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  1. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 36

    Just found two odd bugs: 1-If you pick up a TV of any kind, you can no longer put them down anywhere. Not even the place you picked it up from. 2-Muffler degradation has gone COMPLETELY INSANE. I had a 100% Average Muffler drop down to 0% and fall from my car just by driving from WP to RS and back. If you open the Vehicle Panel while driving, you will see it steadily dropping down one percent every 8-10 seconds.
  2. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 36

    As far I know, those spawn on TWO places only; outside of the fire dept, and on the Country Club guest parking, more on the club than on the station (I've seen as many as 3 at the same time with normal spawns). Rarest of them all; Fire dept only. Saw the Ambulance and Mail outside of the Spiffo next to Nolan's once. Delivery Spiffo ones are best found on the Riverside Spiffo. Didn't even KNEW of the radio van.... Those seem to exist as wrecks only; never seen any AT ALL. Hope this helps.
  3. As someone who got in late enough that I never actually saw these ''Rudimentary Early-Day NPCs'', I can't say I feel the need for them being so urgent. As I really don't have that feeling of ''If only it had NPCs, I could do ________ which I can't do without them.'' that a lot of older testers seem to have. Heck, I was far more hyped up for the vehicles that I admit I would had been if the Devs had brought back the NPCs instead, as one of my biggest annoyances with PZ was how you pretty much became ''Trapped on your starting city'', and once you looted the whole place up, the finding of more stuff became a drag; you either had to A) Abandon that cool safehouse you spent so much time building and adapting to your liking and MOVE all those 500lbs of loot you had stashed there one backpack at a time or B) Make long, grueling foot journeys to the other places to grab a minimum of stuff and do the same journey the way back. Now with cars you ain't bound to any of that. Don't like the place you started? Find a working car and go somewhere else. Too much stuff to carry? Use the trunk. Wanna live away of the city to avoid the ravenous brain-eating hordes but don't wanna do the long walk? Just drive there Found a place stuff with cool loot but it would take you weeks to grab it all? Get a Stepvan and move it all. Vehicles added a lot of cool features and removed a lot of annoyance. Now, I really can't make a list like that for NPCs; what would they do that I cannot do myself or that I can't fulfill some other way? Gather loot for you? That'd be giving away the best part of the game Help you fight zed humongous hordes of zed? A good bomb (or a car) can fix those. Carry more stuff for you? Again, bless the trunk. Give you quests? I can make those on my own; why do I need some NPC having me do the same fetch quest/kill quest ten thousand times on a row. Provide more in game interactions? Multiplayer, baby! Now, don't take all of this as me saying we don't need NPCs; we sure need them, but they aren't the CORE of my PZ experience. They will come Somedayâ„¢ and that's fine by me; I'd rather have some more story and lore elements (like the radio stations and the annotated maps) or something to make fire stop acting like the entire world is doused in gas. And whenever they come, I'd rather have the Devs take their sweet time to test them out and make sure they are in worthy condition of being added to the game, instead of having them just toss them out a la ''Here's your NPCs! Happy? Good.'', like Starbound's devs did with bringing the game out of EA because their player base was nagging at them.... Just my two cents here.
  4. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 36

    You may be onto something, dude.... It would make lots of sense to find dead bodies on cars; I mean, lots of the cars we find crashed, no? And PZ takes place in the early 90s, the seat belt regulations were much more lax back then (if they existed; according to THIS article, the state of Kentucky only passed their first Seat Belt law on 1992, so PZ-verse wise, the drafts of this law may end up used as fuel for someone's BBQ...) and airbags became mandatory only for cars built after 1989 (meaning most older cars in PZ could lack them) hence a much higher chance of death. So, it would make sense to find corpses at cars, dead at the wheel. Or maybe the didn't die from the accident... they died of infection.... and when you open the door to their car to take their loot they may spring to (un)life and chase you. I think this would make a pretty good risk factor when stealing/looting a car; what if the previous owner is inside? And wants to take a bite off you? Hope the devs look into this....
  5. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 36

