil and Item:IsRotten() then luautils.okModal("YES", true); else luautils.okModal("NO", true); end end --SOLVED!!!!
  20. Rodjah

    Creating new Food Recipes

    I've tried to figure out this last weeks on how the food system works in the game. I started with a simple food item, but when I wanted to make a step to step recipe, I noticed that is not as simple as it looks. I'm still complicated to change the display food icon, after testing many times the MinutesToBurn and DaysTotallyRotten parameter, when the item gets root or burned. I'm trying for example to make a cookie recipe Module MoreFood { Recipe Make Cookie Batter { Bowl, Flour=2, Butter;15, Sugar=1, Chocolate, Egg, Yeast, Milk, Result:CookieBatter, Time:50.0, Category:Cooking, OnGiveXP:Give10CookingXP, } Imports { Base, } Item CookieBatter { Weight = 0.3, Type = Normal, DisplayName = Cookie Batter, Icon = MF_CookieBatter, } So after get the ingredients I have this new item ( Cookie Batter) , the next thing is making a Cookie dough Recipe Make Cookie Dough { CookieBatter, Keep RollingPin, Result:CookieDough, Time:50.0, Category:Cooking, OnGiveXP:Give5CookingXP, } item CookieDough { Weight = 0.3, Type = Normal, DisplayName = Cookie Dough, Icon = MF_CookieDough, } The problem here is that I can't get the bowl back when I write "Result: CookieDough;Bowl" , next thing is placing the dough in a baking pan recipe Make Baking Tray With Cookie Dough { BakingTray, CookieDough, Result:BakingTrayCookieDough, Time:50.0, Category:Cooking, OnGiveXP:Give2CookingXP, } item BakingTrayCookieDough { Type = Food, DisplayName = Baking Tray With Cookie Dough, Icon = MF_BakingTrayCookieDough, ReplaceOnCooked = MF.BakingTrayCookieDone, IsCookable = TRUE, MinutesToCook = 20, MinutesToBurn = 40, } Here is where happen the most of the problem, when I put this on an oven after reach the cooking time the item disapears and it says "ItemContainer.Additem: can't find MF.BakingTrayCookie" but the " BakingTrayCookie" is in the item script. My head is almost to blow up hahaha Now what happens when you decide to use a metal cookie mold to place the dough in the baking tray? without burning them recipe Make Baking Tray With Cookie Dough { Keep CookieMetalMold, Keep RollingPin, BakingTray, CookieDough, Result:BakingTrayCookieDough, Time:50.0, Category:Cooking, OnGiveXP:Give10CookingXP, } item BakingTrayCookieDough { Type = Food, DisplayName = Baking Tray With Cookie Dough, Icon = MF_BakingTrayCookieDough, ReplaceOnCooked = MF.BakingTrayCookieDone, IsCookable = TRUE, MinutesToCook = 20, MinutesToBurn = 40, } Once it's done our cookies are ready ,but we need to take them back from the baking tray. I've try many ways to make a functional script without any success, it seems that the "Result: Base.BakingTray; MF.Cookies" can't be an action. recipe Take Cookies from Baking Tray { BakingTrayCookieDone, Result:BakingTray; MF.Cookies, Time:10.0, Category:Cooking, OnGiveXP:Give15CookingXP, } Would someone please give me a hand? I want release this mod before Christmass...
  21. Hey i just wanted to say that with the introduction of metal and metal working, would the Devs eventually put in canning your own food? It seems like a simple process... I even found a video about it xD There can be canning machines found, (rarely) through out the urban areas, they require electricity so with the addition of the generators and gas it would make a great addition to the game. You would have to start farming early on and then you can make your own food storage for late game. Also i'd also love to see a way to create a makeshift fishing rod from nothing but what you find in the wilderness. That brings up a new way of making string or rope, from vines or just from zombie's clothes. Anyway i'm sure these ideas have been posted before but i'm just bringing it back up.
  22. Pwnlord

    Nursery with rare plants

    It'd be nice if in one of the more urban areas you could find a plant nursery with seedlings, saplings, cuttings, and all the other sources of rare fruit you could want. The catch? You'll need to get there before the power gets shut off, because the automatic watering system will only last so long, and allll those rare plants will die without water. You'll never taste a banana, orange, pineapple, lemon, or avocado again...unless you can get in, get the sprouts and seedlings, and load them into your car before the zed get there. It'd also have big stocks of seeds, shovels, trowels, watering cans, spray bottles, fertilizer, pre-made mildew and bug spray, and everything else you could want to stock your little backyard garden. Planting trees would take a year before you'd see any result, and you'd need to plant the tropical trees inside a two-storey greenhouse for them to survive, let alone thrive. But you could stay a happy gourmand, with the last banana palms in the Continental US.
  23. GOGOblin


