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  1. There's a spelling mistake in the Moveables_EN.txt for the key "Scrapable_object". The current entry reads "Disassemblable Object" but should be "Disassemble Object". The error is most often visible to the me when disassembling toilet stalls.
  2. • 41.78.16 • Singleplayer/Multiplayer. • Host. • No. • Still occurs on new save • Reproduction steps: 1. Start game in Apocalypse mode. 2. Attack a zombie with downward kick (Left ALT by Default) in a fighting stance. 3. Moving during the hit, the zombie falls instantly. I think this bug is serious and it breaks the game. Fix it as soon as possible. logs.zip
  3. I just experienced an event, going to loot in another city I found a road closed by two police cars and four policemen, I kill them and leave the useful things dropped on the ground so that they can pick them up on the way back, including pistols, shotguns, helmets and bulletproof vests. It turns out that after two days in the game, I went back along the same road to pick up the loot and I realized that the helmets weren't there, they had disappeared (at all this I checked my entire truck to see if I hadn't already picked them up, but no), only weapons and bulletproof vests were found. I did something quite strange since the objects do not usually disappear from the ground (the game is in sandbox but remember I did not modify anything about the objects that are on the ground disappearing). To all this I remember that in a house near my refuge he had killed other policemen who were wearing police motorcycle helmets, so I went back there to verify if they had disappeared or not and it turns out that they also disappeared. I don't know if this is a bug in my game or someone else has already happened to it, I currently have some mods in use but none that modify the game's clothing, I remember only one that adds a sling for weapons. For now I only noticed it with police motorcycle helmets and riot helmets, I don't know if it happens or it happened with some other object since at this point in the game I usually drop several things on the ground but I don't think I've ever had a problem like this. ps: there may be spelling errors, I'm translating from google translate hehe. Greetings from Argentina and I hope you can give me a hand to clarify this issue. ps2: - 41.71 - Singleplayer - I have mods - It happened in an already created game, I don't remember if it was in version 41.69 or 41.71 - kill a zombie with a helmet throw his helmet on the ground go somewhere else far away for +48 hours go back to the zombie and the helmet on the ground disappeared logs.zip ps3: I just tried this error in debug mode. I first did the test in a new world with the mods I have, it turns out that the problem with the helmets is still present. then I did the test without the mods in another new world, again the helmets disappear again when I walk away for about 48 hours.
  4. General Info 41.66 stable release Both singleplayer and multiplayer (upstream of getting to main menu) Host or dedicated: N/A Mods: Both fresh install and with mods Repro steps: Just launching game from Steam Library Root cause may be something within 41.66 itself so hard to say how to really repro beyond just launching Actual Result: Was playing until 12:30 AM PST on 2/25 with 41.65, lots of mods (60-70). Working. 41.66 deployed to release branch ~3:00 AM PST. ~12:00 PM try to launch game after downloading, crash appears (Click on green Play button in Steam, app starts to open, quits back out to Steam Library) General troubleshooting Tried using alternative launch, same result (or error / pause is shown in window, see attached txt) Tried launching ProjectZomboid32.exe and ProjectZomboid64.exe from steam folder, also same result Tried verifying local files, no change in result Properties attempts Did some digging online, tried using '-nosound' and '-novoip' in properties -novoip no effect -nosound, game launches successfully, albeit without audio Disable Audio Devices/tweak frequency attempts Removed those in properties, tried disabling all my audio devices (Realtek sound card, elgato capture card, Corsair wireless receiver, LG TV speakers, NVIDIA broadcast): No effect, still same result In Windows Sound Settings, adjusted frequency of only audio output device plugged in to 16-bit 44 Khz and 32 Khz as recommended in this thread. Unplugged USB microphone. Unplugged wireless headset receiver (not an option as output nor input). Same result. Fresh Install attempts Unsubscribed from collection of mods Uninstalled game Clean install w/ 41.66 - no change Removed everything in c:\users\xyz\zomboid\ aside from saves - no change Revert to 41.65 w/out mods, works Still on 41.65 re-subscribe collection of mods, enabled all of them, works (client launches, hosted server works, etc.) Expected Result: Game should launch with 41.66 installed if no changes to hardware devices or no other new sound/audio applications installed Misc notes/speculation: Given error messaging, something to do with either the new voip features, FMOD, or noiseworks. Beard has mentioned: Similar if not same issue in reddit thread; last commenter even talks about openal/fmod fmod