    Does disabling V-Sync make any real difference? I've done it once or twice, but never seen any changes.
  6. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 36

    So, after some intensive testing, I've found out what part of the cars needs a serious rebalance: Tire Durability Right now, tires degenerate just TOO, TOO FAST! On my pickup truck, I go thru TRHEE SETS OF PERFORMANCE TIRES before my (standard) gas tank is even halved. And don't get me started on Valu-tires; going from March Ridge to Valley Station is all that takes for a brand new set of them to start popping or falling. And how you drive makes no difference.... Whether you drive like you're on your licence test, or if you go around Mad Max-ing, it makes no difference at all on the tires (it DOES make a difference on Suspension and Brakes, tho). And keep in mind all of these tests were done in no-zeds maps, so this was all without taking into account the usual amount of dodging you have to do to avoid totalling your car against Zed.
  7. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 36

    Gotta say, this last patch did lots of good. The lagfest is almost dealt with now, the lamps bug was fixed, and I never had to crash into a ''black loading wall'' when driving. Only bugs I am seeing right now is the issue with rotation (you can't rotate ANY picked up furniture), that curtains are impossible to place back if you pick them up, and that you still can't repair Hoods. Everything else is OK.
  8. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 36

    Any difference between old saves and new?
  9. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 36

    So I just found a bug that I.... really shouldn't be reporting as it is soooo awesome but.... When you leave a car's trunk empty and go to sleep, the contents of the trunk will re-spawn, and while the contents are random, it ALWAYS happens. For most cars, it ain't really a problem as getting some plastic bags or an umbrella, but for unique ones like Ranger Pickups or Spiffo Vans, free ammo and food, ahoy!... Please don't fix this
  10. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 36

    Few more bugs I found here, not all car-related - Can no longer remove Windshields (Front or Rear); the prompt is still there, but it does nothing. - Car keys on the ground still spawn as nameless keys (just Car Key) unlike the ones found in containers. - Can no longer place curtains (once you remove them, you can't put them back) - ''Stuck Lights'' Bug is still there; lights/lamps cannot be turned on off, they just stay as whatever they started. Was this build already fused with the IWBUMS or not yet?
  11. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 36

    Just found a weird issue. For some reason, the Rotate function no longer works, and it was not like that on the previous build. Also, the bug with the lamps remains an issue; they still don't have any light when you turn them on. I saw the fix was committed to the IWBUMS branch, will we get it at some point as well? Oh, and I found out a very unusual bug with the cars. If your engine dies out, you cannot steer the car or brake it, and you can't even turn it on until it has fully stopped moving.
  12. Community Vehicle Suggestions

    Considering that the in-game van is called the ''Valuline'', I'd say that one's already in. They even resemble quite a bit.
  13. Community Vehicle Suggestions

    Had never seen that one before, but I can't but think it resembles the in-game Chevalier Primani quite a bit, specially the shape of the headlights and grill. Anyway, when I think of ''Early 90s Cars'', there are 3 names that always come to mind. Ford Taurus (A.K.A. The Momsmobile) If you can look at this guy and not think of either your mom dropping you at school or your GF's face of disappointment when you showed with this at the Prom Dance, then BEGONE MILLENNIAL! I know at least 17 guys who learned to drive on this one. Truly, it was in the 90s what the Corolla is now.... Ford Mustang GT Does this guy even needs an introductions? It's the GT! So much engine in such a tiny packing. It's the one and only Mustang whose driver's seat I've ever graced with the tender touch of my buttocks... Honda Civic So, the legend was born. And even after all these years, it's still a very popular choice (thanks in no small part to the EJ1 from the first Fast and Furious). The only issue with them is that probably I would like them too much to use them. On the other hand, however... Toyota Camry (1993) You could just put this in there, so I can enjoy myself wrecking it against the Zed.....
  14. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 36

    Between the exit crash and the killer lag, this build is pretty much unplayable, and it ain't just the cars causing the lag. If you play with no cars, the lag remains.
  15. RELEASED: Build 38.30

    I can confirm this has been on SP on Vehicle Build for almost 3 builds now. I thought it was just a coincidence.