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  1. Also, it might be worth mentioning that you can't pick up Composters; they simply don't show in your tooltip.
  2. Err.... Honestly, I don't see why would anyone want to take the alarms. Placing them on your base would be like giving the Zeds a free reinforcements ticket....
  3. Now that you mention them, and the OP was mentioning that there should be a way to tell which place has alarms and which one hasn't, how about them having alarm signs outside? I'm pretty sure we've seen these around all of the time. Of course, not ALL the place would have them, but SOME would, and it would at least give us the choice of breaking or not into places we KNOW have the alarm. These would spawn randomly outside the buildings (either as garden signs or wall stickers) of, let's say, 4 out of every 10 places with alarm. And that could give us an idea of what's there.
  4. They could be traits with both negative and positive effects, but somehow, unless they're very specific effect that draw some advantage from otherwise negative statuses (like the Adrenaline Junkie), they would be very hard to use properly.
  5. Sadly, this is a long-standing bug. Fire as a whole will receive an update and full rebalance at some point, but as of now, we often say that the world of PZ is all doused in gasoline....
  6. Actually, since those are BURNT cars, I think those might be just melted threads. Although, they could use some better detail so they don't look like just a black rectangle. Or maybe it's just a glitch and I am overthinking....
  7. While clearly not the best solution, I usually just replace them with Metal Bar windows, which are the only see-thru barricades.
  8. Alright! That's great to know. And also, I hope some of the bigger trucks (like the delivery van) can have their cargo area serve as a decent bed. As someone who once worked as night-shift delivery boy, I can tell you that, unlike your average backseat, all you need is a half-decent mat and you can sleep like a king there.... Ohhh! So that's what you mean! That's even better. As highly as I may speak of State of Decay, one of its most frustrating traits was all those immovable wrecks that were all over the roads (Especially in Marshall, which had ALL its entries and inner bridges wreck-cluttered), so the idea that we can push these away is indeed a great boon.
  9. While it's great to see such a variety of cars, I cannot help but wonder if there will be more to them beyond cosmetic. I mean, does that delivery truck has any advantage over the corvette (besides the cool Spiffo, that is) beyond the cosmetic one? Would there be any advantage in choosing one type of car over other? Would bigger and slower cars have something to compensate for their lack of speed or maneuverability? This is something I think that needs some serious work on. A game I always use as comparison to PZ, State of Decay, did some really good work balancing their cars (specially on the YOSE version). Every time you went out on a scavenging run or mission, what car to bring along was as important as choosing what gun and melee to carry or what character to bring along. Were you going to loot some faraway stash? Bring the Modern Pickup or the SUV; lots of cargo space at reasonable speeds. Are you going to wipe an infestation? Bring the Police Cruiser and bring them out with the sirens for an easier kill. Are you going on a timed mission where speed is vital? Grab the Sports Hatchback or the High-end Exotic, trading defense for speed. You just need to pick up some new survivors? The Modern Sedan is your best choice. Are you going on a horde-squashing spree? Grab the Military Pickup or the ''Black Van'' and pound them into mincemeat. There was a car for every situation, and no car was ''the all-purpose'', and even the ''crappier'' ones (like the Old Pickup, the Station Wagon or the Pizza Delivery Hatchback) which were mostly there to make the game world feel unique, were good to have around in a pinch. Specially if you were planning to ram into a Big Bastard. @nasKo So, now I ask? What advantages will PZ give to each car? Will there be situations where a slow, lumbering van makes for a better choice than a fast sportscar? Those are my two cents.
  10. That's easily the best bug I've seen since that one with infinite planks a couple years ago.....
  11. Oh my! That looks waaaay better than it did in my imagination. Maybe using the same system we have for showing the maps (as an image) we could have some of these. And with that, there could be dozens of similar reports, from hospitals, firemen and maybe even secret orders found in the bodies of dead military personnel. Truth to be told, there ARE a few places with signs of struggle (mainly in the form of bloodstains), I remember seeing one in Cortman's lobby, on a parking lot somewhere along the main Mul road and the biggest one at the restaurant of the Sunstar Hotel. However, they are static, and yeah, I hope that with the upcoming cars, there can be some more randomized signs of struggle and combat.
  12. Well, lore-wise, this is already in game. If you listen to the radio or watch the TV, you'll notice plenty of mentions of ''camps'' of many kinds around the KEEZ (Knox Event Exclusion Zone). Some are military keeping the Zed in, some are medical/research trying to figure what's going on, some are refugee camps trying to sort out all the people escaping the area or ppl coming to pick up friends/relatives that were there. Maybe they could be added to the map once it grows further and starts threading the ''edges'' of the KEEZ (I know, I know, the name sounds silly...) or maybe there could even be some designated ''empty areas'' that may or may not be camps of that sort scattered through the map.
  13. This is something that's been on my mind since the first radio and TV stories showed up in the IWBUMS. How about adding small lore elements as random loot to be found around the map? (Just like with the upcoming Annotated Maps) By ''Lore Bits'', I mean random bits of information scattered across the game world. Notes found on dead Zed that maybe give some clues as how did they end up as such or inside containers all over the map. (like some dude saying he was about to try and kill some Zeds with a shotgun he found, or a journal from someone with a certain level of medical knowledge taking notes on the advance of his own infection), hospital reports on unusual events (like an unusual increase in the number of new patients with bite wounds, or that strange banging sound coming from the morgue.... probably just the ventilation, right?) and maybe once tape recorders and cassettes are added, Police recordings of 911 calls (a woman complaining that there's a bloodied man banging her door with its head, or an unusually pale and shambling ''bum'' hanging around their garden, maybe even someone reporting they found a wounded person and are trying to tend his wounds until suddenly-GYAUGH!! Followed by moans and flesh-chewing sounds....). This would not only allow players to piece the PZ story bit by bit (kinda like in Dark Souls) but could motivate certain players to explore places they wouldn't usually go to (like a Bank or an office building), but would also create a sense of ''real'' world progression; the Zed didn't just drop from the sky and ate everybody, there were phases to the infection and not everybody realized what was going on until it was too late. I believe this could be a great addition to PZ's storytelling system as a whole.
  14. Ah, so it wasn't as much of a bug but a confusing tooltip. Makes sense.
  15. Any news on the Multi-Tile Furniture Weight Issue bug?