version:20204 LOG : General , 1645820991380> 1645820991380 fmod: System Create: OK LOG : General , 1645820991395> 1645820991395 fmod: Create DSP for capture sound LOG : General , 1645820991395> 1645820991395 fmod: ERRPR: FMOD_System_CreateDSP return 30 LOG : General , 1645820991397> ERROR: FMOD_System_CreateChannelGroup exception:An invalid object handle was used. ERROR: General , 1645820991398> GameWindow.uncaughtException> Unhandled java.lang.RuntimeException thrown by thread MainThread. ERROR: General , 1645820991399> ExceptionLogger.logException> Exception thrown java.lang.RuntimeException: getBankCount() != FMOD_OK at javafmodJNI.FMOD_Studio_System_GetBankCount (Native Method). Message: Unhandled java.lang.RuntimeException thrown by thread MainThread. ERROR: General , 1645820991399> DebugLogStream.printException> Stack trace: java.lang.RuntimeException: getBankCount() != FMOD_OK at fmod.javafmodJNI.FMOD_Studio_System_GetBankCount(Native Method) at fmod.fmod.FMODManager.initEvents(FMODManager.java:643) at fmod.fmod.FMODManager.init(FMODManager.java:171) at zombie.GameWindow.mainThreadInit(GameWindow.java:493) at zombie.GameWindow.mainThread(GameWindow.java:468) at java.base/java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source) pz_launch_debug.txt
  5. Salve, ho bisogno di un aiuto, non riesco a far partire il gioco da quando si e aggiornato alla 41.66 cosa posso fare ??? Hi, I need help, I can't start the game since it updated to 41.66 what can I do ???
  6. I had suggested previously that the state of the Steam Store page would leave the casual visitor with the idea that PZ was a VERY long-dead game, and I'm glad to see someone there realized it, too, and it's been freshened up (I was glad to read it in an update)! My added suggestion is this: when you release any update (including the most-recent), put the DATE (Month/Year) on the main graphic that people will definitely see (like the banner to the right). My thought is that people might land on the page, see that "the game was released in 2013!" and "nope-thank-you" their way out of there, even though the page store is up-to-date. As it is now, it might require the visitor to do a bit more sleuthing than they're going to bother with to scroll down and see that, indeed, they would be buying a 2021 game, not a 2013 game. If you visit the store in Incognito mode or just not logged in, you'll see what the n00b sees. The trailer begins playing (no sound, obviously), and the only date on that is in 1993. NOTHING above the fold for the n00b reflects the state of development. The trailer is super-cool, but it could just as easily be a (really good) trailer from 2013. I do like the trailer, and the old copywriter in me had a thought: add another "This is how I died" verse, and then the tag at the end.... "THIS HOW YOU'LL DIE" or "FIND OUT HOW YOU['LL] DIE[D]". It looks like I can't attach a screenshot of the Store page for easy reference, or I would. Essentially, you need to scroll down to Recent Events and Announcements before you see a date that's not 2013 or earlier.
  7. Hi! I want to update a mod which I've posted in the steam workshop. It has currently over 3000 subscribers. However, I learned that the update may break multiplayer save games (singleplayer seems not affected). I don't want that the subscribers looser their save games but I also think that the update might be really beneficial in the long turn. (It doesn't change gameplay. It is just an overhaul of the code which hopefully increases stability and compatibility with other mods.) What do you think is the best way to go? What would you do in such a situation? One option might be to upload the updated version as a new mod to the steam workshop and mark the older version as outdated but I am not sure whether this a good idea from the workshop point of view (there are already so many mods in there...). I am also not sure if the workshop policy allows this. Does anyone know whether this is allowed in the steam workshop? PS: I also posted this question in the steam discussions forums. See here: https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/discussions/18446744073709551615/3198118348345253358/?appid=108600 Hope that's ok.
  8. Occasionally, my server reports as "fails to respond" in the favourites. It shows up as not responding immediately, I suspect the connection is not even attempted? Refresh doesn't help. This can happen while another player can connect just fine and is playing on the server. Trying to connect regardless of the reported status also fails with "server failed to respond". Oddly enough, trying to connect with "-nosteam" and failing and then going back without "-nosteam" seems to fix it: have witnessed this twice personally, and a friend has had this happen, too. Server logs do not show anything hinting at even an attempt to connect, when it's failing. 41.60 Multiplayer. Dedicated. No. Reproduction steps: Favourited server fails to respond, even though it's running and other people can connect. Restart PZ with "-nosteam", try to connect to server (the same, haven't tried anything else). Fails to connect. Restart PZ without "-nosteam". Server is responding on Favourites list and can be connected to.
