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Found 62 results

  1. I've had it happen to me twice now, While playing, my computer I will lose input from mouse & keyboard, not sure why. I have to turn off my computer to "fix" the problem. It's either that or watch my character, burn to death, or walk into a horde. First time, shutting down my computer completely, corrupted the save file. Second time, I cancelled the shut down during its prevented by programs, did not corrupt game save file. I do play with mods, and I've tried again. This time though a jacket did this: Then, fighting outside, the screen froze, the character continued to repeatedly swing his frying pan, but input only was lost to the game. trying to reopen, crashed the game.
  2. So I make a ham sandwich with (not fresh) bread and I wind up with a sandwich that is negative happiness and boredom. Adding fresh ingredients makes the sandwich worse (more unhappiness, more boredom). I would expect it to become more enjoyable, not less.
  3. this has been a issue for a long time, but i just never reported it cause i didn't see it as that big of a deal until today, if your walking diagonally (WD, SD, WA, SA) you can't open doors. you have to click on them with the mouse in order to get them to open, i figured it wasn't a big issue as i always click on doors to open them. but after watching Ravenim get killed by the issue i realized it's a lot more of a issue. it's funny because sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't, a few minutes before ravenims demise he opened a door diagonally the same way and it opened, but when he was trying to run away it wouldn't (should also include that most of the time it won't work if you are jogging, you need to be walking to open doors) i hope this issue can finally get resolved and people can run and open doors diagonally as well as vertically/horizontally (when i say diagonal i mean moving down and right or up and left)
  4. In tutorial, when game asks you for zooming out, if you will zoom out literally nothin happens. Game anyways asks you to zoom out I think we did a pretty good job so far
  5. toytanker


    Is it a known bug on IWBUMS where charcoal is consumed in one use versus the 10 charges it's supposed to have? For reference, the only heat source that appears to accept charcoal is the charcoal barbecue.
  6. I found some weird graphics bugs in the base game. This are the coordinates: https://map.projectzomboid.com/#0.58097054101531,0.2867881904172746,311.0196045167247 https://map.projectzomboid.com/#0.4818161821728963,0.22922098844396296,928.6995627732668 Here´s the screenshots: https://imgur.com/caJOczQ (without mods) https://imgur.com/vSgY9PJ (without mods) https://imgur.com/5JO3oNU (With AIZ 2 enhanced map mod) Someone else (Mumbler on Discord) has confirmed them. My graphics drivers are up to date. I validated the game files and redownloaded the game.
  7. I've posted this on reddit, but posting here as well, so it doesn't go unnoticed. Before 3x3 tile looting zone, every tile of ground had 50 capacity. Now every 3x3 tiles around player has 50 capacity. Because of this, ground capacity is 9x lower than before. Please increase ground capacity.
  8. After opening and closing an annotated map, character loses ability to attack until options menu is opened then closed. Build 41.22, untested on .23. Edit: using controller
  9. Again, don’t know if this is only with controller, but when “transfer all” is selected when only stuff that is equipped is in your inventory some mad shit happens. Every Item pretends to drop as “blooo” with descriptions of dirty, bloody, or wet with the question mark icon. Also a weird 3D rendered model appears in the pile that reacts to player movement. When you go to pick up these items they all disappear and nothing shows up in the inventory.
  10. Hi, I did post about this bug and provided a 'fix' here: https://www.reddit.com/r/projectzomboid/comments/dvolm4/unofficial_fix_for_painting_walls_in_iwbums/ but I suppose I shouldn't expect you to see everything posted on reddit, or it's probably more likely that this isn't a priority at all. As said in the reddit post, painting walls is totally broken, painting symbols on walls does work however. It'll just error at you. Steps to reproduce: 1) Get Paint 2) Get Paint Brush 3) Try to paint either player constructed wall or standard house wall 4) Realize it's fucked
  11. If you find a vehicle with broken door locks and break the window you still can't get inside. I mean, I'd just climb through, right?
  12. don't know is this bug was in previous version, but now i notice it, that makes move sensor useless
  13. now we can make wooden stakes, pls add wooden stakes to tent receipe ass why we can't clean dirty rags in river or another water sources ? Now it only bottles. players, add your suggestions
  14. they don't spawn in rifles, dont spawn with rifles in police and gunstore, at all. With some chance now clips for pistols are spawns. in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\ProjectZomboid\media\lua\server\Items\Distributions.lua" i dont found clips at all, only weapons and ammos. Rifles are 3 capacity still, both -hunting and varmit. in random encounters rifles can be with clips. Butcher knife can't be in right/left belt. Lead pipe too (strange, couse i can only hold it in one hand against baseball stick)
  15. My game is crashing on the map loading. Sometimes a red square appears on the bottom and then the game crashes Windows 7 32 bits Here is the log (i think): hs_err_pid9928.log
  16. I had a fully loaded police truck when I saved and exited the game. It was parked and turned off about 20ft from my location. Loaded up a few hours later and the car was gone. This was parked by the rear exit to the movie theater by the mall. EDIT: Another odd effect. The backdoor to the movie theater is now locked and it was NOT when I last played. As far as I can see, the pile of dead zombies I was disposing out back are still there. So, car and contents vanished, door locked itself. The trunk was nearly full with a few tote bags, a school bag, and a hiking bag loaded mostly non perishable food, building supplies, tools and some guns and ammo.
  17. And it also goes down very quickly. I got one attack on me and it took about 25% of the total durability of a police shirt. EDIT: I suppose I should clarify that this is the clothing durability, not clothing cleanliness. If that isn't meant to be covered by that sandbox setting perhaps either it could be made to do so or at least update the tooltip to clarify.
  18. i tried a no zombie sandbox to test some stuff, modified the zombie count and pressed save. after that i went into apocalypse and there were no zombies. i went back into sandbox and noticed that sabing actually overwrote the main apocalypse setting instead of prompting a new slot. trying to reverted the change ended up in the game asking me to save a new preset. deleting the zomboid lua folder fixed it, but i can easily see people falling for it in the future
  19. Onibigsun


