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  1. I'm i'm too noob to say much, but i found a car, and before i became zombified i managed to find a horde of crawlers. didn't notice any lag with them, and in the car i found i didn't notice any rubber-banding. I'm in Ohio, USA though so maybe i'm just close enough to the server not to have issues like that.
  2. hmm i have gog.com version, can't join in it seems. edit: was handed a code. gonna hop in soon.
  3. Halpcat is this a good submission? https://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php?/topic/24937-discount-the-game-across-platforms-for-verified-owners/
  4. so it's not 30% of what is sold? or in otherwords, a 1.50$ fee in the 5$ sale case? ok well, if That is the case, that steam charges takes a cut based on their full sale price and not what it was actually sold for, then i could live with paying like 9$ instead.
  5. I looked at that post, and i don't generally prefer a controller on any pc game. there are a few exceptions, mainly games that have bad PC controls. this deal isn't for everyone, it's specifically for people who want and use a controller, and it'll only be around for the next few builds they say. you're advice, while helpful to anyone who meets those criteria, doesn't help me nor anyone else who doesn't meet that criteria.
  6. hmm i might do that, but unless that deal will always be around, i still think this is a fair suggestion for both the dev's and the players.
  7. I own the gog.com version, would be cool if proof of that purchase could get me the steam version at a good price. not free, just charge me enough to cover overhead and such for a one-time purchase. this allows me to download the workshop steam mods, access the steam player-base of the community and play with them, and gives me access to more frequent updates. GOG owners have to wait until we're caught up with steam before we can play with those players, some of them won't play with us because they can't tell if we're VAC Banned or something, and even with third party programs we can't a
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