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  1. Blake81

    PriZon Break

    Ah, OK... Pity... hope we can get that in eventually. Especially for the doctor's coat.
  2. Blake81

    PriZon Break

    Does this mean we'll be able to wear jackets and coats open?
  3. What title says. Whenever you click on the View All News button, you get an Error 404.
  4. I must say I like this idea! A skilled tailor should also be able to modify their bag in various ways; more capacity in exchange for durability, more weight reduction in exchange for capacity, more durability in exchange for weight reduction, and so on. There would always be something you have to sacrifice to get something else. This could be quite helpful to have certain bags tailored to specific purposes; like say, a less durable but more weight reducing for hauling furniture around, or a bigger one with less durability and weight reduction, but with plenty of space, as you just keep it in the floor as a container. The possibilities here are many...
  5. I can confirm this, and it happens with the military bag too, specially the non-camo one which is more visible.
  6. Just found a bit of a bug with the new home page. The "View All News" button at the bottom doesn't work. It gives me a 404 error.
  7. First of all, I'd say this is not a PZ-exclusive problem; on pretty much every survival game I've played, at some point in the end-game I reach this threshold in which I barely have ANY reason to leave my base, AT ALL. It's that moment when you've gotten all the stuff (weapons, loot, materials, base upgrades, etc) you could possibly get and become more-or-less self-sufficient. At those times, you usually either go on with the main plotline to finish the game (State of Decay, Subnautica, NEO Scav, The Long Dark, any modern Fallout, etc) if there's one, or just keep messing around and surviving day-to-day, which at least to me leads to boredom and moving onto another game. And PZ has this in spades; once you've found all the skill magazines, all the XP books, at least one of every weapon, a decent amount of canned goods, 2-3 sets of your favorite clothes, plenty of ammo, your car of choice (with good parts), decided upon a base location, and modified it to fit your liking, there's... really nothing to do other than exploring just for the sake of it, fight whatever Zed get close to your base or beat on your barricades, feed yourself whenever you're hungry/thirsty, and keep your plants watered and healthy. IMHO, this is kinda the intended "You beat the game" moment; you've pretty much survived and set yourself to make your daily routine on this post-apoc world, leaning the hows and whys to continue living on it. IMHO, I doubt that any amount of additions will ever change that, because no matter what kind of new things the Devs throw at us, we'll eventually find a way of getting used to it and incorporating it to our routine. I think it's the intended progression for any survival game...
  8. And PZ's saves are.... Humongomonstrosaurian
  9. Blake81


    One thing I must say is that, now that functional PCs are becoming a thing, then maybe it'd be nice if they added some of them to all those office blocks and cubicle buildings that often feel so strange with those threadbare desks.
  10. TBH, trash disposal was never a problem to me. I just stuff my trash into a dead body and burn/bury it, and problem solved. Only things that gave me problems were car parts (broken hoods and windshields mostly) due to their weight. I wish we were able to "scrap" broken car parts (or car parts as a whole) for materials rather than just throwing them away. I mean, I'm pretty sure I can get some bits of metal plating from a wrecked hood or door. also a broken windshield should just vanish, just like headlights/taillights do already. IMHO, I think that'd be a much better fix than a magic trash can option; I do agree it feels videogamey, and I worry it may be abused on MP (unless, of course, it can be disabled).
  11. I think he may have been sarcastic...
  12. I'm officially dubbing that bug as "Blooosputin"; because no matter how many times you kill it, it will just not go down...
  13. Blake81


    Man, all good features! Can't wait for the next patch. That said @nasKowhat music track is that one on the last vid? I know all of the tracks that play in the game by heart, and I had never heard that one. Is it something new you haven't added yet? Or is it simply something I haven't heard yet?
  14. Found three of them, each on a different "suicide scene" at a random house (The ones that have a few non-zed corpses carrying guns/alcohol/bleach), and those were the lucky scenes that had it. All of those were 308 tho, the 223 remains mythical.
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