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  1. Thats great, it solves everything. Thanks a lot for the solution Nebula!
  2. Hello. Do anyone know how to add tag, for example "Build 41", onto the Steam Workshop mod page? Adding tags to line 'tags' in Workshop.txt file doesnt seems to be working. Would be great if someone could share the solution. The answer isnt visible anywhere, and it could be very helpful for modders in labeling specific mod, either for Build 40 or Build 41 on steam. Thanks.
  3. Hey Veyron. If not sure if you are aware of this feature, but when you will open your windows while being in car - you will be able to use right click to look further ahead, like it is working on foot. But still when you will try to look further while being in car - the car will stop immediately. So you still cant do both driving and looking further simultaneously. Maybe someone would be able to make some mod which would allow to do that? Would be cool, if it is possible. Also make sure to check further zoom values in the game settings. I think by default few of them ar
  4. Blender template for creating custom Project Zomboid Tiles Hello. Recently been experimenting with creating custom tiles for Project Zomboid, and tried to create some model for it in the Blender software. So ive decided to prepare and share some instructions/template for people who would want to create their models/furniture in blender - but they are still a bit confused how to start with it, to fit with the default PZ dimensions. Heres project file for Blender (currently 2.92.0 version), which contains a basic workspace for creating Project Zomboid tileset
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