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  1. Blake81

    Door Overhaul

    Damn! I approve all of those. There ARE already electric/magnetic doors in the game (check on the self storages and police stations), at least graphic-wise, same goes for doors with windows on top, and I always found annoying you couldn't just shatter the glass and stick your arm in to unlock them.
  2. Blake81


    Oh boy! You can't hide it any longer- IWBUMS is around the corner, isn't it?
  3. Blake81


    Oh, man, I hope that car with doors that open means that, maybe one day in the far future, we'll be able to Open-Door-Slam Zeds like in State of Decay; I swear to go that was one of my favorite features on that game
  4. Blake81


    I fully support all of those ideas! Specially as it'd be a shame for one favorite piece of clothing to be ruined by a Zed who blindsided while we were looting. If we can fix that, it'd make things much easier.
  5. Blake81


    They forgot to make a thread for it, tho....
  6. Blake81


    Bit of question; will the functional garage doors been on this build, or is that coming later?
  7. Blake81

    69 Zeds

    Just made one Feel free to contribute there!
  8. Now that the "Zed Scenes" are a possibility; to create themed scenarios on certain locations, I'm creating this thread here in a hope of keeping them all together in a single place rather than spread all over the update post or in individual threads. This will help to avoid suggestions from getting lost as well as people suggesting the same thing again and again. If possible, @EnigmaGrey , can we have this thread Stickied to the top so everyone can see it?
  9. Blake81

    69 Zeds

    Maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea to make a Sticky Suggestions thread for all of these...
  10. Blake81

    The Sound of Mucus

    Dammit, guys. I almost ruined a perfectly good computer chair when I heard that female scream. That's some solid quality even some Triple-A titles are lacking... I'm 120% sure you guys are gonna tell me you already fixed this but I'm gonna mention it anyway. Could you please fix the "meats" section of the stores? Those counter fridges that, from the image, seem to be filled with nothing but steaks, but when you go loot them they have nothing but fruits and vegetables. I always found that kinda irking- how you'd have a much easier time looting a Spiffo for raw meat than a supermarket or a store. Just my two cents here. Also, once we go back to adding places to the map, you may wanna add a butcher shop somewhere. I somehow find weird there are none at all.
  11. Blake81

    Little Red Guitar

    Good to see Wrenches and Machetes added! Prolly two of my favorite weapons in most zombie games. Things are looking pretty good so far, so I'm picturing maybe an early-mid June IWBUMS release. I honestly wanna play this than most upcoming AAA releases
  12. Blake81

    Advanced Zedonometry

    Tries to understand all the technical info above So, uh.... Magic, right? You guys are Mathemagicians, I reckon. My brain almost BSODed by trying to make sense to just one of those images....
  13. Blake81

    Night Drivin’

    Well that looks like a short enough to-do list, which hopefully means some point later this month/early June maybe. Because man, all the stuff you're showing us... is like your parents showing you all the X-Mas gift they have for you in March and but not letting you have them until December.
  14. Blake81

    Night Drivin’

    Sees 4:23 Good to see you added the Zed eating like dogs in the proper Zed fashion. That said, guys, seriously, aren't we already at the point where an IWBUMS is possible? We know there are bugs and all, but we've never expected you guys to release a fully bug-free upgrade from the start; the Vehicles Updated had plenty of bugs of its own (including the dreaded earworm that was the early engine sounds), but we still played the hell outta it. I know you guys don't give out ETAs, so I won't ask for that, but aren't we at a point where it's stable enough for at least an IWBUMS that's more IWBUMSier than usual? I think I speak for everybody when I say we all wanna play this...
  15. Blake81

    Zed Snacking

    Yup! That's exactly the kind of zombie eating I had in mind; all of them going dog on a corpse. Otherwise it looks very un-zombie-like.