  9. Hello. Do anyone know how to add tag, for example "Build 41", onto the Steam Workshop mod page? Adding tags to line 'tags' in Workshop.txt file doesnt seems to be working. Would be great if someone could share the solution. The answer isnt visible anywhere, and it could be very helpful for modders in labeling specific mod, either for Build 40 or Build 41 on steam. Thanks.
  10. I bought (Day 23/04/2021 06:03:43 GMT-03:00) the game through Steam but the game is not linked to the game itself, Or Be The Game (Project Zomboid) is without Steam (free Game) the game and oserver game the same thing (I believe server not necessary but it is possible pirate game), I could leave and win this, but this is wrong, I believe that whoever made the game has bills to pay, right ... now the beta game 41.50 (iwillbackupmysave) is all right, the game will not start without Steam, I think that ... Thanks Pretenders
  11. I noticed that last update shown on Steam is from June of 2019-- that is, update notes. If I were a prospective buyer, and I saw that the devs were doing regular updates, but then stopped a year-and-a-half ago, I think I'd conclude that the game was dead/abandoned as opposed to freaking awesome and alive!
  12. Enabling Normal/Hardcore reloading causes XP gain for reloading pistols to occur when inserting the magazine. Additionally, the magazine can be ejected/inserted repeatedly for continued XP gain without using any ammo. Despite this, XP gain appears to only be 0.33 per eject/insert cycle which is laughable. If the pistol were to be used realistically (let's assume you average half a clip before reloading) you would have fired 1710 rounds before finishing THE FIRST LEVEL. (And this is with Fast Learner) This is especially problematic as the "Reload" keybinding only ejects/inserts the magazine, making it extremely cumbersome to try to maximize XP gain without making use of what is clearly an exploit. Additionally, the fact that Hardcore in particular drastically increases the reload time for a pistol just makes the reloading skill that much more important when compared to the easier difficulties. An Easy difficulty player can trivially reload after each shot, allowing them to gain reloading XP when it is not really needed, while a Hardcore difficulty player can not. Using a shotgun should not be 7-15 times more efficient for training reloading, and players using pistols with Reload Difficulty set to Hardcore should not feel like they have to engage in meta behavior in order to raise their reloading skill.
  13. Hello, everyone. Our new game has been released and we need some criticism. Rise of Legions is a free-to-play castle siege RTS set in a rich fantasy world. Collect dozens of powerful units and devastating spells to build your deck. Play competitive matches and take on fierce bosses in PvE challenges. Ascend to the next Tier, plan your strategy, craft your Deck and crush your enemies! Key Features: Completely free-to-play Short, intense 1v1 matches (2v2 and ranked coming soon!) Deck-building PvE-challenges Three playable Legions (more coming soon!) Dual-color decks Link on Steam
  14. About us / О нас We're a well-known PvP server with a simple set of rules that's easy to follow. Server located in Saint Petersburg, Russia, so it's pretty comfortable to play from Russia and Eastern Europe. Мы - известный PvP-сервер с простыми правилами, их легко понять и им просто следовать. Сервер расположен в Санкт-Петербурге, играть из РФ и восточной европы будет комфортно. Discord: https://last-day.wargm.ru/discord (integrated with in-game 'all' chat channel) Website: https://last-day.wargm.ru/ How to connect / Как подключиться IP: Port: 16261 Or use this link: https://last-day.wargm.ru/connect Rules / Правила - EN - It is forbidden to: - Chat - Do not: 1. Troll or insult other players 2. Spam or advertise in any form 3. Abuse CAPS, smiles and emotes 4. Use provocative, insulting, indecent nicknames and profile pics 5. Inticing ethnic or religious hatred, IRL death threads 6. Post pornographic and other NSFW content 7. Abuse swearing 8. Political discussions 9. Impersonating another players or administration - General - Do not: Use, discuss or provoke to use bugs and cheats Restore your character from backups without administration agreement Infiltrate into other players claims, destroy objects inside other players claims (see rule 1) Steal cats from other players claims (see rule 1) - Non-PVP zone rules - Do not: Kill other players while have a claim inside Non-PVP zone Bring hordes of zombies to other players