    Ill set up base inside a home and move boxes and other items in to feel safe, get off the game. When I load I am back at my spawn home with starting clothes and all skills set back to 0 exp.
  20. I'm relatively safe in game but I'm constantly Anxious, is there something that's causing this that I'm missing. I've used consumables like magazines to reduce my anxiousness but it comes back in a matter of minutes. My character has no traits that would cause panic or anxiousness in doors, I'm wondering would it be something like cabin fever? I'm also trying to fight the early stages of the nauseous moodlet but have been anxious throughout which I imagine isn't going to help my recovery(if I can at all at this point). On a side note I've been trying to eat well and rest but I can't seem to find the rest option on any beds or chairs. Was this feature removed? Or is it not available in the drop down list because of my anxious moodlet? Turns out the anxious moodlet was stopping me from resting, so if I can't eat well and rest what can I do to overcome any illnesses/fevers that isn't zombie related? In past builds of Zomboid I've always made sure I was eating well and rested but now I can't use that strategy because being ill seems to cause anxiousness. It's like a vicious circle. Get ill, become anxious, eat well, can't rest. Ultimately, death will come if you can't rest while sick or am I again missing something here?
  21. Trying to "place" an item from my backpack will turn them into wooden framed mirrors. Not just a visual glitch, I can actually place the mirror even though I don't have any on my character. Placing items from my main inventory works fine. Tested it with a few different items, all of them turned into mirrors..
  22. So I’d like to start off by saying that this update singlehandedly restores my desire to play this game, and it was definitely a breath of fresh air that this game needed. The new combat is beautiful, the sneaking is engaging and equally terrifying, the new clothing/armor system has me dressing up according to the situation, taking into account weight, cleanliness, and speed modifiers. I find myself taking things slow and choosing to jog on a worst case scenario as the first time I fell over while sprinting nearly cost me my life. That being said, no new system is without its...kinks. *Toreador March intensifies* Anyway, these were the things I found during my two days of playing. This is on a fresh install of Project Zomboid that was booted up in build 40 once, then booted in build 41 from then on. (Pictures included were taken on my phone as my internet is limited and I wanted to conserve) The Health system. I started a game on the Descending Fog challenge and immediately knew something was wrong. After escaping from an army of zombies, my character was hypothermic and declining in health fast. He passed out in a warehouse and woke up sick, nauseous, miserable, anxious, and panicking constantly. But most of all, he was at Terminal Injury for TWO whole days, and I was able to bring myself from being a literal corpse to full health after what should’ve been total, complete, and utter death. I also noticed that a laceration on my arm wouldn’t or couldn’t let me bandage (saying it was already bandaged) it but soon went away on its own despite the fact that it went uncovered and my clothing was both bloody and wet. I managed to cheat all odds and survive by the skin of my teeth when I’m all honesty it felt broken, as by that point I should’ve been a popsicle face down in the dirt. Positioning. With this improved locational damage, I’ve found that with an object in the way or a camera angle being a pixel off makes it impossible to stomp zombies, let alone trying to stomp them in the head. It’s a minor issue considering I’m now killing zombies before they collapse to the ground (heroic garden fork charge for the win), but if I’m unarmed, it’s a little fuming when I’m attempting to stomp a downed zombie and receive that ‘clunk’ of foot against floor, and then they get a free itch on my ankle as they flop onto their stomachs at superhuman speed. Another positioning issue is whenever I try to empty an object into a container. My character can and WILL find every moment to turn away from a container when I try to stash something and when it happens, my character decides to abandon the rest of her queued actions. That’s not to say her stupidity is accurate, being a recreation of me, but it feels like a notable issue. Error Messages The command console that opens in the background of Project Zomboid has always been something I admired cause it allowed me to see things like Error messages or stack tracing or whatever computer lingo I’d normally have to find a vague log of in AppData. With that being said, occasionally a massive wall of error messages appears out of nowhere noting things like missing textures and objects (generally flora-based or clutter-based) and also often times, a red counter will appear in the bottom right of my game from 1-7 and cause a massive frame rate drop for a second or two. Odd issue and I felt it worth mentioning. Meta Events There were a few meta events in my time of playing all of which gave me a right scare that caused me and my emotional fragility to burst into tears uncontrollably while I fumbled for my crowbar and M9 pistol. However, looking through my haze of tears I noticed that the dead were generally uninterested with the man screaming bloody murder and were particularly ignorant of the scared barking pooch, the latter of which I’m thankful for. Good poochie. I had Proper Zombies set to on so I’m a little surprised they didn’t find ANY interest in what had happened. So far, I’ve been more than impressed with the update and the problems I encountered did not diminish my gameplay for more than a minute, save for the Cheating Death thing (with screenshots of said terminal condition that I included).
  23. I selected Metalworker as a profession and added few other traits but after starting game I don't have any skills. I tried few times with Metalworker profession and other traits, still doesn't work. Haven't try with other professions.
  24. At first I rebooted and my live character disappeared with all the loot, I appeared as if I had started a new game. Then later in the same conservation he equipped the car with loot, went away to look for fuel, returned and someone stole it !!! (well, or she just disappeared, because I did not find any traces of the wheels) Please, add a report bug button in the game! console.txt logs.zip
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