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  1. Yes, passage of server time when you're absent is a huge problem. It's annoying on a small private server, I can only imagine how bad it is on bigger servers. It sucks to log in to find your food rotten and plants withered. I don't think anyone has had a successful harvest on our server even once, and we're just 4 people logging in at different times. I guess the only solution would be to have some sort of ownership for crops/plants, eg. whoever does the planting is the "owner". When the owner isn't around, the plants go into "slow motion", ie. growth and rotting slow down, watering needs are lower, etc.
  2. Yes! Wheelbarrows and shopping carts please! They definitely wouldn't be too OP, since their carrying capacity is somewhat limited and they also cause noise.
  3. Agree, the notification is absolutely necessary. Also, I'd like to see a server option which, when SleepAllowed=true and SleepNeeded=false, toggles SleepNeeded to true when a given percentage of players are asleep. It's annoying when most players want to fast forward, but some lone wolf decides not to, and this would conveniently highly encourage them to go to sleep.
  4. Twine should be craftable. Yes, would take skill (foraging? and/or a crafting recipe?) and time, but still. This would require stripping long fibers from a suitable source, such as trees and other plants. Branches and logs would be a source, perhaps giving a random amount of fibers and destroying the resource in the process. Second, the fibers need to be soaked in water for several days ("retting"), and then dried (ie. kept in warm enough conditions). Lastly, they're twisted and tied together to make twine. All in all, quite a bit of time and effort involved, but this would make a basic resource renewable in MP and make a wilderness base more viable.
  5. Craftable "ice box"? Ie. a container built for cooling with a block of ice. Ice would need to be replenished (turns into tainted water). Ice would be acquired from frozen bodies of water or produced in powered freezing units.
  6. 2GB + a half per player doesn't seem to cut it. I run vanilla, and regularly exceed 6 GB or even 7.5GB with just 4 concurrent players. I filed a half-assed bug report on this: As for buffers and saving not being reliable... naturally don't know the specifics in this case, but perhaps a copy and swap approach would work? Ie. save changes to a copy of the data, and make the swap (copy replaces original) after successfully writing the changes?
  7. Oh. It just occurred to me that this could also have to do with: SaveWorldEveryMinutes=0 This could cause the server to accumulate unsaved world changes in memory? Still, going from just over 3 GB to well over 7 GB (I think last night it went all the way to 7.6GB before the hosting provider pulled the plug) sounds quite... steep. I'll try and see if changing the setting helps.
  8. I'm running a 41.65 dedicated server (cloud provider, Linux platform). Problem is, the memory usage goes up in proportion to player count and never comes down in the same proportion, when players leave. This would IMO point to something in per-player bookkeeping not being freed properly. Dangling references preventing garbage collector from reclaiming memory? Server memory consumption starts around 3 to 3,5 GB, going up to 4-5 GB with a couple of players and from there steadily increases to 6,5 or 7 GB with only 4 concurrent players. Some of the players utilize multiple username/password combos to have several characters to switch between and occasionally log out and back in with different ones - this seems to be coincide with high memory consumption. (EDIT: 4 or 5 concurrent players -> 4 concurrent players; I don't think we've ever had more than 4 at the same time on the server)
  9. A subtle effect of being paranoid: when checking someone else's health, there should be a chance of falsely reporting bitten/infected...
  10. Yes, please! Of course, there should be a hangover effect as well. Playing an alcoholic would be a balancing act between not suffering the withdrawals and not causing a hangover!
  11. Hmm. Do we have donuts in the game? Don't remember seeing any. :/
  12. Yes, please! I want to play a fat, donut munching cop!
  13. This would be a welcome addition. Since PZ is not intended to be exactly easy, perhaps this should, in addition to requiring a pen, be done by a well lit table. So that it can't be done anytime, anyplace, and at night time you would need to risk attracting zombies by turning on the lights.
  14. I'm all for having NPC corpses that have offed themselves in various ways, and also having the option to off one's own character. But these really should be behind an option/toggle, perhaps even disabled by default. Our "right" to morbid entertainment is a far distant second to someone else's right to not have this sort of potentially disturbing content. The option should be "global" in the sense, that enabling/disabling suicide content should have an effect regardless of game mode, server, etc. With suicides enabled, I could find a corpse hanging from a noose. With it disabled, the same corpse would be on the floor instead. Rope should be on the floor, or hanging, depending on the setting, but lootable in either case. (yes, people could do a 1+1 here, but no visual suicide scene if disabled)
  15. Also, be sure to try the workaround: when the server is reported as not responding, try connecting - it will fail. Then, quit and restart PZ, but this time with the startup option "-nosteam" (in Steam library, right click and go to Properties). Try connecting to the server (I haven't tried others than the same server, don't know it this matters). Fails. Restart another time, without the "-nosteam" option. I've had this work several times, and so has a friend. Don't ask me why!
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