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  1. I can confirm this is working although it has few minor bugs on it. 1-Crates cannot be stacked or rotated. 2-If you pick a crate that was stacked on top of another crate, it'll stay "floating" like that when you try to place it, and you'll not be able to place it atop another crate. Of course, this might be due to me playing in my map from the previous patch. Maybe if a new save was made it'd be different.
  2. Sorry dude, but that one's on the "Dev's List of Big NO's" since forever... However, minimaps also used to be on the Big NO's list, so who knows....
  3. Still no Military Crates fix... I wonder if the devs have somehow encountered some bigger complication with those that they cannot be fixed easily.
  4. I'm afraid I must inform that the Military Crates are still broken. Still the same "has objects on top" error from Patch 68.
  5. Found a bug: Can no longer craft Large/Small Metal Sheets; have all ingredients/tools/required skills and was doing it OK on the Stable patch.
  6. This is a problem I've been noticing for a while, as now there are a lot more building with open second floors than before. But I reckon it might not be recent. So, whenever you are on the exterior second floor of a building, be it player made or vanilla, ALL OF ITS WALLS GET CUTAWAY. And as you can see here, it even allows effects like fog or darkness to get "inside" so to speak. If I walk out of that room, you'll notice that the walls still don't render. However, if I descend to the first floor, or even just leave the second floor and stand on the stairs- The walls magically pop back up again. Now, I don't have a screenshot of this, but if you go up to a 3rd floor (which I don't have on my base), suddenly, ALL WALLS START TO RENDER, 2nd floor, 3rd floor et al, and start behaving normally just like when you're on second floor. This is a problem that kinda makes second floor buildings rather annoying, for it always seems like you have no walls, and the fog gets inside.
  7. Nope, I can just add them to the gun as a Cannon Upgrade, just like a scope or a strap. They don't turn the gun into a spear or anything.
  8. I recently found some Bayonets for my MSR700 and MSR780 rifles on one of the VS Firing Range, so I tried to use them in melee and... they don't see to do anything. I keep hitting the zed with the rifle butt instead, and they also have no description of any kind indicating how they might be used. So, do they do anything yet? Or are they just a placeholder for some not-yet-added function.
  9. These ones specifically: Because believe it or not, people born after the 2Ks, that's what those shelves under the TV were usually for. Holding VHS Tapes and the VHS itself. So it'd be great if they actually functioned as they look like.
  10. Oh, I know it's there; I've already stumbled on many buildings and places that aren't on the latest map site But haven't been able to find that one yet. Damn, that's pretty far away and in the middle of nowhere. I was wrong looking for it closer to LV. Thanks for the info nonetheless
  11. I know lots of new things have been added to the map, so I've been looking for this place from a few updates ago. Has anyone found it yet? I know for certain that the map site isn't up to date with this last batch of additions yet.
  12. Well, I saw it a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG TIME AGO; back when the cars' engines still sounded like a chainsaw down the eardrums. I looted the gas station store on Dixie as I drove towards WP, but when I arrived there, I found most of the loot missing... and a breadcrumb trail of dropped items over the road leading to where I first started. So, did it happen? Yes. Have I seen it happen again? No. But I still take caution with it.
  13. Nope. They can, however, fall is the lid/door (or the whole trunk in a truck's case) is very low condition (around 30% IIRC).
  14. Any news of what was that patch earlier today? Game downloaded a small update.
  15. Whoa! Wasn't expecting such a quick and affirmative response I'd ask for more info, but I reckon you guys can't reveal them yet.
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