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  1. Pitch Battle

    Oh my! So now we can have faulty suspension? Well then, all I need is a grey sedan with good engine and transmission, a few dents on the sides, a slightly cracked windshield, a faulty radio and no BLEEEP!ing suspension on the back, and I'll have perfectly recreated the trashy 98 Camry I drive... This is an odd kind of immersion....... and I like it!
  2. This might sound dumb but, eyes problem?

    Bad comedy aside, I think I know what may be causing that. Is your Display backlit? And on what resolution are you playing the game on?
  3. Project CarZ

    Will this also include adding functionality to all the perfectly-good shutters and garage doors that have been part of the maps since forever? (Also, will garages as a whole be fixed size-wise? I mean, many of the WP garages barely look capable of fitting in one of those mini-smart cars, let alone an 80-90s sedan....)
  4. Released: Vehicle Tech Test build

    As someone who tried out the Vehicle Patch right after it came out and didn't touch it again until now, I must say there's been some great improvement. Right now, if only the engine noise issues got fixed (both in the permanence bug and in the fact the engines sound like I am wearing a pair of headsets made out of rusty lawnmowers), I think cars would be ready for direct IWBUMS merge, so the balance issues can be properly addressed.
  5. Higher Screen Resolution?

    Really? It doesn't show for me...
  6. Higher Screen Resolution?

    This is something I've recently noticed, as I upgraded my PC and I'm now sporting a 1920x1080 desktop resolution, and I feel like PZ is wasting a lot of potential by locking itself to 1280xSomethingelse. Is there any Dev-related reason of why we don't have higher resolutions? Or it's just part of that ever-increasing TO-DO list they have somewhere?
  7. Giving the spikes a depleting durability could probably do. After all, even the toughest metal will break or bend after too many blows....
  8. I really hope the Devs look at these at some point...
  9. Released: Vehicle Tech Test build

    While I don't have a console log of this, I had the same bug. But strangely enough, all I did was exit my game while still inside of a car. IT WAS EVEN ON A NO-ZEDS MAP. Apparently, closing the game while inside of a car causes that big bug.
  10. Released: Vehicle Tech Test build

    So far, and ignoring the obvious performance issues and jackhammeringly bad sound effects (the engine sound makes my ears bleed), my main issue with the cars is that whole ''Zed surfing'' thing. I can ram a security stepvan into a thick horde of Zed in a manner reminiscent of that one episode of Highschool of the Dead, but if I as much bump a Zed at the kind of speed that wouldn't amount for a bruise in real life and knock it down, my car will flip like it was suddenly possessed by the spirit of Evel Knievel and ramps off them. And it's impossible to always be at high speed. And speaking of Stepvans, I've found them to be my favorite choice of car (again, I once drove one of those, and I even find myself sometimes entering via the right door expecting the steering wheel to be there), because since they're pretty much a lunchbox on wheels, they will not sideflip; if they fall on their sides, they will go back down on their wheels without issue, so they're the most resilient to the Zurfing thing.
  11. Cannot Craft ''Crafted Trigger''

    For some odd reason, the Crafted Triggers' recipe seems to be broken. It asks for a ''Receiver'', but it doesn't recognize ''Radio Receivers'', which as far as I know, are the only types that exists. Any chance of that getting fixed?
  12. [Build 37.8] Composter bug

    Also, it might be worth mentioning that you can't pick up Composters; they simply don't show in your tooltip.
  13. Err.... Honestly, I don't see why would anyone want to take the alarms. Placing them on your base would be like giving the Zeds a free reinforcements ticket....
  14. Now that you mention them, and the OP was mentioning that there should be a way to tell which place has alarms and which one hasn't, how about them having alarm signs outside? I'm pretty sure we've seen these around all of the time. Of course, not ALL the place would have them, but SOME would, and it would at least give us the choice of breaking or not into places we KNOW have the alarm. These would spawn randomly outside the buildings (either as garden signs or wall stickers) of, let's say, 4 out of every 10 places with alarm. And that could give us an idea of what's there.
  15. Neutral Traits

    They could be traits with both negative and positive effects, but somehow, unless they're very specific effect that draw some advantage from otherwise negative statuses (like the Adrenaline Junkie), they would be very hard to use properly.