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  1. Steam Page I want to present you a new game - DEBIE ZONE BAD DUDES HAVE TAKEN OVER YOUR TOWN. THE DoD SENDS IN SPECIAL AGENT DEBIE ZONE TO STOP THEM. Save the Hostages and clear the Bad Dudes and Turrets from each level. Gather Health and Ammo Pickups often. Each Level of the Game gets more difficult. Use the Weapons Stations to get new weapons. Reload often. If You Sprint and Jump, You will Jump Higher/Further. Use Bullet-Time to Your advantage The list of the game Challenges: A Dog Named 'Dolby' Challenge - Take a Snapshot of an "Adopt a Pet" Poster and Share it. 'The Special' Challenge - There is a 'Special' NPC in each level, can You find them? "Easter Egg" Challenge - How many Archor Games Logos Appear in the Game? "Speed Run" Challenge - What is the Fastest Time You Can Complete the Game? "Scenic" Pictures Challenge - Take Screenshots of the Beautiful Area and share them on Social Media with Your Friends. "Walkthrough" Challenge - Post a video of a Complete 'Walkthrough' of the entire Game. Walk Don't Run Challenge - Only Walk (No Sprinting) for the Entire Game and Post Your Full Video online. Walky-Talky Challenge - can You find every NPC in the Game? How Many Total are there?
  2. Steam Page Predict Edumedia is proud to announce their release of “The Spirit of Europe - Origins” - a free, educational single-player jRPG game with a philosophical flavour. It will be available for download on PC via Steam and itch.io. Embody a fragment of the mythical Europa and travel through history from the ancient times to the Renaissance, through the realm of thoughts and emotions, where spirits fight for supremacy over human consciousness. Experience a humanistic metaphor of historical events as we know them, possess over a hundred characters, drive their actions and witness their consequences in pivotal events of Europe’s past. Experience history with a twist: The perspectives of Gods, personalized virtues and vices are different from those of mere mortals in the spirit world we’ve built inspired by archetypal stories, western philosophy and core principles which the modern western society is built on: peace, democracy, rule of law, freedom, tolerance, pluralism - and we’ll let you discover the rest. Discover the forging of Europe & the birth of the western ethos: Possess any mortal, be it a mere commoner or a great figure of history. Drive their actions and learn about their way of life, beliefs, fears and hopes, aspirations and ambition - and you may be surprised at what you uncover. Assemble your troops & manage your resources: Gain influence with the living and inspire them to build the great edifices we know today. Gather the souls of defeated vices and use them to summon allies from among those fallen throughout the ages. Augment them with godly essences for they will be your shield against the forces that seek your undoing - and you will witness how the bitterest foes can become allies. By your hand shall history be made: Be the invisible hand that forges Europe’s history as we know it: from the ancient times of Classical Greece, throughout the glory of the Roman Empire, the tumult of its fall, the chaos that followed and the bonds formed in the Middle Ages. Your journey through Europe will only end once it’s reborn - or will it? Peace as a key global value will be pursued through the centuries, suggesting its benefits to the player. Features: ● Free; ● Historically accurate educational content; ● Two realms: the spirit realm and the material one; ● Possession system, allowing you to take control of any NPC; ● Economy and building system used to upgrade and recruit units; ● Disciples II-inspired, tactical, turn-based combat; ● A deeply philosophical, fictional story-line involving gods, virtues, vices, concepts and thoughts, manifested as spirits; ● Over 15 hours of gameplay; ● 58 combat units with over 50 unique abilities; ● Over 240 NPCs to interact with, from ancient Greece to the 12th century European Renaissance; ● 13 unique maps offering over 20 quests; ● Possess & explore the world with over 240 characters, from mere commoners to great figures of European history.
