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  1. kongkim

    Hydrocraft Mod

    Yah okay. But thats not fun Hope someone will make a quick temp fix to it, winter is getting close Btw. @Hydromancerx thx for a really great mod
  2. kongkim

    Hydrocraft Mod

    I found a bug. That when i have Hydrocraft mod active i can't sow seeds on the ground. Are there a fix or workaround to that?
  3. I have played the game a few times over the years, in both sp and mp with some friends. I thought I would give my feedback on the game. and then you can use it or not 1: The first thing I always see and hear my friends comment abut its the interface. One of the things that still make the game feel very in beta is the interface and UI. Personally, I think it needs a more premium looking UI that reflect the game and is more intuitive for the new players. 2: I know its a hot potato and many will not agree. But I think the game needs an option to enable to have a survive goal or some kind of end game. Other survival games have it. and it gives many players something big to work against. But let it be an option and not something forced on people. My games in Zomboid always ends up with me in a safe base with a lot of food and water and no reason to leave it and nothing to do. I need something big to work against. Maybe small survive missions to collect something from all town in the game and then listen to radios for a specific time and location to get picked up. Something like that.
  4. Yah its a problem as its REALLY hard if you don't have carpentry and it take time to learn and boring if you always need to start with it And it make sense to set up things to catch rain to get water.
  5. Ok thx. i found it and tried to look at it. But really haha don't get half of it. So still hope anyone like the ide and like to help with the script and to make the mod
  6. Or is there any ware i can find the scripts for the orginal rain collectors so i can try copy is and make my own?
  7. Think its a good ide. There is missing some kind of endgame to work against.
  8. I really like to see a small mod making you able to craft small rain collectors. From a Garbage Bag + Bowl, Roasting Pan, Cooking Pot, Bucket etc. Make them hold small amounts of water just to survive when the water turns off. I have been trying to make some mods before but i really sux when it come to all the lua files :S I can easy do the photoshop/icon work just need someone to do the scripting :)?
  9. Got it all to work thx alot.
  10. Haha thx guys Will try it out and let you know if i get it to work
  11. Hi all i just come back to the game as me and some friends like to play and test the newest version 34.15 IWBUMS. So we all got that version of the game. But when i try to setup a steam dedicated server, using the server tool from steam its only version 33.20 i think. So how do i update it to the newest IWBUMS version?
  12. kongkim

    UI Help

    Hi there. I made a little test mod and i like to try and add some UI to it. So i get a Context Menu that when i klick it it remove the item and add two new to the inventory? I found this "old" tutorial on UI but can't seem to get it to work. And must say that im noob to it but like to try Så are there any good posts or tutorials out there on this?
  13. Ok got most of it to work But if i make it all as one file nothing spawn. Also the 2 in here is the spawn rate right? table.insert(SuburbsDistributions["all"]["inventoryfemale"].items, 2); But it is 2% or 20%? so if i what a spawn % of 100% and one of 5% then type what?
  14. Hi im new to PZ and the modding Are still trying to learn how it all works and have a hard time with some of it. Right now im trying to make a test mod and is working with the .lua distributions file to get the test item out in the world. It looks like this: 2 .lua files in the folder (Zomboid\mods\testitem\media\lua\server\items) spawntestitem.lua table.insert(SuburbsDistributions["all"]["inventorymale"].items, "custom.testitem");table.insert(SuburbsDistributions["all"]["inventorymale"].items, 1);table.insert(SuburbsDistributions["all"]["inventoryfemale"].items, "custom.testitem");table.insert(SuburbsDistributions["all"]["inventoryfemale"].items, 2); loadtestitem.luaIcon = {}; function Icon.loadTexture()getTexture("Item_spiffothefighter.png");end Events.OnGameBoot.Add(Icon.loadTexture); 1: is the code right? And can i add all the code to one lua file?2: Is the folder destination right?3: How do i control drop chance? Hope someone can help Is really looking forward to build 33
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