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  1. Hi all, we are back looking for new survivors to join our famous PvE server based in the EU. See below for details; Server Join Details; Server Name - M700N's PvE Server 2019 | https://discord.gg/pUXV9pp Mods Required - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1421254188 IP Address - Port - 16300 Do not build in commercial areas, as they are reset on a monthly basis. You will be able to claim a Safehouse after 1 day of survival and you will be able to create a faction after 2 days. 1 day is 2 hours real-time. We will also be soon holding some more Survival Night events, where you will spawn into a different dedicated server than the above one and be presented at a load up point. You will then have 10 minutes to gather weapons, ammo and supplies, before being teleported to a random building and there you will have to all work together to defend and survive waves of zeds set upon you. See you all there soon. M700N
  2. It is just, I have a lot of people on my server complaining that now, there is no need for a flashlight and that it is too easy when it is bright at night.
  3. Yes. So I have NightDarkness set to 1 which is pitch black in the Sandboxvars file and in the Servertest.ini file I have Nightlengthmodifier set to 1.0. This worked perfectly in build 39. I am confused.
  4. Hi all, Is there currently and issue with Pitch Black nights on Build 40? As when my server was on Build 39 you could not see a thing without a flashlight but now you don't even need one. Is there a different way to do it in the new weather build? Thanks, M700N
  5. The Survival Night Season has now started. We are going to kick off with the first event on Saturday the 18th of August at 9:00PM GMT+1. This event will be held at Rosewood Police Station. I will announce On our Discord server, when the server is online and you can then join with the details on the #server-join-details channel to start equipping yourselves. See below for screenshots of the event. The first screenshot is of the spawn location. This will be the spawn location of every single event. Once you have all equipped yourselves at the spawn location, I will teleport you to Rosewood Police Station. Here you will have 10 minutes to start fortifying the area. See the screenshots below which will show you where the building materials are; After the 10 minutes is up, the first wave will start. Once each wave is over you will have 3 minutes to re-fortify until the next wave starts and so on. After the 5th wave is over I will teleport you back to the Spawn location to resupply. You will only have 5 minutes here until I teleport you back to the Police Station. When you are back at the Police Station you will get a further 5 minutes to fortify. I will also do the same after the 10 wave, but this is the last resupply point. Also Very Very important. Make sure you take a screenshot when you die and post it in the #survival-night-results channel. Failure to do this will result in you getting ZERO points in the league. Discord Server - https://discord.gg/pUXV9pp
  6. Last nights live stream from M3TOXI's perspective; https://www.twitch.tv/videos/294725693?t=01h55m56s
  7. I am going to host another test survival night tomorrow night at 9PM GMT+1 to test out the new concept. If you want to join please post in the #join-survival-night channel on our Discord Server.
  8. We ran a test event for our Survival Night (Horde Mode) server on Sunday night and 9 people joined it went fairly well but there was a lot of things to be learned. You can see the live stream of it here https://www.twitch.tv/videos/293526364?t=00h24m36s, thanks to M3TOXI. The next one is going to be based at the StarEPlex Cinema, next to the mall. All the changes that we have decided upon and all the details and screenshots are on our Discord server. If you would like to join our next event please keep an eye out on our #sn-announcements channel for details.
  9. Hi all, I have had this issue a few times on my server and the only way to resolve it is to close the server and start it up again. When you are on the server all the zombies are stuck on the same place and I get the below messages repeating itself constantly in the server console. Can anyone help please?
  10. Hi all, I am going to be starting a new server soon called "M700N's Survival Night". There is a brief description below but for the full details of how it works and how to join, you will have to join our Discord server by following this invite link; https://discord.gg/pUXV9pp How Survival Night works; These are 1 night events and will be announced in the #sn-announcements channel on our Discord server. Survival Night is basically a PvE Horde/Battle Royal type game mode. You will all be spawned into the same location (inside a ready built fort) and all spawn in with the same equipment. You will then have 10 minutes to get set up before the hordes of zeds start attacking the fort. As it is PvE only the Zeds can kill you. It is your decision if you go at it lone wolf or decide to work as a team (I fancy the latter option myself) and try to survive for as long as possible. If you are a member on my PvE Server "M700N's UK PvE Server" then the position you come in the Survival Night match will earn you gifted awards to use within our PvE server. Like I mentioned above all details of this are on our Discord Server. M700N
  11. Oh I see. I am just trying to figure out why the zombies pause on the spot every so often. Is there anyway to resolve this issue?
  12. Please does anyone know what this is???
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