  3. Steam Page Explore a land plagued by war, pestilence and mysterious abductions, and uncover the hidden legacy of your birth. Recruit powerful allies to your cause; achieve your goals through sorcery, stealth, a silver tongue or brute force; and discover the truth of the Black Geyser. Developed by a small indie team and inspired by cRPG classics like Baldur's Gate and Icewind Dale, Black Geyser features challenging real time tactical combat with pause, deep lore and memorable companions, all set in a sprawling, unique fantasy world. Black Geyser is set in Yerengal, a world where dark gods have brought nothing but venality and greed. For centuries, the Devil-god Rothgor has spread fear and terror, waging war upon the mortal races. Eventually banished, the nation of Isilmerald has enjoyed a time of peace and prosperity. Yet discontent has begun to fester once more, and a bloody civil war is brewing between the capital Isilbright and the wealthy mining town of Deron-Guld. Choose from 5 playable races (Human, Dwarf, Elf, Feldegug and Rillow) and 13 unique classes from 4 class groups (Priest, Outlaw, Warrior, and Wizard). Watch combat play out in real time with the option to pause the action and issue new orders when needed. Control the battlefield using dozens of spells and skills, all while customising your party with a wide range of weapons, armors and items.
  4. Steam Page Wing Chun Pak Sung Bo® Legends is a Fighting Beat ’em up Style with a touch of a Brawler and Survival Game where you try to defeat Dr.Chaos and Colonel Mason. The Fighting Base is build on many Mix Martial Arts Style like Wing Chun etc. and Pak Sung Bo mix in an MMA , where you can Attack any Enemy from any Direction. Learn to Overcoming an Attack and be the faster one . The Opponents never sleep and try to attack you from every direction. This is another kind of a Fighting Game it is build more to survive and the Rage combinations as well is be always your Friend in tight Situations. Never let yourself Surrounding by Enemies. As well some traps and surprises waiting for you and some mini Games ,too. Features: choose A Class Psb funny and Tactical Game rage Combo Smash Action ragdoll random Physics Action full 3d Combat last Man standing System many Multiple Opponents open Cross Combo Fighting System 4x4 full Controller Support
  5. "Picontier" is a story of mystery and fascinating events that occur on an island as the main character, who awakens from a long sleep on the magical island, resumes life from scratch and meets many intriguing islanders. It is a ‘slow life RPG’ that unravels and reveals surprising twists. The hero awakens from a long sleep to find that the appearance of the island is quite different from their memory. Start your life in the town "Magmail" in the center of the island, making your way with help from the caring AI character "Aila". In your island life you can craft items and weapons; you can also fish in the sea and grow crops on the ranch. Use newly created items and weapons to interact with the inhabitants of the island, and as you get to know each other the conversations will change and you will receive crafting recipes. Materials are required for crafting, and these are collected both in and out of town. The monsters that appear on the field change between day and night, so check recipes for what you want to make and find the right monsters for the job. By advancing the main quest the story of the entire island will progress and evolve. You’ll learn about the mysterious substance "Piconium", that exists only on this island, and the strange "black fog" that holds the key to the ‘incident’ - including the mysterious disappearance of Professor Jeda after our hero’s awakening. Experience a wondrous story on a mysterious island, where magical things happen! https://store.steampowered.com/app/539320/Picontier/
  6. Steam Page Fallen Angel is a symphony of pixel art and demon-fuelled action. Fallen Angel is a 2D top-down ARPG with strategic fast-paced combat, lore driven items and weapons, and fun character progression to suit your preferred combat style. Set in a world inspired by biblical Apocrypha and more than a little modern style, the many realms of Heaven are a strange and varied place. Lucifer won’t just be slicing his way through pearly gates and angelic choirs, but strange high-tech constructs, idyllic earth-like plains, floating islands, and more. Each Archangel will have a strong, thematic influence on the environments and creatures the player will encounter in each realm. A BEATDOWN OF BIBLICAL PROPORTIONS As the Fallen one, you’ll be throwing down with all the armies of Heaven across a multitude of strange realms. From crumbling ruins and lush green valleys to cyberpunk nightclubs and to far stranger places beyond. you’ll have to contend with roaming and flying angelic beasts of all shapes, with wings, tentacles, too many eyeballs, and without a rosy-cheeked harp-playing cherub in sight. FOES IN HIGH PLACES Each of Heaven’s realms in Fallen Angel is ruled over by a powerful Archangel, their influence shaping the world around them, repainting all of creation in their own image. Explore these strange lands and challenge their lords in intense boss battles. Each boss has their own mechanics and strategies to overcome, tactics and strategy will matter. AN UNRELENTING ASSAULT Survive the angelic onslaught through mastery of Fallen Angel’s stylish combat. Launch your enemies into the air, juggle their helpless bodies with a flurry of attacks. Chain claw, blade, and gun attacks into ferocious combos. Witha wide array of weaponry available, players can choose their preferred combat playstyle. As you progress you'll be able to choose a variety of upgrades for your character allowing you to pick the upgrades that suit your playstyle or bolster your weaknesses. A HEAVEN ALL OF OUR OWN Fallen Angel is nothing without its fans and players. We’ve carved out our own special little circle of Hell, and invite you to join our Discord channel. Whether you’ve been cast out of Heaven or just like the sound of angelic bodies hitting the floor, come and say hello.
