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  1. nevermid, the server was updated a day later.
  2. hi, im hosting a stable branch server for a few friends. two days ageo steam updated the stable branch of teh client, but not the steam dedicated server. i cant upgrade the server nor can we downgrade our clients, what am i supposed to do now?
  3. might be a bit late, but i had probably the same problem. i wrote a ticket and it was solved after 10minutes.
  4. im online sometimes, its pretty empty though, also theres a cheated(where else would all the wire come from?), for zombies unreachable, upper floor path which covers WP completely.
  5. this sounds great, they should be readable on mouseover.
  6. @Rikashey since our conversation yesterday was interrupted, id like to ask u again, why did u turn ur safety off when u accidentally killed my mate, or why did u turn it off at all? Edit: btw, i took ur sledges, guns and ammo.
  7. i see it exactly as daec, many boards get flooded with posts like this and it was not etsa`s first suggestion that has allready been confirmed/declined, had a bad title, or ignored other advices. someone has to point such things out, or they spread.
  8. zombies can attack any playermade furniture just like normal doors
  9. i think the bleach thing is not exactly zombie camo, but same category
  10. im not sure how soft reset works atm, but if ure not doing it allready, just soft reset for items, and spawn zombies manually every 1-2 days. one hard reset per week sounds ok till theres a working soft reset.
  11. im playing with multiple accvounts, since i cant have a not resetting storage yet, would be nice if u could make multiple logins possible.
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