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  1. Blake81

    Down Under

    Hmm.... still, as much as I love the addition, part of me feels that Zombies just dropping down and crawling under the cars feels a bit.... un-zombie-like; climbing over them seems more feasible. But oh well, I guess it'll be just a matter of waiting until players can climb over cars, and maybe then the same thing will be added for Zeds.
  2. Blake81

    Mascot Mayhem

    You know, after having a long SoD2 binge and coming back, I can say this game would be a lot more fun if we had the ability to climb over cars, low roofs, boxes and the like. Would certainly give an extra dimension to maneuver, and avoid zeds. And sure, you may say "But unless we give zeds the ability to follow you there, it's gonna be too much of advantage to the survivors.", to which I would reply, "Not really". Sure, you can climb on top of a stepvan or roof, but that's not gonna make the horde below turn around and leave. On the contrary, they'll surround you, and since you ca
  3. What "Quality Level" (Valu, Regular, Performance) are your car's parts? Because that matters A LOT. Performance parts degrade REAL slow, even when ramming zed, and Regular are usually good enough until you can find some Performance parts. Valu, I avoid unless I am stuck in the middle of nowhere with a busted tire and absolutely no other choice, as anything Valu/Old degrades like toilet paper in a blender. Also, I know they're real cool, but Sport Vehicles are a rather poor choice; rarest of parts and smallest of trunks (although this last part isn't much of an issue now
  4. I'm a bit confused on what does this entails; does this mean now we can find gun mods in more places?
  5. Yes, that player-floored part of the Warehouse has been bugged since forever. I even reported it here over a year ago: Still the exact same error. And you may also notice that the outside wall doesn't render properly. Which IMHO may be the main problem.
  6. People have actually been suggesting Refrigerated Stepvans for a while now, which would make more sense (powered by engine and car battery) and are something that existed in that era.
  7. Blake81

    Slaying catch-up

    Since ya folks are adding neat yet smaller features, can we get a way to repair the trailers? They're basically a big trunk on wheels, so we should be able to repair their bodies like we do with normal trunks. And also, maybe a way to turn billboard trailers into something useful; maybe we can dismantle the billboard for plenty of metal sheets, and somehow make the trailer into something that can hold items.
  8. So, someone posted this pic on another Bug Report about a Valley Station pop problem- And I noticed one thing I had been suspecting for a while; McCoy has no population spawn. More than once I was there looting some wood and stuff, and had the alarm sound in one of the places and... nothing happened. Not a single Zed spawned. Even tried firing a shotgun there once and not a single Zed came. I'm guessing that the Devs somehow forgot to include it in the spawn map.
  9. Yup! This is already in game since last patch. Just remove it and use some metalwork.
  10. Just found one of those lil' coolers in a camp, and was wondering if they have any real use as something that keeps cool. Do they?
  11. One of those many new places (added this patch) in Muldraugh seems to have the wrong loot table. It's furnished like a Grocery Store, but all shelves (except the fridges) have what I presume is a "Bookstore" loot table. Place is the located on the same storefront as the "Adult Education Center, just south of the Electronics Store. It used to be just an empty place.
  12. I can't find any screenshots right now, but there USED TO BE something like this in the early days of the Vehicle Patch, and if mind serves, it worked like a charm. No idea of why it was removed or when...
  13. I can say I have the exact same problem described here, so lemme provide my specs as well: CPU: i7-7700 (@) 3.60GHz (8 CPUs) ~3.6GHz (not Overclocked) Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 4GB RAM: 16 GB Storage: SSD 1TB (C) and SSD 2TB (D), Game directory is in D Drive, but saves are on C Drive (not sure if it matters, but mentioning it anyway) OS: Win 7 Ultimate 64 Bit (Has all updates except the Win10 ones and Telemetrics) The lag happens in a very specific manner; when you drive long distances with your zoom all out (which is sadly necessary, as Vehi
  14. So, since trailers aren't quite spawning yet in the normal way (they only spawn as Vehicle Stories), you find most of them with very low condition (I've found 5, all of them below 20% on all parts). You can replace the tires and suspension OK, but the trailer's body itself (under Bodyworks) cannot be repaired or interacted with in any way. So, any chance we can repair it? Since the trailer is basically one big trunk on wheels, we should be able to repair its body just like we repair trunks; with a bit of Metalwork.
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