  7. Steam Page Toroom is a dungeon crawler roguelike-like top-down shooter, where the protagonist just wants to come back to his room. Clearing multiple rooms full of enemies, going through multiple biomes, getting as much loot as possible to upgrade your character and defeat the bosses in your way. Inspired by The Binding of Isaac and Enter the Gungeon, Toroom is a game full of replayability potential, where playing multiple times is a part of the game, learning more and more about every weapon and equipment in the game, and enemies attack pattern to give you a better chance next time. The game makes the replayability unique by having a huge amount of loot for the player with about 114 different items and a procedurally generated world, so every time the player restart and give it another try, it will be an entirely different experience and giving the player an experience of “one more try”, making it entertaining as well as full of content to enjoy. Golden Nuggets 1. A challenging dungeon crawler game with a high replayability value, where every time you play the game, you learn more about it, making it even further next time. 2. Cute art style in pixel art to really highlight the fantasy and powers that are given throughout the gameplay 3. A lot of content and a procedurally generated world for the player to not get bored and feel like every time it's played, it's a different experience. 4. Good music, environment, and level design for the player to feel immersed in the gameplay
  8. Good afternoon, I want to bring to your attention our new game - REFICUL 666 Steam Darkness has always gone hand in hand with loneliness. When you don't see who is nearby, you lose touch with the world and become numb. Challenge these ancient sources of fear! Introducing REFICUL 666, an indie survival game in a small, once cozy North American town. You have to go through an exciting test in the open world, where the unexpected can be your doom. Or salvation ... Be careful, this world is full of demons that do not like intruders. But don't let fear consume you. Explore to survive and learn the riddle of this world. The gameplay of REFICUL 666 contains elements of uncertainty that will not let you relax when you start playing again. Light is the source of life in this game too. When darkness enveloped the whole world, only light can break the line of uncertainty. Appreciate it, look for it in batteries that are scattered throughout the city. We wish you good luck! Features: · Open-world - Survival Horror game with Rogue-Like elements · First Person · One Hell of an Atmosphere · Challenging gameplay with random enemies, story/objectives with each new game · Immersive environment with a tense atmosphere and a real sense of dread · Explore the town to find new items and clues · Powerful magical relics with unique and awesome powers · Lockable doors to help keep some enemies out and create a safe area · No jump scares, the game creates the atmosphere and random events to bring the element of surprise · Procedural lighting that lights up the environment around you
  9. Good afternoon, I want to bring to your attention an interesting game – Bricks Frenzy Steam Page Planets in space have cooperated with one another and allowed their beings to travel, explore, and learn from each other. Despite the different languages, cultures, and backgrounds, one thing unifies them—playing Bricks Frenzy. Bricks Frenzy is an arcade brick game developed to be both competitive and fun at the same time. Each player will be having an always randomized set of bricks to destroy with their space bat and balls. Gain power ups and make your opponent’s bricks harder to defeat, or make your own bricks easily destroyed, or use your powers to energize your bat and balls to have a better advantage on your opponent. Do your best with all the power ups available and gain mastery over them to defeat your opponents. Play with your friends and family using the split screen mode that you will all surely enjoy. And with plenty of different game modes to choose from, hone your skills and be ready to defeat your opponent and be the Bricks Frenzy Master!