claims inside Non-PVP zone Steal, kill, vandalize other people's property inside Non-PVP zone or in nearby vicinity - RU - - Общение - Запрещено: Троллинг и оскорбления игроков в любой форме. Реклама и спам в любой форме. Злоупотребление использованием верхнего регистра, смайлов и реакций. Использование провокационных, оскорбительных, неприличных ников или аватаров. Разжигание межнациональной розни, угрозы расправой в реальной жизни, дискриминация по религиозному или другим признакам и пропаганда нацизма. Распространение порнографии и прочего NSFW контента. Злоупотребление нецензурной бранью запрещено (мат допустим в небольших количествах). Споры на политические темы. Выдавать себя за другого человека, в том числе за администрацию сервера. - Главное - Использование читов и багов игры. Обсуждение, распространение информации по их использованию, а также побуждение на это других. Использование бекапов без согласования с администрацией. Проникновение в чужие приваты, их повреждение кувалдой и прочим оружием. Угон транспорта из привата. - Правила PVE локаций - Запрещено: Активное PVP при имеющемся привате в PVE локации. Приводить зомби под приваты в PVE локации. Грабеж, убийства, порча имущества любым способом в PVE локациях. Кемперство на выходе из PVE локаций. FAQ / ЧаВо - EN - Last wipe: 26 Apr 2019 Next wipe: not scheduled. We generally don't like wipes and doing our best to not wipe the server more than required. Probably after the upcoming release of Project Zomboid. We don't know when it'll be exactly. NO zombification NO fire spreading Free PvP (except safezones, listed below) Safehouses You must survive for 5 in-game days to be able to claim a safehouse You can claim only pre-existing residential building You can't expand your claim's size Safehouse will fall if there are no members visit it for 10 consecutive IRL days 2 characters per steam account 1 day in-game = 1 IRL hour Loot respawns in 24 IRL hours, in empty containers only Abandoned locations will be reset in 21 IRL days if no one visits them Non-residential buildings (shops, warehouses, etc) could be reset without a warning Channel 'all' enabled and integrated with a discord Voice chat enabled - RU - Последний вайп: 26 Апр 2018 Следующий вайп: не запланирован. Скорее всего произойдет после выхода следующего обновления Project Zomboid, точная дата неизвестна. Зомбификации нет Распространения огня нет PvP свободный (кроме безопасных зон, список ниже) Приваты Чтобы занять дом нужно прожить 5 игровых дней Занять можно только уже существующее жилое здание Расширить размер привата нельзя (но можно надстроить этажи) Приват спадет если ни один из его членов не посетит его в течении 10 реальных дней 2 персонажа на 1 стим аккаунт Игровой день длится 1 час реального времени Лут обновляется каждые 24 часа в пустых контейнерах Заброшенные локации, которые никто не посещал в течении 21 реального дня, сбрасываются Нежилые здания (магазины, склады, итд) могут быть сброшены без предупреждения Глобальный чат включен и интегрирован с дискордом: сообщения из чата игры транслируются в дискорд и наоборот Голосовой чат также включен Safezones (where PvP disabled) / Безопасные (нейтральные) зоны March Ridge (10360x12620) Safezones inteded to be a place where you can set up a meeting with other players to trade and communicate safely. Нейтральные зоны задуманы как место, где можно встретиться с другими игроками, чтобы поторговать и пообщаться в безопасности.
  15. I own the gog.com version, would be cool if proof of that purchase could get me the steam version at a good price. not free, just charge me enough to cover overhead and such for a one-time purchase. this allows me to download the workshop steam mods, access the steam player-base of the community and play with them, and gives me access to more frequent updates. GOG owners have to wait until we're caught up with steam before we can play with those players, some of them won't play with us because they can't tell if we're VAC Banned or something, and even with third party programs we can't always download the steam workshop mods when the mod authors don't upload a gog.com friendly version. (which doesn't require tweaking of the authors mod, but awareness that gog players can and would want to use their mods) to reiterate: i'm not saying "give me it free" just "i already paid money for the game, let me pay a small fee to have it on another platform instead of paying full price" sure it cost them money to have it on steam and to get this idea going, which is why i'd be find with like, paying 5$ for the steam copy.
