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  1. Blake81


    I can confirm I'm having the exact same problem; PNG export simply not working right now.
  2. Do screws do/are used for anything now? Never found any use for them since... forever.
  3. Blake81

    2020 vision

    Bit of a thing about the High Qual fire; all the smoke pillars look pretty much EXACTLY THE SAME, which wouldn't make much sense. Since the smoke is still WIP, maybe you can make it so that the same wind that makes the trees sway makes it change shapes or orientation.
  4. Can confirm this has been happening before to me. Particularly in the Golf Course and the Prison.
  5. Was there some functionality added to those Metal Drums you see on some places now? I noticed this file on the Save Folder I know Hydrocraft uses them to store Gas, but I had no idea they now had some use on Vanilla. What do they do? (If anything)
  6. Gotta say, I quite like this new loot distribution system. Just a question tho; which of all those new options handles clothing rarity? As in, my chance of ever finding the legendarily elusive Camo Hunting Vest. What are you talking about? The one-shot stab is still there- Try holding down RMB with a knife when close to a Zed, you'll do one normal attack at first, and the next one will be ye olde one-shot stab. I still use my knife to deal with most lone Zed, specially on interiors.
  7. Heavenly Chorus Sound AT LAST!! Thanks a lot!
  8. I hadn't noticed this bug until I used the normal "Backpack" (same as the military one, but without camo), it gets some bloodstains on its sides (you can see them in the Zedsgiving screenshot even), but cannot be washed in the washing machine, as they never get the Dirty/Bloody status, and even though you CAN wash them by hand, nothing changes on them.
  9. I can confirm this. It has been happening since the very first IWBUMS 41; I always set my loot to abundant, but as soon as I go to a place I did not visit before saving and exiting my first save, it all resets to what I believe is Rare.
  10. Can't help but notice the word "Vegitation" on that log.... should it be Vegetation? Could that be the reason for the bug?
  11. We need heating devices; either electric heaters/stoves or similar gas/propane/coal powered ones we can use inside buildings or even outside. Or, (and here we may be moving onto far greater additions) add a "Thermostat" electric fixture to most buildings, just like we have light switches now. It could simply have the interface the Car's AC have already. Of course, not ALL places will have this (wouldn't expect a wooden cabin in the middle of nowhere, or a Self-Storage unit to have HVAC), but most of them would.
  12. That makes four of us; this issue had happened on previous patches but it was seemingly fixed. Guess it just came back with a vengeance...
  13. .... Can't help but ask, where did you find those Balaclavas?
  14. Wanted to craft me a pipe bomb today and I found I didn't have the recipe. So I went to literally ALL THE BOOKSTORES in the map (I have all loots set to Abundant) and Vol.3 and Vol.4 simply did not spawn anywhere. Is this a bug? Or have they been removed?
  15. Blake81

    Like, sew cool

    That's a brilliant idea! Could even be used as an "utility" counterpart to the belt slots.
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