  10. Good afternoon, I want to bring to your attention our new game - PUFIWEHO Steam Page PUFIWEHO - Protecting Us From Incredibly Worrisome Extremely Hostile Oddities GAMEPLAY It’s a top-down shooter with no guns and no graphic violence. Suitable for all! Use the arrow keys (or ASDW) and your mouse to fight monsters, solve puzzles, and even travel through space. THE INVASION When swarms of bizarre and dangerous gigantic mosquitoes invade the Earth, it is up to you to defeat the extremely harmful monsters with your best weapon - a football! THE FOOTBALL Thankfully, you are equipped with a quantum football - you can throw it, and immediately it reappears in your hands ready to be thrown again. OVER 30 LEVELS Battle maniacal mosquitoes, killer butterflies, and a terrifying array of mutant ticks, cockroaches, tardigrades, and waterbugs. Then, embark on a journey into outer space, to find the source of the attack on Earth. Battle spaceships, aliens, and robots. BONUS LEVEL If you succeed in completing the mission levels, you will unlock an Endless Mode where you can find special items and power-ups to stay alive as long as you can while trying to improve your High Score. MUSIC Enjoy thirty-eight original musical themes as you play. CONCLUSION To improve your life, try PUFIWEHO, and learn the ultimate secret of the Universe.
  11. Good afternoon, I want to bring to your attention our new game - Greed Knights Steam Page About this game There is no Story! Similar games are : stuff and Sorcery, Weapon Shop Fantasy, Pixel Shopkeeper, Soda Dungeon. This game was heavily inspired by Weapon Shop Fantasy! And I insist they are complete different games! Greed Knights is a game where your main focus is to grind for weapons and talent points so you can advance in the dungeons. this game works like most of my previous games. It contains automatic battles and your main focus is to train your champion and see him grow. like Knights and Dungeons, this game isn't endless gold max value is 1e999999999 and you will eventually reach it by your 3d day of playing.
  12. Good afternoon, I want to bring to your attention our new game - Cat Saves Halloween Steam Page You like cats? You like Halloween? No? Then, slowly back away and avoid eye contact and we'll all forget you were here... Still here? Purrfect! Here is your chance to be a cat. In this game you are the cat and the hero. It's Halloween and the monsters are taking over the town. Where did the monsters come from? How am I supposed to know? I'm just a cat! You'll get all the abilities that us normal cats have like sleeping, running, climbing, jumping, hairballs, controlling people and casting magic. Use your amazing cat powers to save the town, explore the dungeons and collect awesome treasures, or just... be a cat. It's all up to you. Have fun!
  13. Good afternoon, I want to bring to your attention our new game:) Steam Page This game will cause you mental distress, maybe even a few smashed up computer keyboards. Our motto: Your anger – our fun. And we followed this throughout the development of this game. Can you get over your frustrations and get to the very end of it? Every mistake, every wrong step is punished in form of a fall. Think first, then jump! Only precision jumps will lead you to the end of the game. Have you got what it takes? Will you win? Or the game defeats you. Rage Jump – test your mind. Key characteristics: • Detailed 2D platform • Extremely difficult game • Can cause aggression fits, panic, destruction of computer keyboards • All progresses and falls are saved automatically
  14. Good afternoon, I want to bring to your attention our new game:) Steam Page YouTube Welcome to the Arizona Derby, home to the most insane off-road racings and the ultimate competition that brings together the world's best racers, pimping up their expensive supercars, storming them of the most exotic off-road tracks, all over the world. About The Game "Arizona Derby" is an action-packed off-road racer with highly realistic physic simulations, challenging AI's of the opponents, that continuously learning and trying to sabotage you with skillful ways, and the game is always exciting. It featuring high-end degree quality of the graphics, and gameplay features are carefully crafted based on three decades of the racing game experience. Also, "Arizona Derby" is specific since it has realistic off-road terrains, not flatten like in most of the other racing games, so you need to make good decisions, to choose right ways, to brake on time and to evade some parts of the roads, to jump at a right angle and to participate incoming off-road paths, with more realism and real off-road experience than other games, but require more skills, it's not almost driving and steering experience, but require training, skills, and devotion at all levels. Mastering different levels, weather conditions and all different off-roads, you will become skilled and able to compete at the higher AI settings and at night races. Your First Car You will be given the first car and yours is to show skills, pack fame and earn