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  1. I tried the 64 bit version and it seemed to work. Then I tried 32 again a few times (a day later) and the issue seemed to have self-corrected somehow. Weird. Can't seem to reliably reproduce now, it was mostly that one day. Well thanks for the tip anyway, Enigma
  2. As of build 40.18 I notice when I zoom out as far as possible, this happens (note the top of the screen) Screen resolution of 2880x1800, but I play in a window that's 2770x1800 (because of windows menu as sidebar). This is on a Macbook pro with Radeon Pro 560 running bootcamp windows.
  3. This has been fixed for me as of the latest update.
  4. Just had it happen again and checked my logs. This error popped up about 9000 times: org.lwjgl.opengl.OpenGLException: Stack underflow (1284) at org.lwjgl.opengl.Util.checkGLError(Util.java:59) at zombie.core.Core.DoEndFrameStuffFx(Core.java:2753) at zombie.core.textures.TextureDraw.run(TextureDraw.java:426) at zombie.core.SpriteRenderer$RingBuffer$StateRun.render(SpriteRenderer.java:557) at zombie.core.SpriteRenderer$RingBuffer.render(SpriteRenderer.java:515) at zombie.core.SpriteRenderer$RingBuffer.add(SpriteRenderer.java:221) at zombie.core.SpriteRenderer.build(SpriteRenderer.java:1086) at zombie.core.SpriteRenderer.postRender(SpriteRenderer.java:1157) at zombie.core.opengl.RenderThread$1.run(RenderThread.java:96) at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:745) Sidenote - my keyboard doesn't have a 'backspace' button, just delete (yay, Mac). I haven't had a mac for long, is there some alternative trick to this or is that menu just not accessible? The controls lists a LUA debugger under F11 but that doesn't seem to do anything either.
  5. Having the same problem with a Radeon Pro 560. Have had the crashes happen in two scenarios: When there's rain, and when sleeping. It seems like the interface freezes and stops working but I'm still moving and time is still passing based on audio. MacbookPro bootcamped Windows 10, 16GBram. I'll have to try the debug menu though thanks Arsenal.
  6. I would love this. I'd never keep books in a series in the weird order they come up on the shelf - this would solve that issue.
  7. Actually filling a container with the same item tends to result in a loss of space. Generally speaking, an item won't fit neatly into a box. Try to fill any box with soup or tuna cans - you're left with the spaces in between the round edges and the box, perfect for tea bags or napkins or something else. If you try with a square or rectangular object, you're likely to end up with spaces against one or more sides of the box that can fit books among other things. I'm guessing you've never packed your own things and tried to move house. Because you get really creative with this kind of thing when packing everything you own.
  8. If they add any more content to the character creation system this would be necessary. Fishing through traits right now is a bit daunting - there's quite a few, and yet it still doesn't seem like enough. I do like this idea. Bold jobs already exist Medic: Doctor, Nurse, EMT(few levels in medicine, one level in sprinting, brave), Surgeon(Many levels in medicine, dextrous) Cook: Chef, Burger Flipper, Baker(Same as chef but with blunt weapon skills) Craftsman: Carpenter, Electrician, Engineer Worker: Construction Worker, Repairman, Farmer, Lumberjack, Metalworker, Fisherman Enforcer: Fire officer, Police Officer, Security Guard, Park ranger, Veteran Teacher: Fitness instructor. Professor(4points in a random skill), Student(General exp +%, fast reader), Author/Writer(1 point in 2 random skills, fast reader) "Unemployed": Burglar, Con-man Ideas for other traits: Physical: Sommelier ( Better effects from alcohol ) Vegetarian / Vegan ( Eating a lot of foods will make you miserable - but veg fills you up more! ) Lactose Intolerant ( Milk is all you have. So you won't starve - but you will get preeeetty sick. ) Gluten-Free ( See above - but with bread. ) Diabetic ( Drinking soda / eating chocolate / having candy all make you tired, fatigued and somewhat sick. ) Hardened ( Blood and gore don't bother you at all ) Squeamish ( Blood and gore make you feel ill ) Skills: Techy / Gamer (+1 Electrician) Social: Charismatic ( What you say tends to go over better in general ) Thoughtless ( What you say goes over worse in general ) Diplomatic ( NPCs are more likely to believe you / follow you ) Tactless ( NPCs are less likely to believe you / follow you ) Extroverted ( Being near NPCs / other players makes you happy ) Introverted ( Being near NPCs / other players stresses you out ) Egomaniac ( Able to talk to self for ++happy/boredom, but attracts zombies ) Leader ( Able to talk to groups for ++happy/boredom of everyone but you, attracts zombies )
  9. Well what if it just changed so that the zombies only spawned on the edge of the map (or from the river - lol) , and migrated toward the empty spaces, forming hordes on the way? This way you'd have less of that ambient noise stuff going on, and the more zombies you cleared out the more likely you'd be to run into bigger spaced-out hordes instead of individuals? This way the spawners are actually 'migrating' in from out of town, the danger level still ramps up, but it's still possible to keep a semi-empty territory. Just a thought.
  10. I miss the days when they only spawned in at the edge of the map.
  11. I like this. Just adding another menu option that says 'Empty' - clean, simple, functional.
  12. Personally I like the achievements idea - but you could try a twist on it by making them badges. Give each player another profile tab with more in-depth statistics (how many unique books have you read? Unique dishes eaten? total books? total dishes? Total zombies fought - total zombies killed. Number of carpentry projects completed. Plants harvested. etc.) and the badges they've earned from them. All for one lifetime - one character. Then when they die, if someone else loots the corpse, pop up a window with the top badges the player had earned. It sort of adds weight to the idea of their life. Here are their accomplishments. Here is the amount of effort lost. (and in PVP I'm sure some people would get a kick out of killing "the best <insert task here>")
  13. Well, a good part of the threat of zombies is that there are so many of them. They're a restless, unrelenting force, which in moderate numbers can overwhelm the best of men if they aren't properly equipped and paying attention. I think the issue I have with the current populations is that having so much of an ambient population makes hordes a bit less terrifying. I mean yes - a horde of 100+ zombies will be scary no matter what - but if you're used to only finding one here and there, in unsearched buildings and small groups very rarely the streets when they've migrated there from elsewhere, suddenly running into unholy shambling masses would give you a heart attack. If you run into a small group of like 3-10 on every street, it's less "holy mother of god" and more "oh. Look. More of them." You just get desensitized. They're a chore to hack away - not much more than that. Might just be my impression.
  14. I meant more 'general fans of zombie and survival games'. Not to say we're an uneducated bunch, but that's a tall order of much of the population. I am curious if all of the devs know those words though.
  15. It's neat, but I get the impression that if the majority of the target audience have to google the word, it ain't happening. The only time I've ever heard the word 'hedonism' used outside of a classics/history lecture was hedonism bot from Futurama - and asceticism far rarer than that.
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