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  1. Yeah, I just tried several variations of this. The most-stringent: boot PZ, disable specific mod, close PZ, go into workshop, unsubscribe from item, close Steam (completely), re-launch Steam, go to workshop and resubscribe, launch PZ, activate mod in Mods, (lua reloads itself), SOLO->Sandbox--- GHAGHGHAGHGAHGS... nope. Same four spawnpoints as vanilla. I have already uninstalled and reinstalled the game, also. Though, I didn't delete any of the other stuff (mods, config, Zomboid folder, etc.). I have a gajillion mods installed, and with no way to easily generate a list of them,
  2. Yeah, it's weird, for sure-- especially since all the other mods appear to work! It's just the spawnpoints that aren't being picked up. Is there a config file or some other specific log that might give us a better idea? I did try unsubscribing/resubscribing (though I didn't bounce Steam in-between). I will try that. I have also tried disabling/re-enabling, with a lua-reload in-between. No joy. I "fixed it" in just the way you recommend-- copying the files (in actuality, creating symlinks) to each and every one of the mod-named containing folders of the spawn
  3. As it is now, if you start a new world, you've got a fresh new character, starting from scratch. You work real hard and spend many days building up that character's skills (and gear), building a base, leveling carpentry. You're at Level 7 carpentry now, and you're 45 days in. Annnn' ya bit. So, this character dies, and we spawn a new character into the same Sandbox. They start, timeline wise, after the first character died-- makes sense-- but their skills are default. That is, they only get the same chance for character points that the first character got, but, lore-wi
  4. I think I get what you're saying beyond this, but they did add the doors noticeably shaking when someone's banging on it. You can re-make a door, but yeah, you can't do anything about a door that's been damaged except destroy and replace.
  5. I've noticed in my playing that as soon as a moodle appears, I want to "relieve it". I was trying to figure out why having them there bothered me so much, and I realized: it's the color! Currently, the moodles are using shades of red, which are largely indistinguishable, especially at the periphery of my vision. I wind up feeling like I have to take care of the moodle. Proposal: Just recalibrating the color. So, instead of starting with any shade of red, start with a pale yellow-green, then yellow, the the deepening reds as it becomes important to pay attent
  6. I don't remember when that would've been-- but this game has been in the works for a long time, so it could be that things have changed a bit (both with Steam, and with player culture). After all, I don't feel like any dev "can" spam me, unless I'm actually looking at their game's page in my Library.
  7. So, my issue is NOT about mods themselves (I do believe), but the handling of mods in this case... I've had a good number of mods installed with 41 and things have been fine. Among the mods, I have several maps that I've been using for many weeks without issue (another plug for how great Raven Creek is!). However, something happened-- I'm not sure what (blue screen crash?) and since then, if I attempt to start a new world (SOLO), the spawn points are now limited only to the four "canon" areas. The enabled/disabled mods have not changed, and my saves that hav
  8. I noticed that last update shown on Steam is from June of 2019-- that is, update notes. If I were a prospective buyer, and I saw that the devs were doing regular updates, but then stopped a year-and-a-half ago, I think I'd conclude that the game was dead/abandoned as opposed to freaking awesome and alive!
  9. I see a lot of posts in this forum that are referencing specific places on the map, which is obviously enormous. Finding it by searching for "House in Muldraugh" or "Fire Station" is probably pretty tough. I can't imagine how much time would be spent (if it's bothered with at all), to track all these things down. Here's what I propose. Create a mod-- an official mod-- that adds a device to the player's inventory (0 weight). When the player encounters an issue like this, they can right click the item, which will pause the game, take a screenshot, give them a text box to fill in any
  10. Yeah, this is expected behavior. They're just counters with no storage space. The empty inventory there is the floor.
  11. Are you sure it's really broccoli, man? Or does it just say broccoli, if you know what I mean? I also like that the Russian word for broccoli is just broccoli.
  12. I think it was just placed facing the wrong way. Those counters are about 1/2 width, and the soda fountain is also about 1/2 width. So, you get that magic!
  13. Kauffy

    Raven Creek

    Look in the workshop description-- there is a HUGE bitmap image of the entire city (similar to what is on the online map)-- except nothing is marked, so if you can't figure out what it is by zooming, go check it out.
  14. Kauffy

    Raven Creek

    I think it works out pretty well. There is one spawn that is basically pointless, though-- that's for a cop, and spawning near the downtown police station. It's not the station in the NE of the city, and not the one with the huge parking lot, near The Drake. Because the character may spawn with equipment for the profession (per a mod), or even just the baseball bat in a backpack, they are going to be dead in seconds, because they are unarmed and surrounded. The other thing I discovered is that there's really no way in or out of the town with a vehicle (vehicle wrecks have gummed up
  15. There are mods that do this-- I'm not even sure which is which. The one I'm enjoying currently is a mod for the CD player, where if you insert a battery, and have earbuds equipped, and have found lootable CDs throughout the world, you can listen to music on-the-go. The music is real music appropriate for the time period (shhhh). It's given me a new, serious objective when I go looting-- find good CDs. I think they intentionally put in some crap ones. Also, the music helps with boredom and unhappiness. I know one of the other mods allows you to put your own music in
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