more; one by one, to take it to the top. You will have to beat the world's best off-road gangs and their bosses at the harshest track conditions. When you beat all gang members, you'll compete with their bosses. Each boss has its weak side and you need to find it and utilize it in order to leave them in dust and dirt and take a win. In the way to stay competitive, you will upgrade, customize, tune and buy new rides from over 87 supercars, check around the garage and do your best preparation, proving to the world who’s the real off-road boss. Driving Aspect The driving impression is authentic and realistic, at the same time arcade and simulation-like, physics is very complex, featuring tons of high-end algorithms which controlling interactive aspects of vehicles and they are carefully improved over years of research and extended design of "Arizona Derby" to make it utterly fun, and some aspects of the physics may see as arcade and it's intended to be since game is not fully accurate off-road simulation, but having most of those aspects, since it's arcade racer. Gameplayhighly recreating the spirit of the real off-road racing experience with that glimpse of arcade racing, to make it more fan and enable players to do more exciting stunts. Ai opponents are ultimately smart, skilled for the off-roads drive, so you need to reach a unique set of skills needed for realistic off-road terrains. You need to take care of how fast and at which angle going over jumps and bumpy roads, sometimes shortcut ain't the best path to lead the race and you can rollover. Every track, from current 31 tracks is specific and needs training, a strategy that works on one level is different on another, the same is with an approach to win. Training is most important and over time you can increase the difficulty and achieve more XP/AD$ rewards. You can play dirty and hit out racers aside, and score more as of that, but you will risk they hit you harder and even more intrusive.
  15. One of the few indie games that really looks good from my point of view Steam Page YouTube Trailer About the game March isn’t your typical youngster. She has a knack for mysteries and an itch to solve them. Naturally, getting her first-ever case from her best friend Milly fills her with excitement, but it won’t be an easy one. Mr. Peter, Milly’s grandfather, passed away, leaving behind a will that has gone missing. Milly’s suspicious-looking uncle claims to be in possession of it. There’s no telling if it’s true, though, as he is both cunning and dastardly. On top of that, Mr. Peter has come back as a ghost, haunting the very mansion he once lived in. March will have to both tackle the case and deal with Mr. Peter’s ghostly shenanigans. And the clock is ticking. On this adventure, you will experience: • Beautiful and colorful classic cartoon art style • Fully voice-acted scenes in English with subtitles • Unique camera system for reviewing clues and looking for missing items • Dozens of puzzles to solve, each more brain-wracking than the last • Steam achievements Puzzle Galore March Forward’s adventure is filled with intrigue and mystery. It’s also an enigmatic journey filled with all kinds of puzzles to solve. Brain bender aficionados of all stripes will find there’s something in here for almost everybody. Enjoy challenging your observation skills? There’s a wide array of challenging brain-teasers to solve from jigsaws to word scrambles. Secrets to Find Of course, there are also plenty of secrets for aspiring detective March Forward to unlock. The late Mr. Peter’s glorious mansion is full of hidden corners, grand furniture, and other nook and crannies where clues could be hidden. Use your observation skills to the fullest to examine what may lie behind every part of the vast mansion. Don’t worry if you get stuck as Mr. Peter’s ghost will be around to help out with a hint or two. Leave no stone unturned. Camera and Photo System Her camera allows her to take photos of the various scenes and clues. By collecting snapshots, you’ll be able to piece together the mystery behind Milly’s grandfather’s missing will. Review your shots to figure out what items you need to solve puzzles. Check for any clues or pickups that you might have missed the first time around. The camera will help you solve puzzles. As March reviews footage, she’ll make comments about the items and scenes, giving you hint as to how to proceed. Cartoon Style Visuals The world of Detective March Forward is handcrafted in a simple yet expressive style inspired by classic cartoons and comics. Mr. Peter’s mansion is a colorful yet eerily mysterious place with every detail drawn by hand in a unique art style. Every character’s personality shines through their distinct design and aesthetic. Don your detective’s hat. Sharpen your brain. Prepare your lens. And help March uncover the truth behind her best friend Milly’s grandfather’s missing will. Milly’s uncle is a cunning one, though and Mr. Peter’s ghost is getting in the way. Are you ready to take on the challenge?
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