    We already have carb-protein-fat tables for food, how about adding vitamin C ? This will make foraging and farming more valuable even if cans, dried meat and chips are abundant. I've read the "longest survival" topic here and I think cooking section needs some survival additions. Lack of vitamin C leads to scurvy - a couple of months on chips and canned meat and you get this: wiki: Early symptoms are malaise and lethargy. Even earlier might be a pain in a section of the gums which interferes with digestion. After 1–3 months, patients develop shortness of breath and bone pain. Myalgias may occur because of reduced carnitineproduction. Other symptoms include skin changes with roughness, easy bruising and petechiae, gum disease, loosening of teeth, poor wound healing, and emotional changes (which may appear before any physical changes). Dry mouth and dry eyes similar to Sjögren's syndrome may occur. In the late stages, jaundice, generalized edema, oliguria, neuropathy, fever, convulsions, and eventual death are frequently seen.[7] According to russian wiki you need 1 month without vitamin C in you diet or about a half-year without enough C to get into trouble.
  24. Crotchfire

    Making sauerkraut!

    This is inspired by the fact that my girlfriend and I have been making homemade sauerkraut recently. If you've never tried making your own sauerkraut, doing so is surprisingly easy. All you really need is a knife, a head of cabbage, a 1-1.5 tablespoons of salt, a bowl, a jar, and something that's heavy but also fits in the jar. (Suggested PZ ingredients: kitchen knife, cabbage, salt shaker, jar, bowl, stone) Chop the cabbage into little bits. Put the bits into the bowl. Put the salt in. Squeeze and mix the bits and cabbage until you get a fair amount of juice to come out (5-10 minutes). At this point, put all the cabbage into the jar. Pack it in as much as you can. Pour the cabbage juice into the jar over the cabbage, enough so that it's completely submerged. Put the weight into the jar to help keep the cabbage submerged in its juices (IRL, I use a smaller jar that fits into the larger jar--jarception--but in PZ, a rock would do the job). Put the jar in a room temperature place out of the way somewhere. Come back after 2-6 days and voila, homemade sauerkraut. Of note: any cabbage that's not submerged can grow mold on it, so be sure you've submerged as much of it as you can. If mold does grow, just discard the moldy bits; the rest should be fine. Don't completely seal the jar; if air can't escape, it doesn't ferment very well. That said, you may want to put a cloth or something over the jar opening to keep the area from getting too smelly while the fermentation magic happens. Sauerkraut doesn't go bad quickly once made (it's very acidic and salty, natural preservatives), so if the player is growing tons of cabbages and has spare salt, this can be a great way of preserving food. It's not hugely filling by itself however, so I would think it game it'd function more as a condiment (goes into salads, stews, sandwiches...) than a meal unless the player is desperate. By itself, it'd be like -10 hunger (varying according to cooking skill), +10 thirst. I'd guess most people in rural Kentucky wouldn't be making sauerkraut by themselves, so the player would probably be required to have read a recipe in order to make it. Also, the process scales up really easily, so you could probably make barrels for fermenting sauerkraut if you really like the idea.
  25. Ok, this will probably be a big tell on where I'm really from... but poutine would be nice and give a big happiness buff like burgers/ice cream. First, a new item is needed : Gravy. As ketchup and the like it could act as a spice ingredient if not only that. But there's more. Mixed with fries and cheese (ideally fresh cheese curd) it should give Poutine. That's a very satisfying yet fatty food up here, come over here and sample some... you'd be amazed how 3 simple ingredient mix into such a tasty treat. The cheese could be any cheese, but it's not as satisfactory as fresh cheese curds. Now I know this may be not Kentucky related... maybe a mod. But how glorious would it be on the first few days of survival to go to a burger joint and be able to craft a Poutine? It may even add some long lasting happiness to ward off insanity and some such. Just sayin' from a Poutine lover point of view. P.S. : at most there are about 6.something millions of us, maybe a few travelers in the lot and not all of them PZ playing... so not a priority by my standards. Edit : Fresh cheese curd go rank pretty fast left un-refrigerated. From some reply : Taking the idea further I've already seen a local delicacy from northen France (and it look delicious). Maybe there could be a "World's Cuisine Restaurant"? At this rare (and zombie infested location), you could have one last meal from various delicacies from around the world.