  16. Hi all, I thought I would make a new thread on here to post any updates to the server that I am making. These include things like mod installs, mod updates, PZ updates etc. It can also be a place for any suggestions to how the server can be improved. The details for the server are; Server Name - M700N UK Server [PVE] IP Address - Port - 16261 The mods that I currently have installed to the latest update are; Cremation, Hydrocraft, Movable Fridges and Electric Lights. M700N
  17. It looks like the dedicated server (https://steamdb.info/app/380870/)is set to the wrong branch (IWBUMS). I'm on Ubuntu Server 16.04 and there is a client server mismatch when a steam version client attempts to connect to this dedicated server. I am using steamcmd to keep the server up to date. Steam version client is running 39.66.3. (ran integrity check already) Steam version server is running 37.67.3 (IWBUMS??). I am on the normal branch and am using `./steamcmd.sh +login anonymous +app_update 380870 validate +quit` as my update command. Thanks in advance.
  18. hi, im hosting a stable branch server for a few friends. two days ageo steam updated the stable branch of teh client, but not the steam dedicated server. i cant upgrade the server nor can we downgrade our clients, what am i supposed to do now?
  19. So what's the procedure switching from Steam to a dedicated server? I set the dedicated server up, copied the sandbox and config files, then I copied the server map files and etc. Is there anything else I need to do? I explained to my friends how to copy their map_p file for the player character but it seems extremely buggy and laggy after switching. Like the map isn't loading properly for them, and for one person in particular, there was a delay of about 3 minutes for any text to display in chat, actions were slow, etc. Not sure if I missed a step or need to start a new server.
  20. Nerd Culture acknowledges the people who would never own a golf club or baseball bat, and who loathe landlines, by adding geeky / nerdy / techy items to your apocalypse. Includes a series of comic books and manga, wooden/decorative swords, a host of new electronics and a full set of rollable dice. Now you and your fellow survivors can while the night away by roleplaying... inside of a videogame. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Full item list: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Get it on Steam! Get it from pz-mods.net Supports Necroforge.
  21. I have just finished my first zomboid mod, yay! I am attempting to upload it to steam workshop, but once i select it from the list in workshop (where ModTemplate is), I receive several errors. Steam cannot see required mod.info file or the thumbnail.png I am very confused where to put my mod (if I want to upload it, not install), so I have a copy in C:/User/ProjZomboid and steamapps/common/ProjZomboid. I believe the mod needs to be in the Workshop Folder, and I have my mod in a folder named "Napalm". My folder structure looks like this: /Napalm/ Contains = "Contents" Folder Required by steam, mod.info and thumbnail.png for steam workshop, and a workshop.txt (copied from template) which seems like a duplicate of mod.info. /Napalm/Contents/ contains a folder called "mods" because steam said I had to call it that. If I place anything else in this folder I get an error. /Napalm/Contents/mods/ contains a copy of the mod.info, thumbnail, and workshop.txt. I can't tell where they go, so I put them in both places. It also has my "media" folder, /Napalm/Contents/mods/media/ has my lua scripts and textures folders. Could someone share how they layout steam files and the directories within a mod?
  22. I'll show a few screenies of very alpha development i'm working on. It is an isometric survival post-apoc type using Unity: Feel free to post your thoughts -Winter
  23. Hi all i just come back to the game as me and some friends like to play and test the newest version 34.15 IWBUMS. So we all got that version of the game. But when i try to setup a steam dedicated server, using the server tool from steam its only version 33.20 i think. So how do i update it to the newest IWBUMS version?
  24. So yeah, I've been trying to do it for 3 days and I don't want this time to get wasted. Here is a guide that will let you set up a private server for your friends within 1-2 hours. INSTRUCTIONS FOR HOST: INSTRUCTIONS FOR CLIENTS: EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: I hope, that I'll help at least one group of friends to play this game. To admins: I will not answer to this thread. I registered just to write this one post and disappear forever. So feel free to edit it. I waive the rights to what I've written above. Peace
  25. This is something that's been on my mind for a while now, specially after I saw its success on Starbound. The ideas is to have two separated stances of PZ on Steam, one the Stable versions, and one with the latest IWBUMS (if there's one at the moment). That way, we can playtest the IWBUMS and still have our Stable game for use online and such. This avoids all of the annoyances of having the latest IWBUMS corrupt your save (if it were to happen) and doesn't limit your choice of servers when you want to play online. As IMHO, the biggest deterrent for me when going for the IWBUMS branch isn't losing my saves, but no longer being able to access the MP servers I play on.
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