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  1. I'm not quite sure, but it seems like this is not working. I am trying to plumb a sink to a rain collector placed directly above it, but I am not getting the prompt at all. Whole thing is in a player-built building (but water has not been cut yet), I have a Wrench on me and the barrel is exactly on top of the sink. Is there something I am missing?
  2. That's... weird. I was able to plumb a sink to a collector barrel with the water still on in my previous save. Must be something new.
  3. Actually, what you're seeing there is the wardrobe to your right. If you look carefully, you'll see you have 3 containers listed. Wardrobes have 2, nightstands have 1, so you're seeing BOTH of them.
  4. -Brand new game -Still got water and power (but the sink I want to plumb is on a player-built structure) -No Mods of any kind
  5. Tried it, still the same. So I guess it must not have been that.
  6. "Lift" the sink? You mean remove it and install it again?
  7. So, I put a Rain Collector (barrel) on the roof above a Dark Industrial Sink, but I am no longer getting the "Plumb Sink" option like I did last patch. I tried putting it exactly on top of the sink, and on each of the eight spaces around it, but the prompt never comes up. Is there something I am missing? I have the wrench on my inventory.
  8. Blake81

    It's Coming to Roam

    I spent a good chunk of 2020 (had to do something while stuck home, hah!) playing around with Debian Stable (Cinnamon). I'll say, the stuff I did with a VMM made feel LIKE A GOD- The emulation potential of the thing is nigh-infinite. I just need to take a course on the basics, but I am one of those tragically traditionalist dudes who needs an actual classroom to learn, not just a video. And yes, the Steam Deck looks like the business (if Valve DOES actually support it after release...), and KDE Plasma is basically "Win10, but Good".
  9. Alright! Just to make sure I hadn't forgotten to enable something.
  10. So, for what I understand, Noiseworks aren't in yet, correct? Because all sounds the same as usual.
  11. Blake81

    It's Coming to Roam

    Oh, I tried. Believe me. Got Debian Stable on one of my partitions. However, every time I try to do anything on it, it simply doesn't work. Not because anything's wrong with it, but because I am no doubt doing something wrong- I feel like a grandma when using it. My plan was to set a Virtual Machine inside of it- Basically have a VHD of my current Win7 running there. But I never got it to work, and all websites I found about it were all either extremely unclear or extremely noob-unfriendly. I'm no slouch with a PC, but I am tragically GUI-spoiled; to me Linux has always been the st
  12. That basically matches my observations- Unless you set the Zed to NEVER SPAWN, if you start shooting they WILL spawn if you are within earshot of a place where there's a chance of such. I also tested with Debug mode, using that "Map" thing that lets you see the Zeds in real time, and yes, they spawned CONSTANTLY, usually 1-3 every few minutes. Once the next IWBUMS rolls in, I'm gonna record it with Shadowplay and show it here.
  13. Blake81

    It's Coming to Roam

    TBH, you can still play the latest games with Win7- Heck, I played CP2077 on High, and I never got any crashes or problems on it, it's all about your specs, and if you MEET a game's specs, you will be able to play it, regardless of if it says "Win10 Only". Of course, if the game has DX12 exclusively (so far, only the HZD port had that, and for me it was no prob as I have it on my PS4), it will not work. But as of right now, those games are far and few.
  14. Blake81

    It's Coming to Roam

    Ah, hope that's the case. I've never had any speed issues with PZ (unless I am facing a horde that takes 2/3 of the screen, and if I am in that situation, clearly I messed up), so I don't think that'll be a problem for me. Also, thanks for not treating me like I'm some tinfoil-hatted lunatic, which is the way a lot of people react when they hear I am on Win7 because of security and privacy concerns.
  15. Blake81

    It's Coming to Roam

    I am very concerned about this one line in the changelog. Does this mean that PZ will no longer be compatible with older OSes? As someone still on Win7, and with no intention to ever upgrading to Win10 (Here's me hoping that Win11 won't have as many privacy violations...), does this mean I'll become unable to play PZ after this patch?
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